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2011 Audi TTRS Suzuka Grey

Hi All,

I am selling off my TTRS as I have my eye on a new project. This car has served me well and many know it and its capabilities. No expence has been spared on the car and has always been meticulously maintained.

I am asking for what I feel is a fair value of the car which is 140,000AED.

List of Engine Modifications

-TTE 500 Turbo (Hot side coated by Zircotec)

-Loba HPFP

-DeFre Vag custom software

-Wagner Evo 3 Intercooler

-Mahle Powerpak Pistons

-ACL bearing

-IE Tuscans Rods

-034 carbon Fiber intake

-Scorpion Turbo back (downpipe and midpipe Coated by Zircotec)

-Bartek PCV delete kit

-Champion NGK racing spark plugs (R7437-8)

-Extra external Oil cooler with remote cooling fan

-BFI stage 2 engine and gearbox mounts

-DSG filter cooler

-During build of engine, head was decarbonised and valves were 3 angle cut to allow better airflow.

-During engine build water pump, oil pump, chains and belts were all replaced for extra piece of mind.


-Bilstein PS10 B16

-Front H&R Sway Bar

-Rear H&R Sway Bar

-Powerflex Bushes all round

-Neuspeed RS wheels

-Nitto NT05 Tyres, 50% life left

-EBC Yellow Brake pads front and rear

-Goodridge Hard brake lines.

-034 motorsports dogbone inserts

-034 motorsports rear bushing inserts

-Reader Motorsports TTRS rear spoiler

Car has recently been serviced by DT and replaced a few minor items.

-Exhaust V band clamp

-Diverter Valve

-valve cover gasket

Mechatronics unit was replaced August last year, due to issues with engagement. Car now drives smoothely and has no issues with clutch engagement.

- I have a full Aquamist water methanol setup ready to go into the car however havent installed it yet due to deciding on selling car.

I am certain that I may have missed a few bits and pieces about the car, but I have full photos of the build along with all receipts, I have spent in excess (including purchase of the car) 300k AED.

Many thanks.

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    Dear Members — VW - Audi Forum UAE

    Dear Members,

    We are looking for more members who have been part of the club who would be interested in joining the management team. Some of the current management members wish to step down due to other commitments. So I would be interested to hear from members who believe they can help to continue to grow the club.

    Many thanks.

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      Photos from Mulham Rawahi's post — VW - Audi Forum UAE

      Many thanks as usual to Yaser Mohamad and the team for organising an amazing event. Despite driving a round trip of approx 800km and being awake from 6am and not winning a trophy I really enjoy myself! I hope someone managed to catch my "balls out" run crossing the line sideways like a rally car! Im sure Nick Wiltshire caught it! Thanks again Also a big thanks to the carculture.ae team Evolve.ae Fun Speed Run Round 06 - DA OVAL

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        Many thanks to evolve and Yaser Mohamad for today it was an awesome event had... — VW - Audi Forum UAE

        Many thanks to evolve and Yaser Mohamad for today it was an awesome event had heaps of fun and then to be presented with this at the end was awesome thank you and see you next month! Guys if you haven't been to an evolve day yet get your behind there it's a great way to put your car through its paces and have fun with like minded people!

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          Photos from Brendan Froggatt's post — VW - Audi Forum UAE

          Hi guys,

          Great club. This is my first posting and would like to introduce you to my little beaut.

          Picking up my little beauty. (Top left),

          Having the protech treatment of detailing and window tinting (Top right),

          The modification bug has started.

          Bottom left resonators delete and mid box delete and replaced with the 'X' pipe curtesy of Fox Exhaust.

          Bottom right front RS bumper with gloss black grills is currently in the spray shop and will be fitted shortly. The silver find and bottom silver splitter has been foiled at DIABLO. I will be putting the S6 badge back on or leave it off, what do you guys think? I'm also thinking to have a small number on the left side so to keep the front clean. Thoughts?

          Other mods, I have the REVO air intake. The racechip piggy back will be installed shortly along with some Vag Com bits by the magician Nick Wiltshire at DT.

          last on the agenda (for now) will be to have the chrome wrapped in gloss black everywhere apart from the wing mirrors and the Audi rings front and back.

          Look forward to seeing some of you around town.

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            Motor Insurance — VW - Audi Forum UAE

            Motor Insurance

            Hi guys it has come to that time of the year again, and I am surprised to see my premiums have gone up and my insurance compay are telling me it is due to new rules that were effective from 1st January 2017. Has anyone else had any similar experiences or is it just RSA taking me for a ride? PS. No claims for 10 years.

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              So back home you would typically declare your car mods to your insurer unless... — VW - Audi Forum UAE

              So back home, you would typically declare your car mods to your insurer unless you're an idiot. However I know it's not really the case here. That being said, I have some questions for those with mods:

              - Has anybody here actually declared their mods to their insurer?

              - Has anybody here had a claim denied due to undeclared mods?

              - Has anybody managed to claim the costs for mods in the event of an accident, or had their car repaired with the same mods?

              This is just out of curiosity, thankfully- but it's something I've thought about before and just never really looked into.

              (Pic for attention)

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                Photos from Darren Nightscales's post — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                Been toying with the idea of parting it out or selling it.

                AED 25000 .

                Here's the specs,

                Gearbox. (longer ratio box than stock S3 box)

                DRP box from a 4motion V6 Bora, rebuilt with new bearings, steel shift forks, billet input shaft, 4th gear support, case support and Quaife LSD


                Clutchmaster FX850 twin disc - Full spec racing clutch. NOT traffic friendly.


                Forge baffled sump

                2.0 crank

                IE forged rifle drilled rods

                Wiseco 83mm stroker pistons

                AEB cylinder head, port match and polished.

                Ferrea intake and exhaust valves

                Ferrea valve spring kit.

                ARP bolts on the crank mains, head bolts, cam pulley, crank pulley and flywheel.

                Badger 5 cams - Custom spec made by Cat cams.

                IE adjustable cam pulley.

                Bosch 044 fuel pump with swirl tank

                IE billet fuel rail

                1300cc FID Injectors

                Fuel lab adjustable fuel pressure regulator

                RS4 MAF housing.

                HEMI Throttle body

                Custom large port intake manifold, with direct port menthanol injection.

                Custom stainless steel tubular exhaust manifold with V-band and oem EGT sensor bung

                Precision Turbo 6262, journal bearing, V-band in and V-band out turbine housing

                Precision 46mm external wastegate, V-band.

                Custom downpipe, zircotec coated

                Custom exhaust system, plus fart can option.

                Wheels & Suspension

                Team dynamics Pro Race 1.2 - 18"x8" - 5x100PCD with NT01 tyres

                AP coilovers

                H&R front and rear anti roll bars

                334mm front discs with mk4 R32 calipers (new hawk pads)


                Original S3 engine (AMK) K04 turbo

                Original S3 gearbox internals, NO Differential

                Original S3 front discs and calipers

                Original S3 anti roll bars

                Original S3 wheels with new Dunlop Sport Maxx 225/40/17

                AGU Engine, large port head with 9.5:1 compression

                lots of other bits and pieces.

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                  Craig Cameron shared evolve.ae's event to the group: VW - Audi Club UAE. — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                  Dear All members,

                  Due to the continual support the VW Audi Club UAE has shown to Evolve.ae they opened a new category for the club. There will be another trophy on offer titled, Best Driver - VW Audi Club UAE.

                  Please go along and suppport the event and if you havent registered yet, please do so here:


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                  Thank you to all the members who turned out today It was a great meet and... — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                  Thank you to all the members who turned out today! It was a great meet and quite a relaxed drive through the Al Ain. Everyone was well behaved and it was a pleasure to meet all the new faces. Special thanks to the members who came from Abu Dhabi and extra special thanks to Mustapha Ajineh for organizing the Abu Dhabi drivers. Calvin it was awesome for you to drive out to meet us from Al Ain and to drive back again. The man of the day though was Nick, unfortunately my TT was not ready for today so he handed me his keys to his gti so we could still do the drive. I have to be honest that little GTI fairly moves and I had an absolute blast tearing up Hafeet. Thank you all who made it once again. If you took any photos please can you share them.

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                    Been reading through the threads below and I love how helpful everyone is and... — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                    Been reading through the threads below and I love how helpful everyone is and what a community you guys have built here.

                    I am toying with the fact of entering the customization world

                    Would the first step of tuning my car to a Stage 1 make sense or should other hardware come to play first?

                    What are some of your opinions on mappings out there in UAE? I've looked online and heard not so good reviews about APR AND Revo, simonmotorsport is not bad but read a thread that talks about MRC tuning in AD as the best for an mk7 Golf R .

                    Any recommendations for body kit customization + paint job would also be a plus

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                      Photos from Yaser Mohamad's post — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                      KW DDC Coilovers for MK7 R Review - PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING:

                      Just thought I would write my feedback on the KW DDC coilovers for the MK7 R so everyone could be aware before putting an order on these.

                      My car is a 2015 LSG MK7 R / DSG/DCC, few mods that are a set of VWR BBK as i do some track days, 034 Motorsport dogbone insert, JB1, VWR R600.

                      I was looking for a good set of coilovers that would fit the purpose of both road and occasional track use, I generally loved the stock suspension of the MK7 R both in track and on the road, managed to post some super fast laps in Dubai Autodrome and Yas Marina, most of the time giving Porsche GT4's a run for their money.

                      My Main purpose was to keep the DCC function so the car can remain comfy, lower the car a little for better looks and I thought any improvement on stock suspension would be welcome. (most springs in the market can only do one of those 3 things IMO, which is why i went the expensive way)

                      Made an order on these expensive coilovers a few months back, installation was nice and simple, first drive impressions, wow, forgot that the car was actually in race mode, it was very slightly harsher than stock on the road, turn in and handling initially felt better but i was nowhere near the limit.

                      The next day, I went to a nice stretch of empty roads to test the handling, and that is where problems have started.

                      First off, the handling was improved, however the behaviour of the car at the limit was not good at all, a lot of understeer that did not transfer into a lift off oversteer unless you were going very fast, stock suspension feels more neutral front to back but that was not even the real problem.

                      The real problem was when i started hearing massive clunking noises everytime I hit a slight road imperfection, or take a corner a bit faster than usual, upon further inspection, all front springs were massively binding against each other, and in ;ess than 300 kms only, the protective coating on the springs was wearing off (See photos).

                      I emailed KW about this issue, after going back and forth with loads of emails (one of the emails, I was advised that this suspension is not suitable to be used for track days!!!!!!!! see screenshot), I was asked to take loads of measurements for them to determine the issue, a few weeks, turned into a couple of months chasing KW for a solution to my problem, roughly 2-3 months down the line, I receive revised springs for the front only, the new springs had different part numbers.

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                        Skoda Octavia vRS — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                        • Currently done 87,000kms (2011 GCC Spec)

                        • Race Blue metallic color

                        • Top end variant (sunroof, navigation, bi-xenon headlamps, DRL, leather seats etc.)

                        • Full service history

                        • Warranty on engine and gearbox till 2020

                        • Powerful 2.0L TSI which is used in the VW GTI.

                        • Tuned by Bluefin to 252 WHP.

                        • Stock Recaro bucket seats.

                        • Forge blow-off valve

                        • Paint protection film applied on the front portion of the car.

                        • Lenso D2R 18’’ bronze alloys

                        • Running on 225/40 R18 Dunlop Direzza DZ102 tires (only run 4500kms) with an extra set of Nitto invo’s spare.

                        • Car has been maintained with meticulous care and thoroughly detailed twice a year.

                        • Car comes along with lots of detailing products.

                        • Reason for sale – Upgrading

                        • Price - AED 39,000/- (negotiable for serious buyers).

                        Thank you for your time

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                          Nabooda Sharjah AUDI worst service ever Honestly tired since the 18th of... — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                          Nabooda Sharjah AUDI - worst service ever. Honestly tired since the 18th of January chasing them to find out and fix the stalling problem with my car. Response on failed part always varies with it being a mechanical/sensor/ pump issue. Awaiting parts and they refuse to provide me information on exactly what part is ordered or how the diagnostic test was carried out since they initially told me there were no codes in the system. No courtesy car provided and I was handed the faulty vehicle back for the interim period which is a huge safety risk.

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                            Photos from Lee Hewitt's post — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                            V10 RS6 - Anyone interested?

                            Team, with a view to potentially purchasing a new toy, I'm testing the waters to see if anyone is interested in purchasing the best car i've ever owned. As the title says, its a V10 RS6 born in 2009, Grey exterior / black interior. As the second owner I've taken her from 74k - 121k on the clock with a detailed history / receipts in my ownership. Ive invested approx 100k in this car over the last 2+ years, having resolved ALL known mechanical issues to ensure reliability and I have improved things along the way. The car is not stock if your looking for a factory fresh motor but if your looking for something that has had extensive money thrown at it on carefully selected uprated parts including AP racing brakes, Kw V3 suspension, engine parts / software MTM exhaust etc that will save you 1000's then look no further. This saloon will along side 991 Turbos at any speed. Body work has had nano paint protection done, wheels have just been refurbished and 2 new tyres. Its not perfect but if Carlsberg made an RS6........

                            Having been looked after by Autohaus and DT again more recently, I'm hoping Nick Wiltshire and the guys will vouch for the motor as most of the major work has been carried out there (20 k on various stuff spent in December)

                            Re the elephant in the room; price, i'm thinking 125k but note i'm in no rush to sell for any low ballers, so if you want a V10 750+ BHP true supercar for the price of a 2nd hand Golf R then heres your chance..

                            PS I'm am not intending to put this car on Dubizzle at this stage as I'm hoping a fellow member will appreciate this rare beast and care for it as I have...

                            PM me for further details..

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                              A question to the Audi techs out there This is the current ride height on my... — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                              A question to the Audi techs out there. This is the current ride height on my Q7. I'm wanting to drop it one final inch. Currently on stock suspension.

                              My question, considering the issues already related to the stock air system, what are the likely consequences of running near fender to lip? How much more strain is it going to put on the bags? What else to look for? Any precautions I can take? Thanks, Sam

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                                H&R Aluminium Wheel Spacers DRA 40 MM 40555712 — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                For sale - used H&R Aluminium Wheel Spacers DRA (Bolt on) 40 MM. H&R model number: 40555712 which fits VW/Audi. Both spacers and bolts in very good condition, will be taken off this week and changed to larger spacer. PM if interested. Thanks

                                H&R Aluminium Wheel Spacers DRA 40 MM 40555712

                                ‎د.إ.450‎ - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

                                For sale - used H&R Aluminium Wheel Spacers DRA (Bolt on) 40 MM. H&R model number: 40555712 which fits VW/Audi. Both spacers and bolts in very good condition, will be taken off this week and changed to larger spacer. PM if interested. Thanks

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                                2016 S3 — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                2016 S3 in Misano Red pearlescent paint, nicely spec'd with 19" wheels, magnetic ride, side assist, red brake calipers, paddleshift, flat tyre indicator. As well as the other standard equipment like sunroof, Bang&Olufsen stereo, rear camera, navigation, xenon headlights, bluetooth etc.

                                Warranty until 25th August 2018 (extendable) without any mileage limitation. Finance available too from 2.5% interest rate which for example equates to 140k = 2,620 AED per month over 60 months.

                                Let me know if you've got any questions. :)

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                                  Hi guys so I took the plunge I pick up the new S6 this weekend It doesn t have... — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                  Hi guys, so I took the plunge, I pick up the new S6 this weekend. It doesn't have the sports exhaust fitted which Audi put on as an optional extra, I wasn't prepared to wait weeks for a special ordered car, so I took one that was in stock. Any of you guys selling a cat back akropovic or miltek? If not can we get any discounts to buy either? TIA

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                                    Had the dreaded engine management light come on my Scirocco after consulting a... — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                    Had the dreaded engine management light come on my Scirocco, after consulting a friend in Dubai I was directed to Deutsche Technic in Dubai where Nick was able to diagnose the fault within minutes. Part ordered and 2 days later returned and car repaired within the hour! Excellent team, thoroughly recommend, particularly if you have a VW/Audi

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                                      I ll hear from members instead my audi A6 rear camera will switch off after 3... — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                      I'll hear from members instead... my audi A6 rear camera will switch off after 3 seconds when I engage reverse gear. I need to press the P button twice to reactivate it for another 3 seconds. 2 reasons I can think of: (1) one of the sensor is not working well and shut down the camera for good order sake in order not to be reliant on it. (2) Battery due to change soon... underpowered.

                                      Note: the strange thing is during hot summer weather... it works without switching the rear camera off.

                                      Anyone experienced this before?

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                                        Armytrix 3" Catless Downpipe for Mk7 R / S3 8V — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                        Selling an Armytrix downpipe for the 7R / 8V S3. Was bought for 3400AED and has been used for around 10k KM

                                        In great condition, currently lying at DT (who can obviously install it for you too)

                                        Open to offers..

                                        Armytrix 3" Catless Downpipe for Mk7 R / S3 8V

                                        ‎د.إ.1,200‎ - Deutsche Technik Service Centre

                                        Selling an Armytrix downpipe for the 7R / 8V S3. Was bought for 3400AED and has been used for around 10k KM

                                        In great condition, currently lying at DT (who can obviously install it for you too)

                                        Open to offers..

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                                          Gentlemen i need some expert advice We have this Toyota Hiace van diesel... — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                          Gentlemen i need some expert advice. We have this Toyota Hiace van diesel engine 2014 model in the office. I had approved the 200,000km maintenance on it having some decent knowledge i had asked the logistics department to have its belts and all replaced and bring in the old ones. However the driver informed me directly that the vehicle has a chain belt which does not need replacement. Its been a week and the logistics department has come back saying that there is 't-belt' warning showing in the instrument cluster. Could that be a faulty sensor or should the belt actually be replaced?


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                                            Hey guys need some urgent help — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                            Hey guys - need some urgent help:

                                            Does anybody know the procedure for selling an Abu Dhabi registered car to a Dubai-based buyer? There is no finance involved on either side, but just want to know the steps to de-register/sell the car here in AD, and then for the buyer to re-register the car in Dubai.


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                                              Big thanks goes out to Yaser Mohamad and Hussein Hajj Ali for organizing the... — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                              Big thanks goes out to Yaser Mohamad and Hussein Hajj Ali for organizing the Evolve.ae Wet AutoX at YAS VDA was amazing experience never thought the rs3 could get so sideways!

                                              Bradly Kingsley and the carculture crew were awesome as usual!

                                              But a very special thanks to Nour Nehme who has improved so much and is a force to be reckoned with for the next round! This trophy is as much urs as it is mine!

                                              Hope to see more vagers next time ! Stop being posers and join!!!!

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                                                Massive hats off to Nick Wiltshire and the guys Deutsche Technik Service Centre... — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                                Massive hats off to Nick Wiltshire and the guys Deutsche Technik Service Centre for doing a superb job getting my GTI back to life just in time for tomorrow's Evolve.ae Wet AutoX at YAS VDA after the cam follower snapped.

                                                To all those wth a 2.0TFSI engine, go and change your cam follower immediately?m, it's a piece of $hit that can cause serious engine damage.

                                                Nick, I owe you a couple of beers

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                                                B6 R36 Owners only — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                                B6 R36 Owners only:

                                                after seven years of driving and exploring mine so i thought it will be nice to share the experience;

                                                Some stuff may not work. Some may not be present. Some stuff is written twice and it is a bit of a read.

                                                Secret compartments - in the dash, 2, just push in to the sides of the hazard light's button. cd changer compartment in the glove compartment, drops down

                                                Automatically adjusted radio volume based on speed

                                                European Parking lights. turn on blinker with key off. lights the led's low enough to protect your car but not run down your battery

                                                Sliding sun visors, when turned to side extend to block sun

                                                3 blink turn markers on mirrors, touch once, blinks 3 times. Comfort Turns: if you fully push down on the turn signal stalk and immediately click it back into its "rest position", the CCM still recognises it as a lane change, so it still blinks 3 times

                                                Fold down hooks in trunk roof on left side, can install a second one on right side, holds plastic groceries bag perfectly.

                                                Self-draining umbrella pocket in driver’s side door, can only access when door is open.

                                                Doors relock if not opened shortly after hitting the unlock button on the fob

                                                Cruise control can be adjusted in +/- 5MPH _OR_ +/- 1 MPH increments. +/- 5 is done by pushing cruise stick up/down (like a turn signal motion). Cruise speed is increased +1 MPH by pulling the cruise stick toward the driver, decreased -1 MPH by pressing the Set button at the end of the cruise stick. HOLD stalk up and speed will increase like using the accelerator, opposite when holding down.

                                                You cannot put the wipers in the service position when the hood is not locked. To put wipers in service mode for changing blades out or for leaving wipers "up" for easy cleaning the next morning after "overnight" snow/ice, hold down wiper stalk within 10 seconds of shutting the car off (or switching the ignition on & off). To reset, insert key (engine off), push down on the wiper stalk again.

                                                Two red spot lights next to the sunroof control which light the front console very elegantly.

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                                                  2015 Golf Gti — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                                  (Price in AED)

                                                  Link: http://tnydu.biz/DOuHYK


                                                  Carbon Grey Metallic

                                                  Owned since new from AlNabooda, service history (AlNabooda, Simon Motorsport, and AutoHaus) available

                                                  Balance of 3 years UNLIMITED mileage warranty remaining (till Dec 2020)

                                                  Basic options with cloth interior but includes:

                                                  - Surround Parking Sensors

                                                  - Autopark Option

                                                  - Heated Folding sidemirrors

                                                  - 3 MDI connections (Old iPhones, Apple Lighting, and AUX)


                                                  - Stage 2+ tune by Simon Motorsport producing 300+ HP, yet is very fuel efficient (550km on a full tank)

                                                  - custom downpipe

                                                  - Eibach sport springs

                                                  - EBC front rotors

                                                  - EBC Yellow Stuff brakepads

                                                  - Steel brakelines

                                                  - Double U (like the Golf R) with HID lights**


                                                  - All stock parts

                                                  - Fifteen52 wheels (Sandblasted and only need paint , picture attached) + all mounting gear (spacers and bolts)

                                                  New Tyres installed on 9th December.

                                                  Car available to view in Dubai until Friday 6th Jan, then only available during weekends.

                                                  NO DEALERS, NO TIMEWASTERS, NO TEST PILOTS

                                                  ** minor fault message appears,will be fixed before the sale**

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                                                    2009 Mk5 GTI — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                                    I'm selling my car, I'm sure many of you know her well.

                                                    2009 Mk5 GTI

                                                    2.0 TSI

                                                    Manual transmission

                                                    2 Door

                                                    Milltek 3" turbo back exhaust

                                                    Eibach Sports Springs

                                                    K&N Panel Filter

                                                    NewSouth boost gauge

                                                    Spec Stage 2 clutch with lightened flywheel

                                                    RCD510 radio upgrade

                                                    DeFre Custom Stage 2 software - approx 270hp to 280hp

                                                    Contact me for offers

                                                    2009 Mk5 GTI

                                                    FREE - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

                                                    I'm selling my car, I'm sure many of you know her well.

                                                    2009 Mk5 GTI

                                                    2.0 TSI

                                                    Manual transmission

                                                    2 Door

                                                    Milltek 3" turbo back exhaust

                                                    Eibach Sports Springs

                                                    K&N Panel Filter

                                                    NewSouth boost gauge

                                                    Spec Stage 2 clutch with lightened flywheel

                                                    RCD510 radio upgrade

                                                    DeFre Custom Stage 2 software - approx 270hp to 280hp

                                                    Contact me for offers

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                                                      Hello everyone so this happened last night other person s fault we get to... — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                                      Hello everyone! so this happened last night. other person's fault. we get to the police station and his insurance is expired. Cop keeps his ID and wants it resolved by Monday so asks me to bring 3 quotes from garages. I have agency repair cover and need a quote from nabooda immediately(is what my insurance company says).Does anyone know if I can show up at Nabooda bodyshop and get a quote on Saturday.Or does anyone know anyone who could help expedite the process. Any help would be much appreciated or i risk getting my car fixed at a shady garage. Thanks!

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                                                        Dear Members — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                                        Dear Members,

                                                        I hope all is well and I would just like to double check to see if we can some feedback from members who have recently used Deutsche Technik. It has been a little over 3 months since they became a recommend workshop, there has been a few staff changes, and I wanted to make sure that everyone is still receiving the same quality service. Any experiences you wish to share would be highly appreciated.

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                                                          Hi Guys for those who want to ask for small car plate just go to the RTA center... — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                                          Hi Guys, for those who want to ask for small car plate, just go to the RTA center in al qusais (behind police HQ) just ask plate for sports car, first they will start to check if you can be entitled for it (depending on the car model, don't ask for a corolla) Then process to the counter, pay 520dhs, get ready to remove your front plate on the spot, they will ask to get it back. Last step go the plate counter. Thats it! It will take you 20 min.

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                                                            Hi guys — VW - Audi Forum UAE

                                                            Hi guys

                                                            I keep getting the EPC light with the engine in limp mode. I have noticed that it is usually coming on after taking a steep turn. I also get high idle and/or fluctuations in rpm Anyone else experienced this ?

                                                            It's more rampant when i am on enoc fuel.. I have to keep looking for an adnoc or emarat fuel station to fill the car with their super fuel. I rarely have issues with adnoc but today I had it inspite of filling the car with emarat super.

                                                            The car becomes fine with a restart most of the times.

                                                            Anyone with a vagcom cable in or around the mirdif / mizhir vicinity ?

                                                            Appreciate your advice/ help ..

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