Hi there I don t currently own an Audi In fact I have a mostly custom 2010...

Hi there, I don't currently own an Audi. In fact I have a mostly custom 2010 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium. (though the dream is to have a 2016 A7) However, I do know how to do suspension work, and minor repairs on just about all cars. I currently work at Butler Tire Shop, where we're trying to not only get you the cheapest price on tires in Vegas, but also help you out with your suspension, or minor repair.

If you'd like to hear more, PM me with any inquiries about parts you want installed or repairs you need done!

Thank you!

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Photos from Shotime Abe's post

FOR SALE! Just going to bid these off so message me a price. I don't have a minimum price so the highest offer gets them.

20' DPE WHEELS 5 spoke came off my Audi S5. Plz do ur own research to see if it fits ur car or message me ur car info if ur lazy.

Tires: Hankook Ventus V12 Evo

275/30/ZR20 97Y. Rear 90% front 80% thread left.

It was newly powder coated at snail motor sports, best powder coater in town, comes with warranty. Also $200 discount if u want to re-powder coat to different color. I went with chrome red with sliver flakes which shines bright in the sun. Goes great with any black or white car. Tires are Also semi new less than 8 months old and 2 new tires (2-3months old). My red center caps got stolen so it's sliver, again that can be painted as well.

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    Update in my car now that it is nearing completion Here is my 2016 A3... — Vegas Audis

    Update in my car now that it is nearing completion. Here is my 2016 A3 currently 418awhp / 400awtq on 91. Currently waiting to turn the power up on e85.

    Fully built motor top and bottom, race pistons not oe forged, valve spring system to allow for 8,100 redline

    Upgraded DSG Clutchpacks

    Upgraded fuel system with 8 injectors

    Intake and Catch Can

    Lots of weight reduction and more to come

    Battery Relocate to trunk side compartment

    Steering Wheel Swap flat bottom w/ big paddles

    Paint and Body work to widen fenders for wheel / tire combo

    Coilovers, rear sway and end links, front adj end links, subframe and dog bone mounts, (engine and trans mounts waiting)

    356 bbk up front, rear upsized too

    Resonator only to straight pipes exhaust

    Second skin 2 stages of sound deadening

    Llumar tint plus clear on front windshield

    Blendmount and Escort 360 Max

    Pro Clips USA phone mount

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      Acceleration issues I have a 2015 S3 with 10 000 miles on it Two issues... — Vegas Audis

      Acceleration issues: I have a 2015 S3 with 10,000 miles on it. Two issues appeared about the same time. One day while driving home I went to get on the 215 and it gave me error light on the dash and went into limp mode. (@ 8000 miles) Dealer said it was a "false misfire" and updated the software. Two days later it did it again. The second issue is not as definitive, but started about the time of the first misfire. When accelerating to redline, the boost feels like its losing pressure for a milisecond, or something is causing it to "stutter" from 4500 rpm to redline. It used to be racecar smooth all the way out. More noticeable when cold. Im going to take it in tomorrow but wanted to get some opinions on what it might be or how I can explain it better to them. My wife says its fine but I can feel it.

      Just had it serviced last week I had them pull the code for the second "limp" mode fault. They replaced some sensor that showed a fault on the smog system.

      I also tried 3 different gas stations in case it was bad fuel. (Costco, Mobile and Shell)

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        Skylar Romano-Henderson shared RTM Performance LLC's post to the group: Vegas Audis. — Vegas Audis

        Hey guys you have to check this out!

        Just got Dyno tuned on my Avant with RTM Performance! You have to see the graphs. I started out stage 2 with GIAC and when I dynod the car I was very shocked to see the actual results.

        We did more than 5 pulls on the GIAC tune best numbers we got were 175hp 214tq

        GIAC advertises 210/235 for stage 2 tune. I have all supporting mods but this is the case for typical off the shelf flash tunes. They're not accurate and claim more power than they actually have. So we flashed to stock to see what stock power was and best Dyno we had stock was 163hp 179tq. Now imagine how bummed you'd be if you found out the tune you paid so much money for was actually shit and didn't live up to its claims. Now after a long day of custom tuning we slowly tuned the Avant and bumped it up little by little making sure that proper temps and ratios were maintained. We have reached a safe max power of 204HP/254TQ on the Dyno! That is +28HP +40TQ over GIAC Stage 2


        +41HP +75TQ over Stock


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          Selling my nearly brand new set of Avant Garde F240s brushed antique copper... — Vegas Audis

          Selling my nearly brand new set of Avant Garde F240s, brushed antique copper colorway w/smoked mirror faces, 5x112, 19x10 et. 36 all the way around. Asking $3k w/tires. Had these on for about 6 months. Can cut you new AG stickers in different color if needed. Looking to go with a more aggressive style wheel. Hit me up if you're interested.

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          Igor Popov shared LV platinum auto sales and leasing LV PALS's post to the group: Vegas Audis. — Vegas Audis

          we have ready for sale 3 jettas and have 3 other ones that are getting ready for sale.

          08 vw jetta 2.5 (blue) 90k miles auto 5500cash

          06 vw jetta wolfsburg (red) 105k miles loaded black leather heated power seats sunroof 5595 cash

          09 vw jetta 2.5 wolfsburg (grey)89k miles loaded black leather heated power seats sunroof exsaust super clean 6995cash




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            Recommended places in — Vegas Audis

            Does anyone who know of an affordable quality service body shop that's also a professionally run business, who can do repairs on a 2015 Toyota Corolla? Need a new front bumper and a few minor scratches/door dings repaired. Won't be an insurance claim.

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              So far pretty awesome Only did one panel as a test but the reviews I ve read... — Vegas Audis

              So far pretty awesome!! Only did one panel as a test, but the reviews I've read are proven true, this all-in-one is legit. Unlike regular polish, which would need to be removed rather quickly from the paint after buffing, this stuff vanishes as you buff, and a quick wipe afterwards and it's clean. Plus it's a sealant so no need to wax afterwards if you don't want to. I use a Porter Cable 7424xp polisher and chemical guys pads, but it can be applied by hand. Just sharing if anyone is looking for a car polish, Amazon bought.

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                Photos from Jason Letizia's post — Vegas Audis

                For sale: Rotiform SNA 19x10 et25

                I ran these on my RS4 for over a year. They've been sitting in boxes for a while now and I need to free up some space. No bends on any of them. Two of them have some minor scratches on the outer lip that might polish out. Hardly noticeable when installed though. Asking $850 OBO.

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                  Aj Joseph updated the description of the group Vegas Audis. — Vegas Audis

                  Welcome to Vegas Audis, 1st Official Audi Group in Las Vegas, NV. Established in 05/2014. This group was made to bring Audi & all German Auto Enthusiasts, Euro service centers, Audi/German performance/Tuner shops in Las Vegas together to discuss and share thoughts related to their cars & their services. Also help each other in need by asking questions & giving honest advice and answers in return.

                  This group is not affiliated with any Audi Dealerships or "Clubs" in Las Vegas, NV.

                  Feel free to share pics of your Audi, any parts & trades for sale etc. Don't forget to share any related articles, magazines, videos & monthly/weekly Audi Meets/Cruises on here.

                  Make sure to add & invite your fellow Audi Guru's & the awesome owners to this group.

                  anyway have fun & always be respectful to others & their opinion. Keep it PG & Save the drama for your baby momma.


                  -AJ Joseph (Founder/Owner)

                  -Molly Marae (Admin)

                  -Jay Ali Amiri (Moderator)

                  -Andi Rucker (Moderator)


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                    Enkei PDC in Hyper Grey — Vegas Audis

                    18x8 5x112. Less than a year old. Purchased on Feb 9, 2016. Came off of a 2013 A4. Small curb rash on only 2 wheels. Also only have 2 boxes, the other two were damaged. Comes will all required mounting hardware. Located in Southeast near Sunset Station casino. Willing to drop off. PM for any questions.

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                    ISO — Vegas Audis


                    2001 B5 driveshaft bearing or the whole driveshaft. Auto and manual should be the same.

                    2001 B5 A4 front passenger side blue fender.

                    2001 B5 A4 headlights.

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                      I have an unopened gallon of Second Skin Audio Spectrum and 1 Sheet of Luxury... — Vegas Audis

                      I have an unopened gallon of Second Skin Audio Spectrum and 1 Sheet of Luxury Liner Pro. I bought too much so here is your chance to save basically 50% and not wait for it to arrive for your sound deadening project. The Spectrum stops metal born noises and the luxury liner pro stops air born noises. This totally transformed my car.


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                        Anyone know where in Vegas can get my tires filled with Nitrogen I used to get... — Vegas Audis

                        Anyone know where in Vegas can get my tires filled with Nitrogen? I used to get filled at Audi Henderson. But because of new storage laws they no longer have nitrogen. But when I had Nitrogen my pressure light never came on never had to out more in tires but when got new tires few months back had to out regular air in and now tire pressure light comes on every other day.... I miss my Nitrogen :-(

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                          Photos from Skylar Romano-Henderson's post — Vegas Audis

                          Everyone knows Porsche is an exceptional and expensive brand. Visit RTM Performance for everything from your oil change to very extensive engine work to a custom build. Can't beat the rate of $90/HR compared to $155/HR @ the Stealership... 20 years of experience call today

                          Please share with your Porsche friends because we all know it's hard to find a good mechanic at a reasonable rate.

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