Tons of B5 S4/2.7T parts, aftermarket and stock!!

Lots of used B5 parts available, aftermarket and stock. Please make me an offer on any of the parts listed, I NEED THEM GONE!!!!

I have pics attached for some of the parts listed and can post or send more for items not pictured.

- 2.7T engine: IE rods (2000 ARP bolts, OE calico-coated main and rod bearings), stock pistons, stock heads with 2.8 cams. APB engine code, out of early 2000 S4. Build has 10k miles on it, motor has 88k original miles, timing belt has 15k miles on it and is OE. Motor needs head-gaskets. MAKE OFFER.

- Work Emotion CR Kai: 18x8.5 ET42, re-drilled to 5x112 bolt pattern, triple bronze powder-coated. Wheels are in excellent shape, straight and true. Includes 4 Hankook V12 summer tires with 5k miles on tires. Can remove tires for a small reduced price. MAKE OFFER

- AMD Stg. 3+ clutch: AMD stage 3+ clutch setup, includes re-surfaced stock dual-mass flywheel. 6k miles on setup MAKE OFFER

- 034 rear sway bar: included are 034 adjustable end-links and the aluminum brackets. 6k miles on sway bar. MAKE OFFER

- Stoptech 332 BBK: Stoptech slotted rotors and Carbotech Bobcat brake-pads currently installed in calipers. Recommend new rotors and pads be installed. Calipers function 100% and are in great shape, 45k miles on setup. MAKE OFFER

- 710N Diverter-valves: 50k miles on them, in good working order when removed. MAKE OFFER

- EFU4U digital boost gauge: Includes all standard features, as well as V1 radar display. No longer made (only you guys here will know what the hell this is!). Perfect condtion, MAKE OFFER

- Valeo ECode: These are project headlights. 3 out of 4 tabs on-top are broke-off. Drivers headlight has a decent scratch mark in plastic lense, bake the headlight apart and install a new lense. Installed inside the housings are 35w 6000k HID bulbs and ballasts. Worked 100% when removed. MAKE OFFER

- JHM EFK: includes fan and wiring harness, 10k miles on EFK. MAKE OFFER

- 5x112 14"x1.5" stud conversion kit. BRAND NEW, MAKE OFFER

- Custom oil-cooler: Custom oil-cooler with core, Mishimoto sandwich adapter and braided lines, 7k miles. MAKE OFFER

- Stock front axels OE, 88k miles, great shape MAKE OFFER


- Front OE sway-bar. MAKE OFFER

- OEM wiring harness: early 2000 (No ESP), 6spd. Harness is in good condition, there is some fraying on the O2 sensor wires, and a couple connectors have become brittle and broke off, repaired with spade connectors. MAKE OFFER

- Stock OE cluster: Brand new cluster installed by Daz 2 years ago, in great shape, reads 88,xxx mileage but can be changed if you have VAGCOM (I cannot do this, buyer is responsible). Newer style badge on cluster. MAKE OFFER

- Updated OE Spider Hose: 7k miles, in excellent shape. MAKE OFFER

- ECU M-box, unknown file loaded on it. MAKE OFFER

- B6 A4/A6 compass rear view mirror, black. No leaking fluid, excellent shape. MAKE OFFER

- Passenger-side mirror glass. No leaking fluid, 88k original miles, good shape. MAKE OFFER

- Front fender liners, BRAND NEW, both sides. MAKE OFFER

- Front lock carrier/radiator/frame: In good shape, 88k original miles, no issues. MAKE OFFER

- OE Headbolts, brand new never installed. MAKE OFFER

- Black and white leather interiors. Black is in better shape then white interior. 2 full sets. MAKE OFFER

- OE Throttle body, used, in good shape. MAKE OFFER

Any other misc. parts you might need, please message me. I also have body panels for sale, but will not ship larger items.

I am located in Grand Rapids, MI. I travel to Detroit and Chicago areas often and am willing to meetup with you. Please make a REASONABLE offer on the parts, NO UNREASONABLE OFFER WILL BE TURNED DOWN!!

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