So yeah Langkawi Lockdown 2016 LL2016 has officially ended A week has...

So yeah! Langkawi Lockdown 2016 (LL2016) has officially ended. A week has passed since we hit the highways to Kuala Perlis which we stayed for 1 nite before boarding the ferry to Langkawi the very next day. All 43 cars went on board for a 2 and a half hour ride. It was such an experience worth sharing and will last for quite a while.

Last year's Southern Siege was the best major drive according to many. But it seems that this year's Langkawi Lockdown was also the best, also according to many. It seems that CAM's major drive keeps getting better from one year to the other, this according to many too hehe.

CAM would like to thank all those who participated in LL2016. The goers, without you the event would not be as wicked as how it was. We met friendly new faces in the drive and we hope to see you guys more often in the very near future. Thank you, Northern CAM, Eastern CAM, Southern CAM, South Central CAM (Melaka) and Central CAM for supporting this event.

Thank you also to all the sponsors, from Gold to Bronze right down to personal contributors, you guys are rock solid! Each of the sponsors and contributors really made LL2016 a drive to remember by. We hope to see you again next year.

Thanks to the media teams for immortalizing the event with your photo and video shots. We eagerly await for the official photos and video which we hope will be ready soon hehe.

Massive thanks to the Technical Team who patiently waited to take care of our cars during the drive. We felt safe with the effort and commitment that you gave towards LL2016.

CAM-Fest (our own automotive car show) was extremely good too! Congratulations to all winners in respective categories. And we have a new Ace of CAM this year. CAM-Sports was good too, we managed just beach volleyball this time around. A potential sponsor has already expressed interests in sponsoring custom trophies for both CAM-Fest and Champion's trophy for CAM-Sports for 2017, pray hard that we'll get them.

I can confidently say that the pinnacle of LL2016 was the Movie Theme nite during the official gala dinner at Holiday Villa. The food was good, both emcees were excellent, the timing was good and of course when the goers showed up wearing costumes, that was too wicked! We had absolute fun especially when the long awaited lucky draw session finally came. Congratulations to all lucky winners!

So, here we are back in the mainland and the goers have already started suggesting and planning and imagining for the very next major drive. We have like 12 months or so till the next major drive, so in between we do have other excellent yet fun drives which you should be trying. Watch out for the announcement, and we look forward to seeing more of you in the future.

The planning of LL2016 started since early April. That's like 6 months before we executed the event. What you experienced during your stay in Langkawi or the journey itself were due to the fact that the LL2016 committee members had gone turbo, working tirelessly to make sure things will go as planned. Massive salute to the LL2016 committee and sub-committee members, thank you!

We apologize for any shortcomings and glitches as we tried our level best to ensure everyone's well taken care of. And so, with the power vested in me, i Subsoniqueboom the Deputy President of Club Audi Malaysia, on behalf of the President and the LL2016 Project Director, officially close Langkawi Lockdown 2016. We'll see you again in Highlands Hijack 2017!

With lots of lurve,


Deputy President of CAM

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  • Non-goers t-shirts, we'll start to courier on Monday so please be patient, alright?

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  • Hurray!!!!!!!! ( for everyone ) smileys!!!!!

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  • CAM is always awesome...with awesome members, awesome drives and awesome activities! Long Live CAM!!!

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  • Well said & excellent speech Mr DP of CAM! Till we meet again in "Highlands Hijack 2017"