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I bought this car to use as a donor to switch parts from it, to my ABT Motorsport Audi TT Wide Body Limited Edition Type 2 car. My plan was to strip it of all the fancy upgrade parts over the winter to build a monster of a car. However my plans have subsequently changed and as a result I am probably going to sell both TTs.

So a bit of info about the car… it’s a 1.8T with 106k, lots of history (A4 folder about two inches thick of receipts).

Full cam belt kit replaced including tensioner.

Haldex serviced.

Sump dropped and cleaned and oil pickup pipe replaced – usual essential maintenance jobs done to ensure a healthy car.

Many, many new parts including

• steering rack

• alternator

• starter

• brake cylinder

• drive shafts etc etc.

Just about every nut and bolt replaced with new ones so everything is nice and clean with no corrosion.

New wheel well liners and metal work all stripped and repainted so it is like new. Whole underneath of the car is spotless.

I also have A4 booklet that runs to 173 pages which details the transformation of the car from when it was first purchased to how it stands now.

It’s had a full professional respray in Mercedes Palladium Silver by Car Charm. It’s a lovely colour and provides a mirror like reflection when polished in the sunlight. It’s every bit as good as a factory finish and is pretty much unmarked – I’m not aware of any stone chips on it. Obviously there are no dents or dings or rust anywhere on the car.

As far as the price goes, I’d like £8.5K complete as you see it or £7.5K with the cage and race seats removed and the standard leather seats re-fitted. Likewise I can offer a couple of brake options – The Porsche Cayenne six pots as currently fitted or Brembo GT Junior 4 pots. I'm pretty flexible and in no rush at all to sell so we can spec it to your budget if you want.

Car has been to a couple of shows and won trophies at all shows it’s been to including best Modified TT at EvenTT last year.

It was a feature car in Performance Audi Magazine in Sept of this year and I have a copy of the magazine included with the car.

I’ll put the spec list below including some pictures, but if you have any questions or want to view you can PM me and I can provide my phone number to discuss further.

Car is located in North of Scotland – Grantown-On-Spey (30 miles South East of Inverness). I can deliver the car for the cost of fuel one way.

Some of the modifications are listed below but I will have forgotten a lot as there are hundreds of modifications, some large and some very small and subtle…


• Forge polished oil and coolant caps

• Forge polished 008 dump valve

• 42 draft intake system (induction kit with velocity stack)

• Polished dip stick handle

• K&N oil filter

• Secondary Air Intake (SAI) blank plate, SAI deleted

• N249 delete, black vacuum hose

• Badger 5 80mm turbo intake pipe in red,

• Forge Divert Valve Relocation kit to cold side

• Slam panel trim

• Black bling kit

• New thermostat

• Thermostat housing

• Resistors relocated

• Carbon canister deleted

• Overflow pipe relocated

• DEI gold thermal insulation tape

• New oil cap

• New oil pick up and O ring 96k

• Turbo oil return gasket

• Injector wiring hidden under inlet

• New style badger5 adapter

• Air con removed, shorter belt- 6pk1130

• New genuine coolant sensor

• New injector bottom o ring

• G2 heat shield

• AN10 silver fittings

• Strut brace smoothed, gloss black

• New expansion tank, sprayed black

• AN10 catch can, 4 adapters, black braided hoses

• Forge breather AN10 adapters

• Odyssey PC680 battery relocated to boot same as the QS TTs

• HG front mounted intercooler, red silicone hoses

• Murray constant tension clamps on all hoses

• New scuttle panel trim and seal

• Ross Machine Racing billet inlet manifold - polished

• Ross Machine Racing billet fuel regulator adapter - polished

• 10mm transission thermo spacer

• Forge map sensor pipe

• AN6 fuel fittings

• AN6 black braided fuel hose

• 1/4npt to 8mm barb black

• Red Silicone intercooler hoses

• Front blank plate

• Oil, filter @ 105k

• Quick valve sump plug

• New Bosch alternator

• New brake res cap

• Vacuum ports relocated,

• New inlet end plate made

• Trackslag charge pipe – logo removed, smoothed and polished

• Custom mirror polished smooth cam cover

• Black coil packs

• Black harness cover

• New spark plugs NGK BKR7E 0.7

• New cam cover gasket this week

Chassis and brakes:

• ECS ultimate dog bone mount

• New rear disks and pads 91k

• New rear callipers

• New arb bushes

• New steering rack and fluid

• New track rod ends

• New track rods

• New ball joints

• New near side drive shaft

• New offside drive shaft

• Haldex oil and filter at 95k miles

• New drivers rear inner cv joint

• Verdict Motorsport solid shifter bush

• Front and rear drivers abs sensors

• Adjustable rear tie arms – corrects camber angle on lowered cars

• Poly bushes for tie arms x4

• New nuts and bolts x8

• New rear hub bushes x4

• Porsche Cayenne 6 pot callipers

• Drilled V6 discs 334x32mm

• Hel braided hoses, adapters

• ATE superblue dot 4 fluid

• Wheel wells refurbed, repainted, new arch liners and fixings

• Gearbox/rear diff oil @ 105k

• New steering rack gaiters

• Stud and nut conversion 90mm

• Strut top covers

• New strut bolts/nuts

• FK height and rebound adjustable coilovers – spotless condition

• OZ Racing Supertourismo wheels 18x8 et35 5x100 painted Satin Black (see last picture)

• Red spoke stickers

• FK wheel spacers


• New boot gas struts

• LED footwell lights

• Black gear knob bolts

• Custom mounted 60mm swoosh boost gauge to fit 70mm dash vent

• Rear seats removed and custom built rear seat delete flooring

• Safety devices rear rollcage – twin X brace professionally welded in, painted palladium silver

• R8 flat bottom wheel, re-trimmed, black alcantara, red stitching, red centre band

• QS rep rear seat panel

• R8 gear knob, re-polished, new r8 emblem, re-drilled/threaded

• R8 mirror switch knob

• Mk2 TT rear cargo net

• Race diagnostics liquid gauge – custom made mount to fit 70mm vent

• 2013 Audi A3 air vents – dash holes enlarged to fit vents

• Dash flocked

• Pillars flocked

• New steering column trim

• Battery relocated to boot like TT QS

• Corbeau club sport bucket race seats – alcantara side trims to match dash flocking

• Securon 3 point harnesses

• New style air bag centre

• Door card tops flocked

• Coin holder flocked

• Interior bulbs led

• Ignition surround

• Knee bars, handles, handbrake re-trimmed in alcantara, red stitching


• Rear badges removed

• US n/a rear red light

• 3 bar grill

• Led number plate lights

• Led side lights

• Black fuel cap bolts

• US headlight reflectors fitted into headlights

• Headlight inserts gloss black

• Private plate J17 GAP included

• Short front/rear plate

• Facelift front wipers shortened to fit under top sun strip visor

• Custom rear diffuser painted Satin black

• V6 lower bumper grill

• V6 front bumper – customised with number plate area cut out and replaced with plastic mess to flow air to front mounted intercooler

• Front bumper grill line/washers smoothed

• OSIR vented wings, smoothed and custom plastic mesh replacing original wire mess (looks much better)

• Custom made front splitter

• Custom rear bumper, lines smoothed, shorted recess

• Hofele turbo rear spoiler bonded to original spoiler (ultra rare)

• Full professional respray Mercedes Palladium silver by Car Charm - flawless

• 8k hids, LED side lights

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  • Rs4 is cool. I drove one of the 2.7 ones. The day after I went for a drive, bought a stage 3 BT S4 and gave the little TT to my little wife.

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  • How did you fit the mk3 vents?

  • I'll give you a grand for the seats and cage Mark? Ta

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  • The previous owner did it - bought a second dash top then cut the holes bigger from 60 to 70mm...

  • Sorry, would love to sell to you for that but I need more than that back...

  • Sorry I read you would sell the car for 7500 without the seats or cage, I only really want the cage would you take £600 for that

  • The standard cages go for that sort of money. Having the twin X braces welded in to it then the powder coating doubled the cost - it's a one off so I wouldn't unfortunately take that. I've already been offer a grand for the cage but I would prefer to give a potential buyer the option of the whole car first...

  • Your correct in your observation that I would sell the car without the cage and seats and a standard interior refitted for £7500 though. Once it's sold I could do a better deal on the cage and \ or setas.

  • Would you give me first shout please

  • Jamie Simms Sure if it sells without those parts I'll let you know.

  • Thanks mate your a good man

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  • Watched the progress on this right from the start. Got to be one of the best TT builds around

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  • What bhp is it ?

  • It's still on it's original map. and it runs beautifully on this. It has all the mods in place for stage 2 though so you could easily achieve 270 - 280 or so with a remap if wanted.

  • Price dropped by £250 to £8250

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  • Price now £8000

  • Price now £7250

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  • Do I need this one mate

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  • Got your name all over it Jon. You not bored of that mini yet? Could do you a good deal on it ;-)