Photos from Mo SD's post — San Diego Audi Forum

Is anyone in search for a cool and affordable Audi? Maybe a daily driver to keep miles off of your nicer one? I am selling this face lift are the details:

2009 A3 2.0 TFSI - 142.000 miles - Clean title - Automatic - No sunroof - New front tires, new PCV valve - Fresh Synthetic oil Change - Theres ONE scratch on the driver door, only noticeable if looking closely. The car is VERY clean overall and drives as good as it looks.

Price to sell: $6300(taxes and DMV Fees not included)

Thanks - Moyzes


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Recaro Performance Denali Luxury Travel System $450 obo (Retail $955) — San Diego Audi Forum

Recaro Performance Denali Luxury Travel System $450 obo (Retail $955) Includes many extras!

Match your kids to your VW and Audi Recaros! The best racing seat technology applied to our smallest racers!

1. Recaro Denali Stroller - EUC (retail $299)

2.Recaro Performance Coupe Infant Car Seat in Onyx with Base - BNWT and Box (retail $249) seat expires Oct 2021, base expires Aug 2021

3. Recaro Performance Coupe Infant Car Seat in Granite with Base - VGUC (retail $249) seat expires Aug 2021, base expires October 2021

4. Recaro Performance Coupe Base - BNIB (retail $79) expires Nov 2020

5. Recaro Performance Coupe Base - VGUC (retail $79) expires Oct 2020

This travel system has been great for our family! The Infant seats click easily into the bases and stroller. Two seats for multiple babies, multiple cars, and extra bases for grandparents or nanny!

Never any accidents or drops, come from a smoke-free, dog friendly home. Selling because our dude is in a convertible seat now. These seats will last a long time, our dude rode in it until 20 months of age!

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    quick question I have a 2014 b8 5 A4 w about 43k miles I ve noticed over the... — San Diego Audi Forum

    quick question.. I have a 2014 b8.5 A4 w about 43k miles. I've noticed over the span of ownership the coolant level gets lower and lower. The light has never come on, but the level has been below the "min" line before. I am told my Audi that it is normal to "use" coolant. But some others tell me otherwise. Any insight or similar situations would be greatly appreciated!

    I'm hoping to get this resolved before the warranty period ends @50k so the next owner doesn't have any issues for the long run

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      We have two events this Saturday SDAC Meet Wheels for a Cause VI and the San... — San Diego Audi Forum

      We have two events this Saturday: SDAC Meet - Wheels for a Cause VI and the San Diego Cars & Coffee. I can't be at both events at the same time, so I'll be at the "Wheels for a Cause" in this round to do something charitable for the Humane Society. I encourage you to attend one of these two events. Let's have both groups do a pre-meet at the usual Starbucks location in Mira Mesa starting at 6:30am. The Temecula bound group will depart at 7:00am, and the SDC&C group can rollout at 7:40am. Those who live in North County that are going to "Wheels for a Cause" can pre-meet at the Mobile gas station by the Fallbrook Park & Ride (I-15 & Hwy 76) at 7:00am and roll out at 7:25am. The group coming from Mira Mesa should be in that part of the 15 North between 7:25-7:30am. Keep FB Messenger open for coordinating the meet ups.

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        Roberto Jauregui shared a link to the group: San Diego Audi Club. — San Diego Audi Forum

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          Thanks to all who attended our latest movie night event John Wick 2 was such a... — San Diego Audi Forum

          Thanks to all who attended our latest movie night event. John Wick 2 was such a great film. Not pictured are Tracy, Alex and Armando because they parked elsewhere. Glad to finally meet Steven Taylor and his APR-tuned S8. We also placed a spotted card on the white A6 that's parked next to us. Hope you join us, "Mrs. Fixer".

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            Hey gang — San Diego Audi Forum

            Hey gang:

            With Valentine's Day looming around the corner, let's show our loving side and post a picture of you doing something with/in/for your car that illustrates an expression of love on or before V-day.

            Be as creative as possible, but keep it wholesome. Participation by a significant other is permissible (and highly encouraged).

            * Winner of the best photo will get a gift card from Godiva Chocolates.

            * Post your entries in the comments below

            * Entries will be judged for creativity, caption/message, and number of likes from fellow members.

            * The winner will be announced on Wednesday, Feb. 15th.

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              Recommended places in — San Diego Audi Forum

              Hi everyone. I'm going to be moving from SD across the pond to London for the next 3 years, and need some suggestions for the storage of my 08 RS4. Has anyone stored a car long term before?

              Preferably, an enclosed and climate controlled space would be best however I'd be open to a private garage as well. Appreciate any thoughts or help that you have!

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                Together with Audi Club of Camp Pendleton ACCP and North County Audi s we... — San Diego Audi Forum

                Together with Audi Club of Camp Pendleton (ACCP) and North County Audi's, we have two events this Saturday. The dinner part of our SDAC Dinner & Movie - John Wick 2 event will be held at Hooters of San Marcos for the Wings And Wheels event. Then at 9:00pm, we'll roll out to Angelika Film Center - Carmel Mountain for our movie event: John Wick 2. Please check movie listing and purchase your tickets online. See event details for more info. Thank you to Benjamin Jones and Alex Fajerman for setting up these two meets.

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                  OEM Audi TT E-Codes (Fits 2008-2015) — San Diego Audi Forum

                  These are brand new, never used OEM Audi TT-RS European Spec headlights. Part numbers 8J0941029AC and 8J0941030AC off a German spec build. The benefit of these is that it gets rid of the ugly amber reflector found in US models, the LED strip goes all of the way across the headlight (they are cut-off 80% of the way across in US cars) and sharper projector lenses for a stronger light pattern. These are meant for cars without AFS, but my car has AFS which is my reason for selling - you can retrofit these into AFS cars by buying new ballasts (approx $50 each new, part number 63117182520), but I would prefer to sell these and get a set intended for AFS car instead. I've priced aggressively to sell quick, they cost $1695 from Europrice who originally sold the set. Please don't lowball me, worst case scenario I'll swap out the ballasts if I can't find a good home for these. Includes all bulbs except the main headlight bulbs, no ballasts. Blanket sold seperately.

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                    Audi B5 2.7T clearing out the garage LOTS of parts — San Diego Audi Forum

                    2.8 cams 90k great shape $120

                    2 podi Steering wheel column gauge holders $20ea

                    OEM 2.7T pistons $60

                    2 Metal thermostat housings $80ea

                    OEM 3 vented oil caps $15ea

                    2 fan clutches $40ea

                    Clutch fan pulley $30

                    Southbend stage 3 clutch used for ~10k $120

                    Southbend PP with a brand new RS4 disc comes with a TOB with 200mi on it $220

                    OEM N75 valves $60

                    OEM RS4 lobster claws ( one has a minor tear where DV connects ( can easily be repaired with epoxy other is mint) $60

                    Rear main seal w/ gasket $80

                    OEM Trunk spoiler $100

                    2.7T Heads in Excellent shape, came off a running car oil changes every 3k $400obo

                    I am pretty firm with these prices however dont be afraid to ask to bundle things to save, also we can arrange a package deal for shipping if multiple things are purchased. Will ship same day payment is received

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                      2001 Audi S4 — San Diego Audi Forum

                      Feeler: I have my sights set on a widebody avant, so I'm taking offers on my B5S4. Most of you know this car in the group, so message me for any info on it. Car is a well built and sorted Stage 3 Borg Warner K04 car. Turn key ready. Did a 2:04 around Auto Club Speedway. Throw in some 750cc injectors and the 85mm Maf that will come with the car and you'll have 475hp at the wheels.


                      Chassis: 180k

                      Motor: 98k

                      Mods: 30ks

                      Car has a clean North Carolina title. :)

                      Reposting this because my last post got deleted.......

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                        Ok looking for anyone who is willing to help with VAG Com As many of you know... — San Diego Audi Forum

                        Ok, looking for anyone who is willing to help with VAG Com. As many of you know, Matthew Cowie just got an S6 and it is equipped with Air suspension. He wants to lower it and he saw that mine is lowered through VAG and would like to do it like that as well. I have a cable and the instructions but since I personally didn't have to do mine (a buddy helped me) I am a little apprehensive messing with the modules and adding the different adaptations. Im sure Matt would buy you a dinner or a beer for your help!!!

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                          In regards to Oil Level Sensors is the HELLA brand the exact equivalent to Audi... — San Diego Audi Forum

                          In regards to Oil Level Sensors, is the 'HELLA' brand the exact equivalent to Audi's OEM parts?? Manufactured pieces look identical and there's even a 'HELLA' logo on the OEM oil level sensor.. It'd be nice to save a few bucks for once-ONLY if it's worth it. (source: ECS Tuning)

                          Oh and have any of you switched to using a good ol' dipstick for B8 S-models and newer?? Im getting fairly annoyed with all the useless electronics/sensors cars have these days..

                          Thennnn again.. if i switch to checking my oil manually from now on, an oil level sensor is pretty much useless, no?

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                            Michael Kim — San Diego Audi Forum

                            Michael Kim

                            Wanted to gauge your professional input. What's your personal experience/knowledge about APR software and recent CA SMOG procedures?

                            I currently have a Stage 2 E85 tune on my 13' A4.

                            Can I flash back to stock, then use an 02 spacer and still pass? Or does the HFC have to come out completely?

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                              Photos from Jordan Allred's post — San Diego Audi Forum

                              Proposal: Looking for someone with a b6 or b7 with an untouched factory double din who wants my 400 dollar Android perfect-fit head unit for 200 bucks, installed (including amp bypass), with backup cam (if you're comfortable with me popping a hole in your trunk) and Torque. Feel free to send this to or tag whomever you want.

                              Reason: I'm writing a review on the newer version of mine, and a walkthrough on the installation process. These will be published on Nick's Car Blog so your car will be famous!

                              Catch: I'll be using your car for installation pictures, so I'll need it for a half day or so. You're welcome to sit and watch, but it's a pretty boring process. Also, shipping takes a few weeks.

                              I'd prefer to keep it in the SDAC family, but the first to meet these qualifications gets the slot.

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                                REQUEST — San Diego Audi Forum


                                Is there anyone willing to attend the "Audi Day" event tomorrow without waking up super early? That's right, no waking up early necessary. I just need you to pickup some donuts for me in North Park at 8:00 AM. They will be paid for in advance, so you're literally just picking them up. In exchange I can offer one of the following options:


                                (a) Give you three delicious gourmet donuts if you can pickup but not stay


                                == OR ==


                                (b) We'll save a spot just for you in the front of THE LOT so you have a place to park your car conveniently, plus an extra donut.


                                Any takers? I'll give you the pickup info.

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                                  Just two more days until this event. Let s plan to be there at 6. 00 AM — San Diego Audi Forum

                                  Just two more days until this event. Let's plan to be there at 6:00 AM. This will give us one hour to sort out the parking situation. The event starts at 7:00am. I will be bringing a box of Nomad Donuts. If we have any vegan members attending, let me know--I'll make sure to order their vegan alternatives.

                                  Thomas - are you getting the donuts from your neck of the woods?

                                  Featured cars, are you all ready for this? Joshua, Alex, Ryan, Adam, Edward, Julio, Madeline, Todd, Martin, Jesse, Dan, Paul, Junior, Matthew, Trevor, Jiggs...I know I'm forgetting some names. Please comment below if you're attending and what car you could bring to the event. I remember we had a wrapped Q7 last year. If you're the owner of that SUV and are reading this, please let me know if you can attend again. Also looking for a B9 A4/Allroad.

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                                    HRE FF01 20x9 +35 Tarmac w/ 255/35/20 Toyo T1S — San Diego Audi Forum

                                    Hi guys and gals,

                                    Posting a feeler for my HRE FF01 20x9 +35 in Tarmac, thinking about swapping to the same wheel but in the +25 offset, currently running the same offset but I want the concave look.

                                    The wheels roughly have about 5k miles on them, currently wrapped in Toyo T1 Sports 255/35/20, wheels can be sold with or without the tires. I would prefer local pickup since they're quit bulky, I do have the HRE boxes so I could ship just the rims if I really needed to. I am willing to ship, but the buyer would pay for shipping.

                                    Condition: the 2 rear wheels have a few rock chips from normal driving, one front wheel has slight curb rash.

                                    Located in San Diego, CA (4S Ranch/RB area)

                                    Asking price: $2k OBO rims only $2500 OBO rims & tires, buyer pays shipping & paypal fees

                                    Feel free to PM me with any questions thanks!

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                                      Rainy Day PSA. Your all wheel drive vehicle means nothing if you hydroplane — San Diego Audi Forum

                                      Rainy Day PSA: Your all wheel drive vehicle means nothing if you hydroplane. The rain is coming down hard and fast and SD roads are not equipped for quick run off. That means there's a lot of standing water, especially on the freeways. If you hydroplane, it doesn't matter if you have AWD drive when those tires aren't on the pavement. No contact, no traction. AWD is a tool, not a guarantee to be accident free. Be safe out there folks...and slow down. :) Oh...and you'll probably fare better than most getting out of the hydroplane, but is that a risk you want to take with your baby?

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                                        Jordan Allred shared a link to the group: San Diego Audi Club. — San Diego Audi Forum

                                        This car comes with a weird reverse rake to it, which is the opposite of what I want. I've seen people drop them an inch, two inches, completely dumped, and it still maintains a greater gap in the front than in the back...

                                        Is it possible to drop the front only? Or, failing that, can I drop the front more than the back?

                                        If so, how? Budget is 500ish, because this is cosmetic and wholly unnecessary.

                                        Audi a4 2007 fwd.

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                                          Anyone here installed a silicone intake hose on their B8 5 S4 S5 I got one... — San Diego Audi Forum

                                          Anyone here installed a silicone intake hose on their B8.5 S4/S5? I got one from EuroCode but it won't fit; I can get it on either the airbox outlet or the throttle body but not both. It seems just a bit too long to fit but I'm not 100% sure. I tried everything short of cutting it down by a quarter inch since I don't want to modify it if I don't have to.

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                                            Alex Fajerman created a poll in San Diego Audi Club. — San Diego Audi Forum

                                            We are in the tentative planning stages for a drive up to the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard. The museum is only open a few days each month so we need to buy tickets in advance (adults are $15, children 3 to 11 are $8, and active military with ID is free) after we decide on which day to go. The plan would be to drive up to Malibu and meet up with anyone in ACLA who wants to join us before we cruise over to the museum. We could even turn it in to a full day in LA with lunch/dinner/shenanigans afterwards.

                                            Please note: all days specified are Saturdays unless otherwise noted.

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                                              So Valentine s Day is fast approaching and the wife is asking me what I want — San Diego Audi Forum

                                              So Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and the wife is asking me what I want. Unfortunately I can't make the decision myself, the responsible choice is an orbital buffer kit with pads and polishes so I can clear up the swirl marks and water spots or the cool thing and get a carbon fiber rear spoiler. Any input is appreciated.

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                                                2013 Sepang Blue TT RS — San Diego Audi Forum

                                                2013 Audi TT RS Prestige

                                                - Sepang Blue

                                                - 15,850 miles

                                                - Audi CPO bumper to bumper warranty until 2019/100,000 miles

                                                - AudiCare prepaid maintenance through 2017

                                                - Like new condition

                                                - 2.5L Turbocharged I-5

                                                - 6-speed manual gearbox

                                                - Audi Quattro AWD

                                                - 360hp and 343 lb-ft of torque

                                                - 0-60 in 4.0 seconds

                                                - Top speed is 172mph (I’ve never seen it)

                                                I am a motorsports lover and all around car guy. This TTRS has been extremely well cared for in every aspect. The motor has never seen >4000 rpm until the oil was at 200+ degrees. The vehicle has never been tracked (even though it should be). All maintenance is done in advance of the required intervals, and the Audi brake recall has been performed (brand new brakes). The interior/exterior are 99%+, and the vehicle has a clean Carfax. Recently, it’s had a full Klasse two-stage acrylic paint sealant performed as well.

                                                Manuals, keys and records are included, of course.

                                                I’m selling it because my motorcycles have ruined sports cars, and I just don’t drive it enough. This car is amazing, and deserves to be owned by someone who will drive it more than I do.

                                                Also, @ [2401203:Nick Roshon] can give you an independent opinion on this car. He knows it :)

                                                If you have any questions at all, or want to see it, please let me know. Thanks for looking! Price negotiable for the right buyer. Referrals that result in sale will earn a finder's fee :)

                                                Arnold 312-804-0664

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                                                  Time for a new segment. It s something that I have been doing for a while — San Diego Audi Forum

                                                  Time for a new segment. It's something that I have been doing for a while. But now I've realized that I (and you, so we) could make this a recurring post in this group. The idea is to share a clip of something that you've just watched that is not a show about cars, but somehow still touches on topics that are car-related. So with this formal introduction, I present to you TNT's "Good Behavior" starring Lady Mary of Downton Abbey with an American accent (Michelle Dockery). I find this clip entertaining because it illustrates how guys can be such control freaks inside the car.

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                                                    What a headache — San Diego Audi Forum

                                                    What a headache...

                                                    This biker almost crashed into my car trying to go from the 4th lane to the first one because he was missing an exit... have in mind that I'm in the 3rd at 70mph and he was trying to change lanes at a slow speed in front of me when he could've just waited until I passed him, since the car behind me was about 20ft away from me ... I had to swerve to the 4th lane abruptly...

                                                    Sometimes I feel these people cry for road rights and still pull off stuff like this... I'm shaking right with anger and fear at the same time... never been this scared in my life

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                                                      Photos from Daniel Clark's post — San Diego Audi Forum

                                                      Good morning from the people up in the Seattle area from 2ZERO6 Audis!

                                                      We got word from some of your members that you guys are planning a drive to our area. We are pretty excited about this and can't wait to meet you. We will be arranging some type of event for all of us while you guys are here.

                                                      Typically we do weekly meets that involve eating at one of the pubs, followed by frozen yogurt. Our drives involve heading up to the snowy mountains for some Quattro fun. During the summer we shoot down i90 which ends up being up to 6 lanes wide through some amazing mountain passes where we get rolling shots.

                                                      Anyways, have a good day!

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                                                        So I m pretty bummed. Had my b7 rs4 for exactly a year. Put 3k miles on it — San Diego Audi Forum

                                                        So I'm pretty bummed. Had my b7 rs4 for exactly a year. Put 3k miles on it. In December it got rear ended and the insurances called me 2 weeks ago telling me that it was a total loss. The repair estimate was 17k. I was weeks away from throwing in all the parts I had ordered. Custom 3 piece wheels, brand new bags and management and was about to get some down pipes. So now I'm looking for another rs4 to replace it. If anyone finds one for a decent price and miles let me know

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                                                          Photos from William Lewis's post — San Diego Audi Forum

                                                          Just wondering what a good price is if I put my 08 Sprint Blue S4 DTM edition up for sale? Less than 70k miles. In almost perfect condition. APR carbon intake and lots of carbon fiber vinyl and accents. Trying for 20k. Haven't done the timing chain yet but haven't had any issues with that either. Drilled and slotted rotors and powdercoated stock rims and 5MM spacers in rear. Maintenance always done early. Front control arms just recently replace and head gasket replaced a year ago. Has alpine amp and JL subwoofer but no NAV.

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                                                            Audi San Diego — San Diego Audi Forum

                                                            BIGGEST HEADACHE!

                                                            So last Monday the second of January, I dropped my car off at SanDiego Audi for a intake manifold replacement. Covered on warranty. They replaced my manifold and called me on Thursday informing me I could come in and pick up my car. While I'm sitting in the service department they inform me that they have another problem having to replace my pcv valve and hose. Parts won't be in til Monday. They replace the pcv and hose and intake manifold and still same problems. So I come in Monday I start my car in the service bay, and it stalls. Now they're telling me I have a vacuum leak coming from my rear main seal. At this point they're telling me it's $1,500 just for labor to work on the car, hoping it's the rear seal. I stalled it 3 times just taking it 2 miles back to the dealer. Not sure where to go from here:/ I don't want to drive it around and they can't provide me a loaner unless I okay them to drop the transmission labor.. cmon Audi:/ can anyone help me out? Top it all off I'm missing work, missing opportunities, and they ran my car through the car wash and knocked a weather tech rain guard off..

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                                                              This might be a controversial topic here but wondering what your opinions may... — San Diego Audi Forum

                                                              This might be a controversial topic here, but wondering what your opinions may be from experience and/or personal reasons why- considering picking up a CPo s4 or s5 2014 or newer. No kids, don't have passengers very often, both same engine. Aside from 4door and coupe any other crazy deciding factors? Any help or input is appreciated!! Thanks

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