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Just thought I would write my feedback on the KW DDC coilovers for the MK7 R so everyone could be aware before putting an order on these.

My car is a 2015 LSG MK7 R / DSG/DCC, few mods that are a set of VWR BBK as i do some track days, 034 Motorsport dogbone insert, JB1, VWR R600.

I was looking for a good set of coilovers that would fit the purpose of both road and occasional track use, I generally loved the stock suspension of the MK7 R both in track and on the road, managed to post some super fast laps in Dubai Autodrome and Yas Marina, most of the time giving Porsche GT4's a run for their money.

My Main purpose was to keep the DCC function so the car can remain comfy, lower the car a little for better looks and I thought any improvement on stock suspension would be welcome. (most springs in the market can only do one of those 3 things IMO, which is why i went the expensive way)

Made an order on these expensive coilovers a few months back, installation was nice and simple, first drive impressions, wow, forgot that the car was actually in race mode, it was very slightly harsher than stock on the road, turn in and handling initially felt better but i was nowhere near the limit.

The next day, I went to a nice stretch of empty roads to test the handling, and that is where problems have started.

First off, the handling was improved, however the behaviour of the car at the limit was not good at all, a lot of understeer that did not transfer into a lift off oversteer unless you were going very fast, stock suspension feels more neutral front to back but that was not even the real problem.

The real problem was when i started hearing massive clunking noises everytime I hit a slight road imperfection, or take a corner a bit faster than usual, upon further inspection, all front springs were massively binding against each other, and in ;ess than 300 kms only, the protective coating on the springs was wearing off (See photos).

I emailed KW about this issue, after going back and forth with loads of emails (one of the emails, I was advised that this suspension is not suitable to be used for track days!!!!!!!! see screenshot), I was asked to take loads of measurements for them to determine the issue, a few weeks, turned into a couple of months chasing KW for a solution to my problem, roughly 2-3 months down the line, I receive revised springs for the front only, the new springs had different part numbers.

I was happy to receive the new springs as i thought this would solve my issues, and i can enjoy the car again, went and paid for installation of new springs again, drove very well for the first few hours, no knocking noise anymore, handling improved massively with less understeer and a tail that was happier than ever, i thought the nightmare was finally over, to my surprise, the springs collapsed again once i drove over the next slight road imperfection and been knocking at any bump / turn since then as the front springs completely collapsed under normal pressure.

Bottom line of the story, you pay for a +3k $$$ worth of suspension, you pay install charges 3 times (because you have been use as KW's test pig), and then you get told that these should not be run on track.

I got so sick of this that I put my stock suspension back on because i cannot drive my car anymore the way it is.

Ive emailed KW on this subject yesterday, I'm hoping that KW would be decent enough to admit their mess on this suspension kit and refund my money, however I'm sure this will take weeks and weeks and the only victim here in the customer who paid +3K $ and installation charges 3 times (first time, second time, then back to stock).

For the record, there are a few others running the same suspension with similar issue so please beware before you order a KW DDC kit.

There is a reason why i have not been to any track days in the last 3-4 months and that's because of KW's shit suspension :)

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  • I pretty much have the same issues

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  • Can you take some photos and send them to me? I'll report it to KW

  • Yo this is crazy. I have always held KW in such high regards. I'm sorry to hear about that shit Yaser, and it's too bad they couldnt sort it out and their customer service is shit.

  • Same here but I'm starting to think otherwise, I have their V1 kit on my MK5 and the springs also bind on that.

    KW basically seems to sell low quality kits under the umbrella of their big brand name.

  • Swear to god, it feels like when Michael Jackson got accused of child molestation. Shatters perceptions

  • Sorry to hear, been looking at these for a while. What a shame, hope they do right by you guys.

  • Wow man.. did not expect that from KW at all. Let me know what happens.

  • Mustafa Alchalabi

  • Thats fucked man! Get it sorted soon

  • Put my stock suspension back and never letting a KW product on my car again even if I don't get refunded

  • Yaser Mohamad thats really surprising man. Cant believe the president is saying theyre not for track use loool

  • Lol Yup!

  • Nobody expects this from KW but with a bit of more research now, it seems that their V1, V2 and V3 kits are exactly the same shit and loads of people are having issues that KW doesn't know how to resolve

  • I've always regarded kw as the best suspension you can get on a vdub, issues like these especially with a new product can happen ; it's their disregard to their customers that I'm surprised about

  • To be honest, I would expect issue but I would also expect them to be resolved.

    I've paid for installation 3 times due to their lack of R&D and trying to sell a product so fast before testing it.

    More surprisingly is that the same issue is with the V1, V2 and V3 across the MQB platform.

    Oh and to add shit yo the problem, the V1 on my MK5 also have the same issue

  • Yaser im sure they did some R&D, but clearly something is a miss. After hearing about the mk5 as well, seems like the issue could be with whomever supplies their springs. I bet you its a cost cutting measure.

    I always regarded KW/Bilstein as the pinnacle of Road/Track (ie non race spec) suspension setups for ALL CARS. I cant wrap my head around all this. Even the cheap ass coilovers dont have these kind of problems. KW needs to sort their shit out.

  • That's real disappointment

  • Naif Khoury I'm sure they wouldn't have such issues if they did proper R&D.

    What leads me to believe that they havent is looking back at timelines and knowing these DDC / V1 / V2 / V3 kits came out immediately after the R/S3 were launched into the market

  • What about having other Springs on those shocks?

  • It's a tricky option as these shock have electronic damping linked to the stock ECU, it will be somewhat hard to try and match something without trying for a few times and failing miserably.

    What's interesting is that the stock set up uses electronic damping as well but with linear springs while KW have used a similar set up but with progressive springs,

  • Interesting, linear springs imo are much better. Surprised Kw went that route. But I guess they were focusing on comfort for the DCC coils

  • Btw check with Swift, they may have an option. Their springs are great

  • That's real bad buddy. Very surprised TBH. Hope KW sort them out.

  • Extremely surprised...i ran kw for a little while never experienced that i must be one of the lucky ones it seems...tbh ohlins though has been fantastic to me though

  • Yaser, Hope it is sorted by KW. If they are assholes and dont sort it out. I would recommened running different springs like eibach. You can order the spring rate, lengths and diameters you desire, I am sure it would fix your issue and the shocks are still good!

  • At this stage, I don't know if it's the shocks causing the springs to collapse, or the what would be the decent springs rate for the shocks since they effectively have variable damping that is set by the ride height, roll angle etc. I could try a few sets and it could become an expensive exercise.

    If they don't refund, I would rather open the kw box, take a piss on the springs and send them back to KW, and then make sure nobody ever buys these again.

    If I wanna order linear springs from Eibach, I might as well do it on the stock shocks as the stock shocks are of very good quality on the MK7 platform.

  • Well well well

    What can I say that would help you man

    This is really bad on kws behalf

    They used to be my number 1 when it comes to suspension but definitely they're not anymore

    I hope they will man up to their mistakes and sort your ride out whether with a refund or anything as long you get satisfied

    Really sad to see this happening

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  • Thanks, I used to be a fan but having made this post, it turns out that loads of people are having the same issue and KW has not bothered to find a solution or even stop selling the defective suspensions.