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My beloved for 6 years D3 is finally up for. I would really prefer to sell it to someone who will appreciate the ton of work and money put into this car. By few described as spoiled and pampered to silly levels such as 6-7 hours clean every few weeks. By the best Audi garage in London described as the driest V8 (no leaks whatsoever, ever) and one of the best looked after A8's. Attended Annual Owners Meet twice where on both occasions all attendees scored it as the 2nd Best D3 during the event (on both occasions lost to S8's ). Here it is story of my 8... It is a 2006 3.7 V8 A8 in Akoya Silver The usual A8 spec plus what I think are the options: - Comfort heated seats with optional comfort headrests inc. heated steering wheel - Aluminium pack - Auto dimming and heated wing mirrors - Keyless Entry (Kessy) - Handsfree Bluetooth - Auto lights and wipers - Bose sound system Extras added: - AFS dynamic Bi-Xenon headlights inc. cornering static light, DRLs converted to LED (new set of LEDs will be fitted just before the sale and new genuine pair of Philips Night Vision xenon bulbs fitted only few months ago along with white MTEC H8s for cornering lights) - Brand new direct from Audi front S8 bumper - S8 front grille (de-bagged, aftermarket quattro badge instead) - S8 Aluminium paddle shifters on the steering wheel - S8 20" alloy wheels on 265/35 Bridgestone's Potenza + a full size 18" ''fat 5'' as spare + 2x spare coil packs in the boot - Drilled Zimmermann Sport-Z anti rust discs all round - Custom and proper handmade (not off the shelf universal type) cat back exhaust by Hayward & Scott inc. upgraded flex pipes near the cats. I am well aware exhaust note may not be everyone's cup of tea hence I will include complete original middle resonator which will tone it down by a fair bit. Really cheap and quick job to do if you take it to guys like Hayward & Scott or Fast Lane Styling in Essex. - A8 number plate (spare brand new set in the boot with correct spacing, one space instead of two as on the car at the minute, never had any issues with spacing around London tho) - All callipers has been properly painted all round in gun metal and a little quattro decal has been added so they don't look so plain - Wide display instrument cluster which is also ready for Adaptive Cruise Control if you wish to retrofit it - All interior light has been upgraded to LED ones inc. rear number plate - If matt carbon trim is not your thing then it can be fairly easily removed with no damage whatsoever and bring back to dark gloss wood finish. - All window switches, mirror switch and FL Start/Stop button has been replaced for the ones with a bit of chrome detail as the standard ones all black are a bit dull (all new from Audi at silly cost, not half worn second hand). - Remapped by Viezu for better throttle response and a bit more BHPs - Gently lower via VCDS (not permanent mechanical mod) as A8s are well known for silly by most owners big wheel arch gaps - front -15mm / rear -10mm, that way front and rear looks more even. - MMI updated to the latest 5570 version inc. 3D maps Work done (bare in mind I'm known for just putting lots of new bits each time car goes for a service, one reason is just sometimes makes sense to do all the belts, pumps, pulleys while front is off, hence the statement on the beginning about ton of money put in the car): - Regular servicing - Rear wheel bearings - Dif oil - Twice in last 6 years (most recent one 2016) cam belt change (OEM from Audi) inc. new tensioners and pulleys + water pump + thermostat inc. new alternator belt + new pulleys at the same time (Audi OEM) - New brake fluid in last couple of years - New radiator - New coil packs + spark plugs around 3 years ago - New coolant reservoir - Upgraded Gruvenparts aluminium inlet manifold flaps links - New Bosch S5 battery around 3 years ago - Oil retaining valve (non return) under the inlet manifold - Both camshaft chain tensioners (cylinder 1-4 and 5-8) at stupid price, special order from Germany as apparently no one bothers to do change them even if they rattle a bit due to cost so no stock in UK. - All front upper suspension arms inc. antiroll bar C links twice (OEM by Lemforder), last time in August 2014 inc. laser tracking straight after - Gearbox serviced twice - New screen wash pump - Brake pads all round changed twice Mechanical condition. Car has been very well maintained over the years, I'd like to say that for the money you buy a peace of mind considering what has been replaced mainly because I'm the maintenance maniac. Engine is as smooth as it gets with no knocks, no leaks, just a lovely running well maintained V8. Gearbox, well, I wish my S8 gearbox was as smooth as this one. I've been driving and been driven in many D3s and I'm proud to say there has been only one gearbox as good as this one. It's just very smooth, no hard shifting, no slips, no hesitation, no jiggering, no cold start issues, no leaks, no holding revs unnecessary. As good as it gets for the age. In Drive just pulls away nicely and in Sport it does what it meant to do, nice sharp ish changes. Everything else just works like it should considering the mileage @157k, but anyone who knows a bit more than average Joe will tell you that this does not play such a big part on a very well maintained executive cars which are always much better build than an A4 with a 4 cylinder engine for example. Mileage is not a complete myth, but on certain cars not as important. I have honestly driven D3 with much lower miles where engine, gearbox and overall condition had a lot to wish for. I also had other D3 owners admiring how well car is running and how well it's maintained. Anyway, moving on to outside and Inside condition. Outside Condition Again, please bare in mind this is a 10year old car, BUT for the age car presents it self very well, no dents, no scratches. One of the aluminium roof strips is loosing a bit of paint, but they can be pulled out and resprayed individually. All chrome is in very good and shiny condition apart both rear triangles which has gone a bit milky. Easy to replace tho. Wheels are in good/very good condition. It all obviously depends on our individual standards/ratings. Car has been clayed if not every than every other wash, why not. Regularly waxed. Let me put it this way, an average clean takes me approx 6-7 hours so you get the idea. Inside Condition I would honestly say interior is in very good condition. I took same pride in cleaning interior and looking after it as on the outside. At least 4 times a year all leather has been cleaned and two coats of leather balm/conditioner been applied. There is no excessive wear or cracks. Driver seat and arm rest in in good/very good condition where elsewhere condition is very good. Door cards have very minimal wear, only one rear left one has a 10mm cut on the arm rest. Headlining is in very clean state, apart a little make up marks on the passenger’s sun visor. To be honest, some of the seat belts could be a bit cleaner if you are twisted as me, don't know why I never got round washing them. £6,000 (strictly no offers)

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  • I know this car and the level of scrupulous care (even OCD;) to achieve A8 perfection

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  • How much are you asking for her?

  • My friend is after £6000

  • Scott Newberry where is she located?

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  • Welling, London.