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So I sold the s5 4.2 v8 and have gone over to the dark side.. the a45 amg.. I loved the s5 but this more than makes up for my

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  • Won't sound as good as the S5 but bet the fuel economy is way better.

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  • The s5 has a heavy sound but the 2.0 turbz are the shit right now. They turn head when you put your foot down. Everyone is used to hear the old v8 climbing.

  • Tbh the s5 was a quiet car.. it was made for cruising so not really that loud.. the v8 rumble was nice tho.. but this has the amg performance exhaust so sounds crazy.. pops and bangs on upshifts.. it's nice.. n yer the fuel is defo a lot better in and road tax...

  • A45amg is on bucket list but RS3 first!

  • I'm sure it goes well but I HATE the styling, I'd have kept the S5

  • S5 was getting old... and this is faster... cheaper to run..has pretty much every optional extra. and personally I like the styling.. stands out.. looks special..the s5 was a great car but didn't stand out as much.. but each to their own ay.. gud job there are people that don't like it or the dealer cud have charged a lot more for

  • You missed out on the S5. I have the milltek non resonated exhaust on my S4. Sounds great.

  • Love the A45, but RS3s straight 5 engine sounds even better.

  • Definitely agree with u there...

  • I always get these buggers wanting to race me when I'm in the M2 but never get them attempting when I'm in the RS6. The feckers know I'm rear wheel drive from the stand off

  • Did you try the new S3? Could do with test driving one or two!

  • I didn't tbh... I did think about the golf are and the s3 but in the end I decided as good ad they are they didnt stand out enuf and I think I'd av felt like I ended up settling.. also top trumps on the bhp and 0-60 over those 2.. brilliant cars tho..

  • Yeah, I used to have an VXR and I do miss the hot hatch tbh! Plus it will be better than 15 MPG

  • I do like the look of those's vxr's but now iv had 4wd I wudnt go back...

  • Think I'm same there tbh, I do like 235i aswell, stage 1 map on he S3s and there 375 BHP surely that's satisfying enough? Haha

  • Yer but then stage one on the a45 and ur over 400 bhp. .. that's the magic

  • Can't disagree wth that mate, I want an M4 but in no position to shell out 40k haha. Tbh like I say I miss a small hot hatch to just have loads of fun with!

  • Wot ever u chose ul be looking at sub 5s to 60 so it's all that

  • love the a45 but the only thing that puts me off is that there a renault engine

  • It's a good engine tho tbh..

  • Even if that is the case I'm pretty certain AMG will have fixed any weaknesses they are a lot more reputable division than Renault and will want to keep up there great name

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  • Renault are getting better all the time now anyway.. the engines they have used in the rs meganes aren't to bad from wot iv read