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Incredibly clean 88 80q we did at my shop. Complete with a euro police bumper and 2.5l stroker 7a. Still fwd!

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  • lol wut. fwd :(

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  • Lol I know. Customers want the craziest things! We just build what they want.

  • that bumper is pretty hot though

  • Thats not an 80q then wut?

  • Michael Jacyno

  • Bad as fck

  • What is a euro police bumper?

  • 80 Quattro - 2

  • i think it is a simple euro bumper that someone sold him for good money as "police" :D

  • Yeah, because of the fog lights, I bet

  • Sorry typo. Just a regular 80.

  • It's a bumper for European police.

  • What block did you use and what did you have to do to it?

  • O rly?

  • Audis were used as police and taxi vehicles, and they had a few special parts including the bumper on this model. The Urquattro taxi dash is commonly used for a triple gauge mount where the taxi meter used to be.

  • Ok, since you seem to know, tell me what the difference is from any other B3 80 euro bumper. Because I don't know of any difference, and the parts catalogs doesn't have any specific police bumper either. I bet that 25-30% of the B3 80s had the bumper with fog lights. The one in this picture does not

  • Movie cars don't count

  • "Shit, it's the rozzers!"


    "That red Audi!"

    "That one?"

    "Yes, the red one. Must be under cover!"

    "How can you tell?"

    "The bumper cover! The fog lights are a dead giveaway! Audi only issued them to the police!"

  • Haha well, I certainly don't know everything. It was told to me by the person who built that car that it is a specific police/taxi bumper, and that we bought it from Audi many years ago as an OEM part. We still have a selection of police taxi new old stock parts that we still use on builds. If he was mistaken, I guess he was mistaken, and by extension, I was mistaken. I was just trying to answer questions the best I could.

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  • ....the Audi 1.8S came with that front bumper BTW. I had one.,