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FS: My beloved 2002 Stage 3 6MT 3-row seat allroad. This is probably in the top 5 examples of this car in existence.

I bought this car nearly-new in 2004 with 15K and have enjoyed it for 95% of its life. I had a long list of things I needed in a car, and this car ticked every box: 6 speed manual, turbos for a little fun, air suspension for versatility. Of all the 2002 ARs out there, only a very select handful came with both a 6MT AND a third row seat. I had to have it, and so I flew to Boulder, bought it from a dealer and drove it home over a weekend.

It was completely stock when purchased, and over the years I’ve made some tasteful additions/mods that have always been done either professionally or under expert supervision. Anyone who’s followed my posts (and there are many RE: this car) knows that I’m meticulous, and intensely picky about my cars. This has been my pride and joy for 12 years, but I found a replacement that I couldn’t turn down.


The Basics

I’ve spent years obsessing and tweaking on this car, and it shows. For a long time, this was probably the nicest, and the fastest, allroad in the Twin Cities (hat tip to Casey for taking the crown now).

The original DaddyWagon is full Stage 3 with K04 RS4 turbos, EPL fueling, ER side mount intercoolers, and a brand new RS4 clutch. It pulls strong and hard, and sounds fantastic (although I’m biased). I have 2 sets of wheels that will go with the car for the right price, including a set of lovely, REAL, BBS LMs. I upgraded the brakes to match the “go” with StopTech 355s and stock S4 rears. I always loved the “swiss army” nature of the allroad, so it still has airbags… but I did upgrade the bags to Arnott GenII with Bilstein struts (the redesigned struts that do not clunk).

This car also has the original Factory “hidden” hitch, which is now impossible to find. I’ve towed a handful of things over the years, but have never overloaded it or launched a boat (I’m too paranoid about burning up the clutch). I change oil every 5K and use Mobile 1 0W40 at every change. It’s seen 2 track days, one stock and one at stage 3 about 6 years ago. The car was tuned and cared for by Jordan (he knows the car’s details as well as I do, most likely better) and Imola. I was in a minor fender-bender in 2010 and took the opportunity to paint the bumpers and flares to body color while I had everything tended to by Brandon at LaMettrys. While it had new paint on the hood and flares I also had him put a full-front clear bra on it. No mechanical hiccups or major issues whatsoever since then.


• 2002 allroad

• Brilliant Black exterior / Tan Interior

• 6-Speed

• ~143k Miles

• 2 sets wheels/tires:

o 19” BBS LMs (real) with Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 tires (2 seasons)

o 18” OE Q7 5-spoke wheels on Nokian Hakka R2s (2 seasons)

Asking Price

$15,000 (with all sets of wheels, extra parts, etc.). Not interested in parting out, so no requests please.

Maintenance (I have a full list from Imola and can provide more upon request)

• Oil and Filter 1500 miles ago (always Mobil 1 0w40 and Audi filters)

• 3 New Arnott GenII airbags @129K and 135K – the last one is under lifetime warranty and will probably need swapping as well

• New 710Ns, plugs and oil/filter – 131K

• New 01E transmission from donor AR, New RS4 Clutch, Resurface Flywheel, oil change @125K

• New Winter Tires (Nokian Hakka R2s) @125K – run seasonally (they have about 5K miles on them)

• Control arms and alignment @ 122K

• Air filter, antifreeze, fuel filter, spark plugs (correct NGK with proper gap for stage 3), new wipers, TIMING BELT, Valve cover & cam tensioner gaskets, cruise control switch, inside cabin filter and coil pack on #5 @ 111K

• Rear brakes @ rotors, Motul RBF 600 @ 115K

• StopTech 355 BBK at 79K

• Hazard Flasher Switch @ 70K miles

• Full stage 3 @ 50K miles

• All other regular maintenance completed as prescribed, too many to list here


• BW K04s (Installed at 50k)

• ER Intercoolers

• No CELs

• EPL EV14 52lb Fueling/Tune (EGT delete and rear 02 relocated)

• Darintake (stock box, more air)

• 710n Diverter Valves

• Samco Sport Throttle Body Boot (TBB) and complete hose set

• Relocated N75 behind firewall

• Piggie’d downpipes

• I have a can full of coil packs that all work that will go with the car. It hasn’t needed one for 34k miles now, but I picked them up just in case

• I still have all the covers and bits & pieces from the engine, as well as the stock fog lamps, if you want to “look” factory (but who are you kidding this ain’t no toy)


• 034 Transmission and Motor Mounts (street Density)

• 034 Snub Mount

• AWE DTS (Drive Train Stabilizer)


• 355mm StopTech BBK – pads have 80% life left

• Stock B5S4 Rear Brakes

• Stainless lines all around

• Motul RBF 600 Brake Fluid


• Custom Magnaflow 3” 409 stainless exhaust – secondary cats removed, high-flow resonators (no drone), O2 sensors relocated, Magnaflow 4” exhaust tips, all installed at BeeLine


• OEM control Arms – all new 15k ago

• Arnott GenII all around with upgraded Bilstein struts (newer version – no rattle)

• Hotchkis H Sport Sways front and rear, set to “hard”

• 402’d down about 10mm front/rear – recodable to whatever you like


• Newly-updated Instrument Console/Gauges (RS6 style)

• 3rd row seat and related hardware (from factory)

• Toy Guy Short Shifter

• Pro-Sport Electric Boost Gauge (coded to the lights – white daytime, red with lights on)

• Perfect center display - NO bad pixels

• OEM rubber allroad-printed floormats

• Black “allroad” labeled rear hatch mat

• Leather is pretty decent, seats all heat fine - one hot spot on driver's seat. I have a line on new seats for $150 that I can connect buyer with

• Coded to run windows up/down with the key fob


• Bumpers and wheel flares body-color, work completed by LaMettry’s

• Full VentureShield over front end (Fenders, Hood, Headlights, Bumper and side mirrors)

• Factory “hidden” tow hitch with 1 7/8” and 2” balls, and blade-style 4-pin trailer light adapter

• Front bumper has not been drilled for a license plate. I have a mounting system for when you’re downtown, and I have the mounting plate if you want to mar your new, beautiful machine

• Clear-cornered

• Front Fog Light delete (more air to the ERs, yo), still have the fogs if you want them

• 50% Tint front windows, 35% Back


• Factory Symphony II head unit (has one line out on the LED display)

• iPhone mount by Dension, with custom mount for iPhone 6S+/7+ - partially uninstalled for now, but included in parts you'll get

Wheels / Tires

• BBS LM 19” ET 43 on Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 tires with 8,000 miles on them

• OEM A5 wheels - 5 Spoke, ET 25 (OEM correct for allroad) on brand new Nokian Hakka R2s with 5,000 miles on them

• H&R 5 and 10mm spacers (BBK adds 5mm in the front, so same spacing all around) and correct bolts for both OEM and aftermarket (dish/cone)


• The left rear quarter has two door dings – no paint damage, but you’ll probably want to PDR it

• Right rear door has a couple scratches (filled in, but noticeable up close) from the in-laws

• The tint in the rear has a small scratch on the inside – only noticeable if you know where to look

• Uses about a quart of oil every 5K miles. No drips under car and got a clean bill of health from 2 independent, reputable MN shops this spring

• Car has been in one bodywork-requiring accident. Got a new hood, radiator support and headlight from the best shop in MN in 2010, at which time I also got the bumpers and fender flares painted. All work is flawless and the car is in better shape now than when I got it

• Needs a spider hose – causing black smoke on heavy acceleration, and the cause of the oil consumption. It's also about time for new plugs.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, but this is pretty comprehensive.

No test drives without cash, although I’d be happy to give you a ride. No lowballs, although I’ll entertain reasonable offers and may start selling wheels/etc. if needed. I’m in Minneapolis.

I want this car to go to someone who’ll love it as much as I have, and I’m not in a hurry to sell as I have space in the garage and I’ll miss rowing gears when it’s gone. If it's been your dream to own a stage 3 allroad - this is your lucky day!

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