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New filter, modified air box and intake pipe fitted.

Surprised I didn't find the neighbours missing car in the air box, had everything else in it.

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  • That's a whole lot of crap in the airbox.I bet the charger sighed with relief at the new found fresh air it was being fed afterwards

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  • Forge do an intake for the S4?!

  • Yes mate. It's named as the S5 pipe but obviously the same engine. They just do the pipe. The filter was bought separate.

  • The cars only done 35k miles so it's a bit astonishing. Especially as there's no gaping intake holes on it. I can only think it was previously parked under a tree.

  • Noticeable difference after??

  • and Audi say these don't need changing until car hits 40,000 miles. Un-fucking-believable.

  • Hard to say. In the real world it will probably be more placebo. But it will have added "some" power and better respone.

    Believing the internet this setup can see 5-15hp.

  • Sounds better though?

  • I think my service book states 50k. Not sure.

    I've never seen an air filter like it

  • Very faint whine. I don't like the roc-euro muscle car whine.

  • It's not hard to believe given the state of our shit roads these days tbh. I just had my 2nd service done, which didn't include this, so might do it myself.

  • takes seconds to open the box and have a look

  • do Audi drivers really risk there engines by doing "max power racer mods" ? i went through all of this with friends back in the day with Subaru Inpreza.. just changing bits like the air filter and exhaust parts don't cut it on serious performance cars. a remap is essential to re balance fuel/air mixture after any no standard part change to get the most from it and to stop the engine from exploding in a heinous shower of metal parts !

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  • Better filtration, easier maintenance and better air flow isn't going to destroy an engine. Quite the opposite.