Octavia TFSI performance parts (and car)

Please read the whole post for full details.

I'll consider a trade for an 09/10 170-200 bhp diesel estate with less than 70k miles or something a bit older with cash my way.

Trying to make a decision on this as the insurance comes up next week, I've got two cars and thinking about getting rid of both to get one sensible(ish) diesel. I'll entertain questions about parts but I'm not really into the idea of breaking it.

It's MY07, registered March 2007. I think I'm the 5th or 6th owner (have to check V5) and have owned it since September 2011, when I bought it with 58k miles. Currently tested til October 2017 - the last test was passed with an advisory on the CV gaiter and I've done roughly a thousand miles in it since. I drive it once every week to ten days, just to make sure it runs alright (it drives bloody lovely).

The mods currently fitted:

BBT K03 hybrid, 3" BCS 200 cell turbo back, S3 injectors, THS intercooler, Autotech HPFP internals, Revo powdercoat intake (think that's it) and R Tech tune. Running 330 bhp and 400 lb ft verified with a print out.

Spax RSX adjustable height/rebound Coilovers.

H&R 28/24mm ARBs.

Porsche Boxster 986 front calipers on VBT adaptors and S3 rear calipers (on 310mm vented discs), painted GT3 Lava Orange.

Superpro ALK and dogbone void insert.

Black washer and coolant caps and R8 oil cap (if that floats your boat.

Tinted from B pillar back, Cobra (very OEM) look parking sensors, FL tail lights (tinted), crap carbon mirror caps (have the silver originals).

Audi gear knob.

7p6 Bluetooth (streams audio and integrates with headunit) and RNS510 Columbus DAB. MDI in glovebox.

30 byte CECM to enable cornering fogs and a few other things.

If there's anything else, I forget what.

And for those interested in the car, it's usual vRS spec from MY2007 which means it gets jumbo box, 2zone, 4ew and 18s. The factory options are auto lights/wipers/dipping mirror, cruise, xenons (apparently a LOT of money as an option) and Maxidot. There is also a CD changer in the boot which I've never used and an aux port although I don't know if this works with the MDI loom.


There is also a set of Speedline Marmora which could do with a refurb and need a set of tyres.

The bad bits:

It's got a ding in the sill from when I was jacked up and then jack sank into soft ground. There is a little ding on the o/s rear arch when I caught it with a guitar amp. It's been keyed down the offside, the bottom of the o/s rear door is going rusty and, ideally, both bumpers want painting. The stock wheels need a good refurb and they are currently running on winters.

The charcoal canister is knackered, so that needs to be replaced along with the N80 as I suspect the charcoal has turned to dust and contaminated the N80. Alternatively you could delete the evap system.

I changed the belt and water pump at 59k miles in 2011 and I'd advise that was done soon as a precaution. It needs a service and the last cam follower went in about 14k miles ago - I'll change this as well.

I lost one of the keys in April last year.

When I originally priced up the parts to sell, they came to about £5k plus standard parts in p/x. That includes stuff like the reg, which I value around £500, and the Columbus, also valued around the £500 mark.

It's done 113k, is solid and drives wonderfully. There's no diff so it can be a bit of a handful with 400 lb ft.

I kind of decided that if somebody wanted ALL of the parts as they stand (fitted), then you can have the car for free and I'll entertain offers close to £5k and I'll happily negotiate if you don't want the Speedlines or the number plate.

If you're interested and serious, please drop me a message. If you tell me you're going to come and have a look, but really have no intention, save your fingers for posting about your new car on a forum.

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  • Bugger it. If it's not gone by Feb 15th I'm keeping it until it goes rotten