Need some help from you good hearted folks

Need some help from you good hearted folks.

I believe my clutch went completely out.

Manual 2010 MK6 W/130k miles.

One night, while attempting to shift gears, the gear got stuck in place and I had to pull real hard to push it out. The next day, on my way to the shop, the issue arose once again. I stopped at a business to check it out and once I shut the car off, it wouldn't turn back on. Electronics still work, but the car wouldn't start. When I tried to turn it on, it shook violently and then shut off. I've heard two things. Replace the whole clutch. Or replace the master cylinder.

I just want to get the right info before I buy something. Any thoughts?


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  • Cody Davis and Steve Zink are great and can help.

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  • Awesome. Any help would be appreciated.