My personal allroad stats. 2002 Audi allroad quattro 2. 7T Tiptronic

My personal allroad stats(2002 Audi allroad quattro 2.7T Tiptronic):

Performance Mods=GIAC X flash, Bosch 710p DVs

Purchase price=$6700, @157k/mi

Towed=7 times(!!!)

Airbags=4/front 1/rear(fronts are new Arnott Gen1 - full warranty)



Tires =3x


Power Steering=one high-pressure hose, one crossover hose

Spark Plugs=4x

Burns ONE QUART oil, every 900 miles


Timing belt/water pump=1x


Oil level sender=2x

Aux fan=1x

Tip fluid/filter changed=3x

Front hub upright replaced(3 lug bolt holes stripped)

Throttle body boot=3x(now Silicone)

Boost Y-Pipe hoses=2x

Fuel pump=3x

Fuel filter=3x

Front driveshafts=2x(RS4)

OEM Radio=1x

Serp belt=2x

Total $$$$ spent = $5800 @198,200/mi


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  • Wow...I won't type that much but....

    2003 2.7 bought in 2009 62,000 miles for 13,000 usd

    4 front bags

    Blown tiptronic..converted to 6 speed. .about 6,000 dollars

    Egt sensor

    Throttle body boot

    Timing belt x2

    Front brakes x2

    Never been towed

    Burns no oil between changes. ..(insane but true ! )

    170,000 miles

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  • And when is it for sale Dennis? :)

  • Casey Triplett...not sure possibly this summer ....honestly though...probably holding on to her a bit longer !

  • This is why when my wife asks me if I want to keep a receipt I say hell no! Lol

  • Hmm, bought my stage 3 last year. So far no tows, cam seals done and I had to replace the clutch because the pilot bearing went bad. Not to put the whammy on myself, but so far so good...

  • lol I think I've topped you. lol

  • wow. thats a LOT, My 02 AR has 94K and I've only done oil, cv boots 2x and recently brakes and 2 front Arnott bags...

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  • ^Thanx for the honorable mention....