My AR is leaking washer fluid badly Any well known typical places I should...

My AR is leaking washer fluid badly. Any well known typical places I should start looking?

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  • Right at the bottom mount point, is where most leaks start. The lower tank brace vibrates to the point the tank sprouts numerous stress cracks at the very bottom of the tank, combined with the massive heat the 2.7T generates. I've done THREE tanks already(one used, two NEW). Keep the bottom bolt very LOOSE, with a longer bolt and Loctite, using a grommet-type bushing to absorb engine vibrations.

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  • Headlight washer pump, jets and connection points

  • drivers floorboard.

  • Remove fender plastic cover u will see ur tank usually the little pumps are the ines that get disconnected check both of them first

  • Driver side

  • Thanks guys, love this group :-)

  • And indeed it seems to originate from the drivers side.

  • I've had that twice; not enough(or none at all) anti-freeze in the washer fluid.

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  • If its washer fluid, generally it will usually be from the washer reseviour area.