Its a bit of a dub thing round my way Last time the front of my sthree will...

Its a bit of a dub thing round my way. Last time the front of my sthree will look like this. Let the (subtle) modding commence

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  • Hmm hard one with the spoiler. For the best look I reckon youd need to wrap the top of the spoiler but not the sides if that makes sense. Dunno how easy that would be though

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  • is it easy to dechrome or do u just buy the grills in black?

  • I think you can buy black grills but as far as Im aware, changing the whole grill is a bumper off job. Im sure someone will correct me if im wrong. Im just gonna wrap the surround, others have painted it.

  • Wrapping is the easiest way, I sprayed mine then clear coated it.

  • if you're careful with a flat screwdriver covered in masking tape, you can gently prise it off, that's how I did it the 2nd time, couldn't be arsed to take the bumper off again..

  • wrap?? sorry all I do is valet.....eeekkss novice here lads

  • sticky backed vinyl wrap you can buy from ebay etc. Choose any colour you like... wrap it on

  • Jordan beat me to it :)

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  • pink.... Thanks guys