Hi guys. After a few months of work and sacrifices I decided it s time to stop

Hi guys. After a few months of work and sacrifices I decided it's time to stop. I just work in a factory for minimum wage and my finances are limited.

I will tell you the story and the end result is that I could only get at least part of my money back if I do a raffle (bonus ball ) sale.

I bought the car with the oil pump gone, obviously turbo aswell (plus the internal with the question mark on them ) for the fair sum (I thought at the moment ) of 800£.

Decided to swap the engine, because in this case I was sure it will all be alright - and how wrong was I.

After the engine swap, car was smoking and misfiring. Them GOOD mechanics said it has something to to behind the engine and they opened this one aswell. Had to change water pump, and belts again even though the car was only driven around 10-15 miles.

All together for the swap engine+ transport 550£, belts + liquids, and the other labour plus timing kit and belts+water pump it was around 550£+650£

Car is still in limp mode! As my wife is pregnant in 6 months, not only that i lost interest, but i dont have ANY MONEY to invest in the car, and on top of that, i need the money for our first son.

Enough with the family.

The car shows little signs of wear and tear.

It has one small rust patch as seen in the pictures.

The steering liquid is leaking.

Passenger window sistem needs readjusting

One engine mount is gone as I was fuming with the car once and because i tried to put my foot down and it just stopped becase of the limp mode, and now you can see the gear stick move when you force it.

Car has a flat battery, but i do have another new battery under warranty and a battery jump start.

I haven't started the car in 3 weeks.

Car is currently sorn

Private plate are in retention, car already has the old plates and all documentation.

Now the good bits

Obviously full log book.

Full sline kit.

19" s line wheels with brand new front tires and good rear tires

No rips or tears on the inside, really good looking and clean.

2.5 tdi v6, with 146k on dash and just 96k showing on vcds.

I can get the error codes which were just 2 and them both had something to do with egr.

I promise you the car only has small issues but i can not put one more pence in it.

Brand new windscreen

Has history service up to a number of miles.

Car has been bought by the previous owner approximately 18 months ago for 4k.

My grand total is around 2700-3000£ with this car, which i know i can never get back especially as it's a non runner or a spares and repairs at this moment.

The only way i could get something back is if i ask for a bonus ball of 35£.

If you had the patience to read so far, please comment and let me know if you are interested and if i get a fair few, i will do it.

I can post any pics or videos you guys request! Car is in Blackburn.

I am not a trader or messer and i have nothing to hide. You will come see the car at my house and if anyone wants to check it before, just let me know. I will even offer you my vcds (which i bought for this car as i am not a mechanic) and laptop to check for the error codes.


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  • If you have put that much into it mate I'd just finish it and use it least you know it's going to last instead of risking the chance on buying another lemon?

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  • Thanks for the advice, but as i said, my wife's not working anymore, we are expecting and i will not invest one pence in it. I promised myself. Don't even have the money to do it. And we do have a vectra that i drive to work and etc

  • That the 3.0? Iv had same with my audi mate replaced all sorts just about alive but they drive too well to just give up on you checked how much they sell for running ect you may still be under the sale price as it is if you was to get it running

  • Its the 2.5 v6. Bdg code. Titanium cams

  • The vectra is the 1,9 cdti really really cheap to run

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  • Used to have one but pre face lift wasn't bad till it went wrong lol