Hey guys stumbled along a RS 6 in Desa Sri Hartamas

Hey guys, stumbled along a RS 6 in Desa Sri Hartamas.

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  • Itu macam kah...wah see kiaw kiaw la now...then how?

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  • 1.8TSI with CVT box I suppose? I do not know the limit of this gearbox. Less than 300hp I think.

  • Upgrade to quattro loh. :-)

  • AutoReign Sunway just bought from EM bro...boleh pengsan if upgrade..

  • 250hp should be nice to drive.

  • AutoReign Sunway nice one....what r the things that will be replaced or just a mapping will be done?

  • Yeah, i could not agree more. 250whp for a street car everyday use good enough.

  • Mapping not 250hp.

    I have already requested from Unitronic (our software supplier) on possible options. Let them comeback then we will advise.

    There are some differences between A4 B8 & B8.5. Which model is yours?

  • Production 2013..i guess maybe B8

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  • May I have you chassis (aka VIN) please. Will check it out for you.