hey guys may i ask can a TT use a normal wiper. thanks

hey guys, may i ask, can a TT use a normal wiper? thanks

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  • If the size and bracket/connector is right.. think should work. I'm using bosch on my b7

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  • i dont know it's true, some idiot told me that we have to use original Audi wipers...how bout the size? btw thanks Feisal AJ

  • Probably 22/21. But do check in manual or measure it. Cant help u in that as I dont own a TT. Hehe

  • the size of the blades i can measure it later, my concern is the wipers can use normail blades Feisal AJ

  • U mean blades with frames? Or refills? Am using aerotwins. Works perfectly tho

  • hmmm...yeah with frames, the normal bosch blades...mine worn off during shipping from UK to Malaysia...besides Feisal AJ would you dont mind recommend some brand then later i can check it out?

  • i know Bosch & PIAA has got it. Never tried other brands, quite hard to get compatible connectors if you're using the older type like me. Any reason to get non audi?

  • well i have no idea where to purchase it...some people told me if you use non audi wipers you may loose the aerodynamics

  • Not sure on the aerodynamics tho. For piaa u can check with quicksave. For audi, clement from autoreign can easily help u with that. Else you'll need to spend abit of time on mudah/lelong

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  • thanks bro Feisal AJ