FS: 2005 Audi B6 S4 avant 6 speed

Ad was copy pasted from some local Canadian forums, the prices in the ad are in Canadian $$$ not USD. The price in the title ($10500) is in USD though.

Car was originally from Arizona so importing it back into the US shouldn't be a headache.

I am listing my B6 S4 avant 6 speed for sale, silver exterior with light gray Recaro leather(no suede). 225,xxxkm = 140,xxx miles.

$14500 with extra parts

$13500 with no extra parts

This car is in excellent condition with very very minor wear on the interior and exterior.

I did a ton of the maintenance on it and never encountered a seized bolt or rusted piece of hardware, the power steering lines weren't even bad I just was paranoid after hearing all the issues people had with them leaking.

List of maintenance that has been done within the past 2000km's.

JHM Intermediate Timing chain kit

rear main seal

clutch slave

both power steering lines to and from rack

drivers rear caliper

rear brake pads

8 coilpacks

8 spark plugs

coolant flush

power steering fluid

brake fluid

transmission fluid

oil/filter change

oil pressure sensor

cam position sensors

crank position sensor

4 oem 02 sensors

MAF sensor

coolant temp sensor


injector pintle caps and orings

valley pan gasket

oil check valves

intake manifold gaskets

exhaust manifold gaskets

valve cover gaskets

oil filter housing orings

door blades, front bumper, rear bumper painted(minor scuffs/scratches no real damage).

List of modifications

JHM software tune(sai delete, launch control, etc)

JHM stage 3 clutch

JHM lightweight flywheel

JHM lightweight crank pulley

JHM auto tensioning kit

JHM shifter trio kit

034 snub mount

034 street density engine and trans mounts

piggy pipes

Secondary air delete with proper block off plates

Aux rad delete kit with heavy duty caps for coolant lines

K&N panel filter

ceramic coated factory exhaust manifolds

I haven't spared a cent on this car, and everyone that knows me knows I'm beyond OCD with it, I cleaned the engine with a toothbrush...

I'm selling it because I think my time with VW/Audi's should come to an end and I would like to finish my garage.

I had it up a little bit ago at a lower price because of a power issue but that has no been resolved with new downpipes, JHM decided to send me a set of piggie pipes with a plugged cat.

I have a TON of spare parts to go with this car, off the top of my head they are front and rear subframes(excellent condition) with hubs/spindles, rear axles. I have a spare alternator, starter, PS pump, 4 brand new knock sensors, intake manifold gaskets, all the stuff I took off, a spare OEM rim with tire (spare in the trunk is a full size too), another set of exhaust manifolds, set of JHM piggies that need the main cats knocked out, just a bunch of stuff.

I'm sure I am forgetting a bunch of stuff so I will update this thread as I remember stuff, I will also add pictures when I get a chance.

Car is currently in Halifax at Kraftwerx getting a few minor things finished up and if anyone wants a second opinion or doesn't believe me Jonathan Gregg or Kevin Misner both know the car and know what has been done to it.

No trades unless someone has a clean squarebody dually and they want to put a bunch of cash on top, otherwise just $$$.

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  • nice looking car with all maintenance and goodies. GLWS!

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  • Pm'ed you

  • Should have put headers on it when you had the motor out! Great example, great price through.. glws

  • Too much $ after exchange, thank you

  • Great looking car, good luck with sale!

  • What kind of headers would you go with daniel ?

  • Vlad Gidenko JHM mid length with your choice of 2.5" catback. Changes the whole car and also sounds amazing.

  • Anything more realistically priced or any way to diy ? I understand jhm headers are nice but I could buy another S4 for that much

  • And that my friend is why i didnt put them on haha

  • Vlad Gidenko you can buy headers on eBay but they are crap from what I have heard. Fast Intentions did a really nice job fabricating, and JHM put in the R&D on pipe length and collection design.. you get what you pay for.

    And I hope you wouldn't buy a b6/7 S4 for $2k

  • Vlad: I would go as far as to say the headers, beyond the clutch, catback, suspension, wheels, everything else, are my favorite mod on my avant. There's nothing like it.

  • I bet its a very nice mod to have I mean it looks like a masterpiece

    And no I wouldn't buy a b6 S4 for $2k Daniel Gray I got one for a lot less than that with 80k and a title

  • Vlad Gidenko in the US?

  • Lol yes in PA Daniel Gray only thing is driver door and rear bumper was gone, and a snapped guide of course

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  • Vlad Gidenko look that's great you bought a partial S4 for less than $2k.. I'm sure it's amazing... doesn't take away from the the fact that while $2k headers are expensive, they are hands down one of the best mods for the car, and well worth the money.