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  • Tell him you will only accept barter card dollars

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  • Exactly my thoughts. I told him I only deal with bank transaction. Thanks for all the heads up..

  • What the Fick?! ;-)

  • No way, this dude looks solid as, he's even a Colonel.

  • Do it, give them ur paypal account and the address of the local police station ;)

  • After doing some research i have come across this. w-to-spot-freight-forward-scams/. I firmly believe that pay-pal is legitimate and the theroy behind these scams is that they attempt to trick you into believing you have been paid.

  • Scam, i had the same situation as u when i was trying to sell the mkv about the same time last year

  • Jeepers Scammers try all avenues don't they !

    I have wont the Dutch lottery 5 times last year & must have had 8 or so phone calls from Microsoft Technicians about my computer , & several Nigerian princes & Baronesses contact me re their family fortune , won family trips in things I have never heard of let alone entered & just the other day some lottery I have never entered & I won that one twice in one day which amounted to $$ Millions . I must have won Billions in the last few years . With the one mentioned here, I see they ask for your address. I wonder if they come & 'collect' the car when your asleep ;)

  • Seems Legit.

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  • That's right, when Colonel Fick isn't rolling round in his air force issue Hummer (or Land Rover depending on which air force) he needs a Scirocco R for driving on the well paved roads of Baghdad.