Everything Must Go!

Cleaning out shop! Everything must go at this point. B5 parts! Partout! My MK2 also up for grabs! Misc VW mk2/mk3 parts! Read on!

Alright, so putting a huge feeler out here as well as getting rid of a lot of stuff. Debating full partout on my S4 due to fried bottom end of engine, as well as some really fucked up electrical problems that im just plainly frustrated and over. Goal is to buy another s4.

Soooo.. with no further adue, prices below, any pictures, ask. For the s4, i want firm buyers for majority parts before shit gets torn down, can meet for parts or welcome to come pull yourself. Anything i didnt list, ask. Most prices are best offer. Some are firm. Shipping available at buyers expense.

S4 Stuff:

-Front bumper(no cracks, cut for front mount, side grilles,washer caps included)....$700

-Grille..................$ 100

-Interior package (this includes all door cards your choice of puffy black leather 2.8 cards or s4 cards, full black leather s4 interior with no rips or tears in very nice condition)..$500

-Ecu, stage 2 flash, 17psi, immo delete, rear o2 delete, sai delete, egr delete.. $250

-01e swap package (includes trans, shift box, clutch, flywheel, pedal assy, all axles, driveshaft, rear diff).. $1250obo

-Front calipers.... $100

-Rear Calipers.... $100

-ko3 turbos, 100k miles.. $100

-rear bumper... $50

-side skirts..... $120

-JHM front mount w/piping... $350

-rad support complete... $125

-headlights, factory h.i.d. with bulbs... $200

-steering wheel w/ bag.... $100

-dash cluster, reads 101k w/ chrome trim rings and white lights, good lcd.. $100

-fuel pump... $50

-engine harness w/ r8 coil pack hard wire conversion... $100

-central locking pump.... $50

-center console lid... $25

-mirrors w/ euro glass... $45ea

I know theres other stuff from this car, message or comment with needs. Prefer to keep downpipes,exhaust, and euro trunk for future s4 purchase.. now, for the other stuff!

Other B5 Parts!

Casablanca White parts:

-trunk.. $25

-doors.. $25ea

-fenders... $30ea

-hood.... $40

-driver side mirror... $30

-rear bumper... $40


More B5 Shit!

-condensers... $25ea

-A4 grille... $25

-Badgeless metal grille... $25

-2.8 rear diffs... $50ea

-1.8t awm intake manifold... $40

-Rear view mirrors... $40ea

-auto 2.8 axles... $25ea

-quattro 5spd center diff... $50

-oil coolers.... $25ea

-1.8t alternator... $80

-1.8t fbw throttle body... $50

-2.8 fbw throttle body... $50

-wiper motor.... $40

-old style coil packs.... $10ea

-black 1.8t new coil packs... $50 for all 4

-repaired complete rad support... $75

-2.7t intake & theottle body... $75

-2.7t "Y" pipe with lobster claws... $25

-sunroof motors... $25ea

-facelift fender turn signals, no spider cracks at all.... $30

-1.8t ac compressor... $30

-passenger side silver "nemo" mirror w/ euro glass... $25

-B5 facelift tail lights... $25ea

-black B5 dash... $30

-Facelift sunroof assy... $50

-cup holders, no spring, but not broken!... $20ea


Also in my collection of bullshit are some random VW parts...

-black mk3 dash... $25

-12v vr6 bare block.. $50

-mk3 jetta struts w/ neuspeed lowering springs, front struts blown... $50 all 4

-mk2 1.8 digi2 complete head... $50

Now! For the MK2! $1300obo!

1991 vw mk2 golf 1.8 digi2 ce2


-Newer clutch

-Manual adjusting cable

-272 cam

-adjustable cam gear set 4 degrees advanced

-tt valve springs and retainers

-tt stage 2 chip

-lightweight intermediate shaft pulley

-4-1 headers

-new cap/rotor/spark plugs/wires

-newer timing belt.

-new knock sensor.

-aba 2.0 serpentine belt conversion

-replaced front pads not too long ago

-both fuel pumps replaced

-ac delete

-power steering delete

-euro hatch


-raceland ultimos

-borbet wheels

-CLEAN strut towers!

-It has floors and rockers!

-fuel door/filler neck clean!

The BAD....

-New engine seems to need a head gasket..coolant leaks into the engine

-Slight rust behind driver side rear wheel and in front of driver side rear wheel. Pics can be provided.

-from car sitting seems to barely have brakes.. possible bad master???

Anything i might have forgotten or any questions just ask away!

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  • How much for S4 Front Bumper & Intercooler front mount & ko3?

  • Cars
  • And Vent boost gauge?

  • All spoken for.

  • 75

  • Euro Trunk

  • beautiful car man. good luck with part out. sorry for your loss

  • I have a Nogaro s4 front bumper for sale

  • Power steering pump?

  • $30, $50 shipped

  • My car is a 2000, they all the same? I have no idea. If it' a match, I can paypal tomorrow night.

  • Yes

  • message sent

  • Pm sent, I'll take the side mirrors with the euro glass as well as a few other parts.

  • I'm needing adriver front fender, hood, bumper cover and assembly (support etc.), radiator and condenser, and radiator support. You still have any of that?

  • Condition on Both front axels if they are for sale. My inner cv boots are shot so i want just replace it all

  • Sold sorry man. Next part out round maybe haha

  • No problem

  • Driver front fender, yes. S4 front bumper assy, yes. Rad support, complete, yes but it has been repaired, no hood though but do have either a4 or S4 grille.

    Fender is 30

    Bumper assy 700

    Rad support assy repaired 75

    Soooo if figure about 800, but message me maybe we can work sonething out.

  • Looking for this

  • Yes, i told you in your post that i have this. Message me.

  • Anyone else buy from this guy? I was supposed to hear shipping info a week ago... not worried yet, shit happens. Just wondering.

  • Shit dude im so sorry had some personal shit happen will make sure it goes pit tomorrw, tracking number included.

  • Thanks man, I get it, shit happens. Sincerely.

  • Got anything left bud? Lol

  • I need the o1e swap and black interior swap also

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  • I need both mirrors also actually