GUYS Look I been thinking and I have a legit question you running dual 450lph... — big turbo Audi discussion

GUYS!!! Look I been thinking and I have a legit question.... you running dual 450lph pumps, some guys run it on a relay some guys run them all the time... Ok well if you test a pump submerge it in a bucket of gasoline. The pump take about 2-3 seconds to actually pump fuel!! Now it has to pump from the back of the car AAALLLLLL the way to the front, in my opinion I still don't think that you will get the fuel supply that you would get with the pump on all the time, the other pump is just sitting in the tank if you have it set on the meth kit to kick in at just say 10 psi you probably not getting the correct fuel supply till 11-12 psi!! This is why a fuel pump is on when the ignition is on and when you cut it off the pump is still pumping so the line will have the pressure on the next start up!!

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    Non turbo related but figured it wouldn t hurt to ask I ve got a b7 a4 Quattro... — big turbo Audi discussion

    Non turbo related, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.. I've got a b7 a4 Quattro, past few days it's been doing some odd stuff, Wednesday night it blew the left headlight, turned them off and back on and the right one blew, went to the parts store and replaced them no issues with the headlights sense. Well, last night got in the car to run to the gas station and as soon as I turned the lights on screen in dashboard said I blew the left rear brake light. Now I know lights blow and what not but just seems kind of odd I went through this same problem back in late April early May and replaced the headlights then,and after that car went into safe mode a few times but hadn't acted up since then. I'm pulling a steady 14.68 off the batter with all lights off, with lights on it drops to 14.26 and with the heater turned all the way up, goes to 13.86, coming directly off the alternator it does the same, so it's not leading me to think that it's the voltage regulator, am I missing something here? Or am i just reading to much into this, thanks in advance for any help.

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      What would be a fair price to sell a healthy AWP 06A 1. 8t. VW GTI 2003 — big turbo Audi discussion

      What would be a fair price to sell a healthy AWP 06A 1.8t (VW GTI 2003) short block with Pauter rod's and oem Pistons ready drop in ready to go? Any ideas? 600? 900? less? more? I am not really sure what to price it at. Trying to get an idea of what I should sell it for once I pull it out and swap in my stroker.. I might just keep it but i might want to sell it trying to gauge what i can get for it.

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        Anyone with a eliminator or 50 trim setup mind suggesting a good dailyable... — big turbo Audi discussion

        Anyone with a eliminator or 50 trim setup mind suggesting a good dailyable clutch setup? I'm realistically looking for 300ft-lbs tq at the wheels but from my experience with vw's and a few other brands I've driven, hate very lightweight flywheels. Which everyone's kit seems to come with these are they on these b5 01a platforms?

        Was looking into the JHM b7 rs4 1.8t kit, anyone with feedback? Ecs RA4 was another option but stage 2 is only rated for 325 at the FW and dont want to get into a FX300 for a daily in NYC traffic so that seems out of the question. Would like to pull the trigger on a setup this week.

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          Alright guys Got some questions I m going big turbo borgwarner s257sxe and I... — big turbo Audi discussion

          Alright guys. Got some questions. I'm going big turbo, borgwarner s257sxe and I'm thinking about going maf less. Now what the hell do I do with everything that is connected to the intake pipe? I know with the n75 I have to run a line to the waste gate and another to the turbo housing itself. There are a couple pipes I'm not sure on. The pipe from the diverter valve and the little line on the passenger side. Also do I leave the 3rd connection to the n75 open? Thanks in advance

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            So was just looking at things while the engines apart and noticed something... — big turbo Audi discussion

            So was just looking at things while the engines apart and noticed something that has me curious.

            Cylinder wall cooling is pretty important when pushing things and keeping coolant cycling quickly taking away heat is good. Why are the headgasket coolant ports that much smaller than the coolant ports in both the head and block?? Is it just the type gasket I have?? Surely the gasket would be better opened up to match the head and block a little better???

            First pic is the head, second is the block and third is the block side of the gasket where you can see the outline of the blocks ports which are a way bigger.(all cyl #4)

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              So I need to some head work done and need to do some rods for a big turbo — big turbo Audi discussion

              So I need to some head work done, and need to do some rods for a big turbo. Does anyone have any suggestions on what valves to do / rods / turbo to get? I'm aeb and I'd like to run some rods, with some head work, on a 50 or so mm turbo with an internal wastegate. No I don't want to go standalone, I want a powerful reliable car that I can daily on a um tune. Can you guys post pics of how you do you inlet pipe setup with a big turbo?

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