Avus B5 RS4 Part Out

I've started a new thread as it has taken me a while to et to this stage of actually breaking this so starting a fresh. Here is a list of available parts:

Gearbox No issues £750

RS4 Heads and bottom end (Reserved)

KO4 Turbos £650

RS4 Upper and lower Intake pipes £250

RS4 Black leather interior some wear to bolsters £800

RS4 Carbon engine covers (SOLD)

BBS CH Alloys Bridgestone Potenza Tyres £800

Hispec Front brakes £500

Rear brakes good condition £250

RS4 ECU stage one mapped ABT tuning £300

Intercoolers hoses shrouds and brackets £350

door, side skirts and arch liners £2500 (RSESERVED)

Front alloy uprights with ABS sensors £250

Rear uprights £100

Coils £60

RS4 Y Pipe (Reserved)

Rs4 fuel Pump Covered less than 2k miles since and genuine £150

RS4 Injectors £120

Intake boots Lobster claws £100

RS4 Airbox with maf and accordian hose £250

710n Diverter Valves £30

Intake manifold (Reserved)

Bipipes (reserved)

Bipipe metal throttle body boot (Reserved)

RS4 Throttle body (Reserved)

RS4 Clutch and flywheel £150

Double din console £300

Standard head unit £60

RS4 instrument cluster (Reserved)

Stalks with cruise control £150

load cover £50

RS4 Front grill £150

Diff £150

Prop £80

Air bag ECU £60

EGT Sensors £150 No codes working fine

Full carbon trim without centre console trim £150

Custom downpipes with sports cats £300

Custom cat back £400

Rear Lights £60

Front Headlights (Reserved)

RS4 Oil cooler Almost new £200

Radiator very good condition £80

RS4 Steering wheel £250

Ignition amps £50

Engine Loom £150

Exhaust Manifolds £130

Gear Linkage £50

Wiper motor with arms and linkage £60

Front subframe and arb £100

Front driveshafts with CV's £100

Rear driveshafts £100

RS4 Fuel Rail £120

Air con rad £50

Air Con compressor £50

alternator £50

Starter motor £50

Steering Rack £100

Dash £50

Fan control module £50

Brushed ali mirrors

BOSE speaker and subwoofer £150

Roof rails ally and black £50

Bonnet in good condition Avus £150

Standard shocks and springs £150

Glovebox £40

RS4 Logo Side sills some damage cracking to edges £175

Undertray (Reserved)

Fuel tank hoses £40

rear wiper motor £30

Central locking pump £50

Aux water pump £40

Engine Mounts £40

5V Engine covers £20

Headlight washer pump £20

B pillar trims not cracked £100

ABS Module £100

Alarm siren £25

Carpet some wear to drivers side near clutch pedal £50

N75 £30

Climate control unit with heated set panels £100

Tailgate and spoiler (Reserved)

Front wiper motor and linkage £60

Front slam panel £150

Rear boot floor good condition £40

Cream RS4 Leather interior good condition £800 with door cards

Throttle Pedal £40

Handbrake and leather cover £30

Steering cowing trim £20

HVAC system including blower motor £50

Power steering pump £70

Brushed ali mirrors £250

Window motors £40

Key ignition barrel and lock set £50

Centre and side vents that light up £40

Side boot rims with load cover clips in tact £150

CD Changer £50

Spare wheel tool set £25

RS4 Genuine leather service wallet £50

Rear ash tray £15

Plenty more I have probably so do ask if you need anything. Got plenty of other spares knocking around to so again anything you need just send me a pm or some of you have my number whats app or text will be fine. Ill be happy to give my number via pm if required

Just to add if you have contacted me about parts previously I may well have your name against some of them on my laptop. Also please factor in I'm from the UK so postage and PayPal fees etc would need to be covered

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