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Group discount with GREENLIGHT insurance.

Ad Stewart is our contact and is now a member of our group and tagged in this post, ask away if you have any questions. And thanks again to Stuart Pugh for organising x

I have good news for those looking for car insurance!

We have now become a Greenlight Insurance approved car club. This gives us a discount on car insurance. This is very useful for those with modified cars!

Any questions can be sent to @adstewart or myself.

You can find their website here:

You can find out about their acceptance criteria here: iteria-car

Acceptance Criteria includes:

* Must be aged 21 or over

* Must have held a Full UK Licence for at least 3 years

* Must have earned at least 1 years UK private car No Claims Bonus on a policy in their own name (More may be required for certain vehicles and/or postcodes), please contact us before requesting a quotation if the no claims bonus is from a policy that expired more than 30 days ago.

Greenlight insurance cover all road legal modifications... Any Modifications that do not affect the bhp of the vehicle is free of charge to add and they dont charge admin fees to add the mods on to your policy at the start of your policy or mid term.

Greenlight Insurance also offer 20% diskloks too for added protection.

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Photos from Robert Sharp's post — Audi TT MK 1

Due to loss of my job at Xmas my beloved Audi TT MK 1 225 Quattro Roadster in black sadly has to go as I can no longer afford to keep the car the car has covered only 104000 miles with 3 previous keepers has grey heated leather Bose audio and 6 disc changer BBS copy alloys and cat back stainless exhaust system fitted by John Ashley Exhausts of Walsall as featured on car sos it has various chrome added bits comprehensive service history book full mot taken yesterday everything works as should drives very well very clean and tidy ready for summer it has a K&N lifetime air filter a Bluespark remap box fitted now about 260 bhp oil and oil filter plugs ca belt water pump and tensioners all changed 3000 miles ago all bills to prove mohair hood treated with fabsil gold and beads nicely when wet 3 very good tyres one needs changing soon alloys all very god condition only 6 months old as is stainless cat back exhaust system all in all this is a very nice car that I will really miss but if anyone's interested private message me as it has to go this week any sensible offer accepted!!!!!! (Walsall area West Midlands )

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    Photos from Lewis Holley's post — Audi TT MK 1

    Up foe sale is my mums TT which has been in the family for 12 years now!.. Details below, any questions please ask (Y)

    Low miles Audi TT 225hp (BAM), with only 85k on the clock. Had one lady owner (my mum!) since 2005.

    All the usual refinements you'd expect from a 225 including 6 speed box, 18" alloys, xeon lights, grey heated leather, electric roof/windows and DIS computer (fuel consumption, av speed etc).

    Good condition for year, full service history.

    Within the past year it's had a fully rebuilt gearbox (not just second hand), clutch and duel mass flywheel, front discs/pads and rear coil springs. All of which cost literally thousands!

    £3200 ovno, any questions please ask

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      Photos from Steve Leepy Lee's post — Audi TT MK 1

      2 good productive days. Got the n249 delete done yesterday an today got the dv relocation kit fitted and the polished charge pipe. The new oil cap came today so that's gone on aswell.

      Input wanted while we're at it. I've put the new charge pipe on an now I want to paint the 2 clamps for it as they stand out like an asbo tag on a chav! What colour without it looking tacky. I'm thinking black to keep with the rest of the car or have them carbon dipped to match the splitter and eventually the engine bay plastics??

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        Photos from Steve Leepy Lee's post — Audi TT MK 1

        Well after finishing off polishing the charge pipe this morning I set about cracking on getting the N249 delete done before the dv relocation is started. The pipe work to the dv isn't set in yet as it'll b moved this week before anyone picks up on it lol.

        It's smoothed out the lift off throttle and gear changing than before an obviously now sounds a little different when dumping near full boost. Very happy with the result!!


        I've been looking at the top intercooler pipes an wondering how I'm gonna get to the bottom jubilee clips to remove, I'm hoping not a bumper off job, can anyone shed light on it?? Thanks all.

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          Photos from Craig Godfrey's post — Audi TT MK 1

          Decided to tackle the fuel pump today which took just over 4 hours - taking my time at the different stages. Would feel confident doing another one but it takes a bit of patience & a few light heads!

          This is very much one of those jobs you need to feel your way into as familiarity is important.

          There are various notes on how to do these and to be honest I don't think any of them are very good and that includes the Bentley manual which I had by my side. Having said this, they do make more sense after you've struggled for a few hours!

          So, after putting it all back together and priming the new DeatschWerks pump for a couple of minutes with the ignition, she started up first time & Tickover was smooth and no issues.

          One question - where & how the hell do you re-fit the retainer strap?! (sorted now - see below) The retainer clip is connected to a fuel line and remains inside the tank at all times and hence is not in any of the pics below.

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            Photos from Leon Canin's post — Audi TT MK 1

            I thought as a newbie to the forum I'd post some pics from Cyprus...

            1.8 Quattro 180. 2000. 99000 mls

            Over the last year it has had.....

            Track rod ends

            Droplinks front and rear

            New front discs

            All front wishbone bushes in Poly

            Anti roll bar bushes

            Oil cooler

            All crankcase breather pipes

            Rocker cover gasket

            Fuel pipe and return line in engine bay

            Haldex oil and front diff oil

            Hi flow Airfilter and airbox cut out mod

            Replacement hood and complete buffer screen unit

            Hydraulic hood pump overhaul

            Timing belt, pump kit

            Auxillary belt

            Interior mirror

            Rear light fitting (as someone fitted one from left hand drive car)

            And Im sure theres more I cant remember and still some to do..........

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              Hi all — Audi TT MK 1

              Hi all

              I have a very annoying problem with my TT. Thought I'd ask on here in the hope that this is a common problem.

              Basically whenever I let off the throttle or lift the throttle, even minutely, the engine seems to jolt like it's lost power momentarily. This doesn't happen under hard acceleration/WOT runs, just when driving casually under gradual boost. It's quite annoying as I cant seem to get a smooth gear change.

              Definitely doesn't feel mount/stabiliser related, it's more to do with the running of the engine.

              Ive changed the N75 and diverter valve and still no difference. Any ideas?


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                Hi all! Those who pre ordered the seats deletes they will be ready for collection or posing Friday!

                Can people pm me if you believe to be in the first 10 as I've lost my list somehow. Apologies.

                Anyone that's interested in the deletes pm me on my page please! I get so many personal Messages they get lost.

                I'll start a post on the for sale page for the next reserved 10.

                If payment isn't made by next Friday for the first reserved 10, it'll be on a first come first served basis.

                Also one whole kit (rep £330) will be donated to the AITP raffle!


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                  Ok guys bit of advice from you if you please Just come back from about an hour... — Audi TT MK 1

                  Ok guys bit of advice from you if you please. Just come back from about an hour motorway journey and left it idling for a couple of mins (secondary coolant pump not working) noticed it was smoking quite a bit and a bit of a blue tinge so obviously oil. Pcv system replaced a year ago so hopefully not that again, no smell of burning oil on exhaust and level is as it was lost nothing. Thinking turbo oil seals, feed/return pipes. I did rev it a couple of times after spotting it smoking on idle and the it died down considerably. Is there any other places to check? Thanks

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                    Deena Laycock shared a group to the group: Audi TT MK 1 Forum and Community. — Audi TT MK 1

                    Just to remind you...

                    The sales page was started to save you all scrolling past endless for sale posts. With a group this large it happens, members suggested it so we implemented it.

                    This page is primarily for help and advice, if you don't like it and can't help but post sarcastic comments then you're free to leave. Admin work hard to keep the group as it should be..

                    Perhaps... we should start being "idiot police" as well.

                    Just a thought.. enjoy your day !

                    For those of you who don't know or who can't be bothered reading the pinned post, all sales, wants and services should be on our sales page.


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                      Photos from Paul Swaisland's post — Audi TT MK 1

                      Good Morning TT People, I've been having a misfire issue on my 2001 Audi TT Mk1 225bhp BAM engine 189,000 miles. You can feel it on tickover, it was only slight to start with and is still drivable now. But I have noticed a slight bit of holding back on pulling away. I've plugged my code reader in, first it said random misfire and then it said misfire cylinder 3. So I changed the coil packs round, but still the same issue. Also just to mention, I put a new set of plugs in when I serviced the car a couple of months ago. So I've had another look today, I've found that one of the coil packs seemed smelly

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                        Photos from Dom Gomez's post — Audi TT MK 1

                        Audi TT quatro 225bhp (bam) for sale!

                        Fresh 12 month MOT 155k miles

                        Engine is very smooth and it drives brilliant just had the cam chain and tensioner done, timing belt and water pump done about 16k ago, tyres are really good, got a folder full of history and receipts it has been well looked after, oil filter and oil has been changed within the last 2k miles, interior is really clean as well.

                        Not modified or messed about with apart from s2000 air filter but got the original air box for it.

                        Odd ages related marks but clean for its age.

                        It is now on a private reg which will be sold with the car its N14 RND if that makes a difference to anyone ill upload some more photos if needed.

                        Car is faultless £2000 ono if your seriously interested drop a message thanks!

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                          Photos from Will Greenhill's post — Audi TT MK 1

                          5x100 Sline reps £220

                          Budget coilovers £80

                          312mm discs conversion £130

                          Sline reps are 18x8j, tyres are 205/40/18 Michelin pilots, they are legal but only have 2-4mm remaining, inner edges are worn. Curbing on all wheels. Set of 5, 5th wheel (spare) has a budget 225/40/18 fitted. On wheel has centre cap missing, spare has vw centre cap.

                          Coilovers where budgets purchased 2nd hand. Come and have a look is the best way to get an idea of the condition. Were ok on the a3, not as bad a ride as i was expecting.

                          312mm discs conversion includes Pagid discs, ebc green stuff pads and carriers. Calipers are also available but not required if your fitting to a 1.8t.

                          All of this has been removed from the a3 pictured.

                          Pm me for any more info or to come and have a look

                          Located in Essex .

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                            GROUP DISCOUNT — Audi TT MK 1

                            GROUP DISCOUNT

                            Hi all!! just managed to sort out another deal for the forum. I've secured a 15% group discount with Greenlight Insurance for the forum. They are inboxing admin to touch base with them.

                            Am moving my insurance to them £350 per year with an agreed write off price of £6000 for my TT.

                            With the company I have insured with I can add any mods free of charge that don't increase BHP throughout the year.

                            It covers my remap, imminent suspension & wheels and exhaust system.

                            Please be aware that the guy who works there and sorted my policy is now a member in the forum so please treat them with the respect they deserve and no trolling!!

                            Myself and the forum/admin have merely sorted out the deal and bear no responsibility for any issues you may have should you become a client.

                            Regards and happy motoring.

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                              After some advice from people who know how to set up turbo actuators please — Audi TT MK 1

                              After some advice from people who know how to set up turbo actuators please! I have boost drop off issues and have been told by my mapper (and came to the conclusion testing various things myself) that it's a weak actuator (or maybe turbo but I'm gunna start with the actuator first).

                              So I'm running a stage 2 map requesting 1.5bar boost pressure. I reach about 1.2 before it drops off, so I've purchased a forge actuator with a yellow spring. I believe the fitting procedure is fit new actuator, set waste gate to fully closed, wind nut up, give it extra 3 turns preload, then lock other nut upto it?

                              Anyone else have more advice? Is it smart to use the yellow spring or should I stick with standard greeny?


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                                Guys who track their car thinking about taking the TT for a track day for a... — Audi TT MK 1

                                Guys who track their car... thinking about taking the TT for a track day for a bit of fun now it's not being used as a daily. It's pretty much a standard car other than a RamAir and the potential drivers will be amateurs with me being the most experienced at this sort of driving. What is best to do to prepare the car before hand? What tyre pressures do you run? What do you do about petrol? Will a tank last a day? Is it worth filling with the extra super stuff you can get near some tracks? Any etiquette I should be aware of? Also plan on driving there and back, what happens if I break it there and can't bring it back? Do you use track day insurance? How much do you pay?

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                                  Photos from Dominic Parker's post — Audi TT MK 1

                                  Thought I had sold my TT but it fell through. Located in CT, US.

                                  2003 Audi TT 225

                                  cylinders: 4 cylinders

                                  drive: 4wd

                                  fuel: gas

                                  title status: clean

                                  transmission: manual

                                  2003 TT 225hp 1.8t

                                  Factory K04 turbo

                                  6-speed manual shifts well

                                  192000 miles

                                  All power options work

                                  Recent audi dealer work:

                                  brakes all around,

                                  Timing belt with water pump, lh door lock actuator, haldex fluid change, trans fluid changed, oem xenon bulbs, wheel bearings, coils, plugs, filters and more.

                                  Alzor 349 wheels like new. Great condition goodyear summer tires and michelin winter tires with a spare set of stock 7 spoke wheels. Coilover suspension.

                                  Car is dolemite grey under orange vinyl wrap.

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                                    Good morning everyone I wonder if somebody could shed some light on a problem I... — Audi TT MK 1

                                    Good morning everyone, I wonder if somebody could shed some light on a problem I'm having with my MK1 Roadster alarm. Last year I replaced the batteries as described elsewhere in the forum to great success. I came to test the alarm last weekend and only the indicators flash- no audible alarm.

                                    I opened up the siren and found the top corner of the pcb to be badly burnt, tracks gone, SMD chip cap and R000 completely vaporized.- It was not like this last year when I repaired it and it worked fine for over 6 months.

                                    So I ordered a used one from a breaker "Guaranteed working" put it in over 24hrs ago and same problem. Am I that unlucky that both are dead or is there something wrong elsewhere? I have had a look at the fuse layout but it mentions nothing about the Alarm. Any help greatly appreciated :-)

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                                      Just came across a weird issue I have been driving my car for about 3 hours... — Audi TT MK 1

                                      Just came across a weird issue. I have been driving my car for about 3 hours now or more. I have gotten on, parked it, cruised it messed with a Lamborghini yada yada yada. I am now smelling what seems to be the smell of race fuel....very sweet smell. Want to audi to get haldex stuffs. Started car and it starts bogging as is vacuum leak. Couldn't find anything, still smell sweet smell. After about a minute of idle the car starts to idk normal. Driving home, Park it sweet smell again but can't find leaks or full anywhere. . . Need some pointers plz!

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                                        So the tt is doing the usual and being a complete TiT had to take my e39 540i... — Audi TT MK 1

                                        So the tt is doing the usual and being a complete TiT, had to take my e39 540i sport out today instead! I know it's an old bus but omg what a well put together machine. It's done 145k miles and has wanted nothing doing in 3 years of owning it! Anyway on a dual Carriageway going fairly slow coming out of roadworks I got a TT sat on my arse, to cut a long story short after one 3rd gear pull I handed said arse to him on a plate lmao turned out to be a 225 with a very nice sounding exhaust! Has anyone though about transplanting the 4.4 V8 from the e39 into the TT?

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                                          Right guys and girls — Audi TT MK 1

                                          Right guys and girls......

                                          Last September i took my dashpod to Cluster Repairs Uk based in Waltham Abbey Essex.I took the pod out and it was repaired whilst i waited.These are the faults i had on it,pixelated center lcd screen,faulty tempreture gauge and a dead lamp on the rev counter behind 3000rpm mark.

                                          Well all the problems have come back and under the warranty it can all be fixed.I paid £180 all in for a full dashboard rebuilt. I have been told they rarely have them returned under warranty.

                                          They now need the dashpod for two days to look at it to see where the fault is.

                                          Anyone had this happen after a full rebuild.

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                                            Photos from Craig Allen Calkins's post — Audi TT MK 1

                                            Hi guys, I am just going to give a write up on the 50/50 powertrack insert install. This is a guide if you are looking to move to 50/50 torque split full time on your Quattro system, instead of the 90/10, 70/30 from the factory. I had trouble finding any guides online which made it frustrating for me, at one point I thought i was going to have to pay a mechanic to drop Mr. Haldex down enough. It's actually really simple! This guide will cover the circlip insert as well as the 17mm hex bolt. They are in the same location, however for MY 2002 and above, they use the circlip (Like mine). Please double verify which insert you need before buying. There is a hex head bolt at the top of all Haldex units, what you need to feel/look for is directly on top of the controller, not the rest of the Haldex.


                                            Please browse through the attached photos first, as well as read the full guide before performing any actions.

                                            So first off you will need to identify specific parts and their locations. Once you have your vehicle on jackstands, a lift, whatever, look at the rear differential. at the front, you will see a small screw for draining the Haldex coupling oil. I recommend changing the oil, especially if you do not know the last time it was changed, like me. There are plenty of guides online. At the rear of the diff, you will see two bolts holding a cover with wire plugs attached. This is where the Haldex Controller can be unplugged for removal. Now, at the front, right, upper side of the diff you will see the words Haldex. That is the Haldex controller location, and the item we will be removing to install the powertrack insert. In the pictures below, you will see where the two bolts mount the controller to the haldex unit.

                                            If you plan on a Haldex oil change (PN G 052 175 A1) please first drain the oil, as you will lose some oil upon removal of the controller. Do not lose the plug or it's washer. Some oil change kits come with a new plug and washer (I recommend getting a new one)

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                                              Hey all Need some input please 2002 TT 225 Wiper fluid leak and the silly... — Audi TT MK 1

                                              Hey all. Need some input please. 2002 TT 225. Wiper fluid leak, and the silly low fluid light. I replaced the pumps for windshield and headlights. Could not see any leak after staring at it for 20 minutes. I did notice the low level light came on AFTER I had headlights on, AND used the wiper fluid. Then it followed with the low fluid light.

                                              I am thinking of just pulling the fuse for the headlight pump. It seems like that may be pumping the fluid continuously, but I'm not sure.

                                              Any input from the forum? And thanks.

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                                                Any advice guys on diverter valves I believe mines pretty duff on the TT I ve... — Audi TT MK 1

                                                Any advice guys on diverter valves. I believe mines pretty duff on the TT I've just bought. Haven't had time to look yet which one it has but the car is making quite a lot of whistling/whurring. When you let off the throttle it sounds like it let's more out. Also it holds on to a little biy of revs when gear change. Also I have nothing to compare my TT to buy I'm not exactly impressed with it's performance. Seems very slow and then a huge turbo lag and then something happens but not at an amazing rate imo. Certainly not as quick as my manual fto mivec. So any tips on which DV to get? As I've been recommended forge but they are a bit minty. Are the eBay ones from spooled-up up to the task does anyone know or have experience? As I dont know for sure it even is the dv at fault, even if I suspect it is. Also a quick guide on exactly where it is as I haven't looked yet. Saves me a few minutes scratching my head haha. Cheers all

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                                                  Hello everyone Cam chain tensioners need some advice please Is everyone... — Audi TT MK 1

                                                  Hello everyone! Cam chain tensioners, need some advice please. Is everyone replacing theirs with OEM parts or? As the OEM one from TPS is £500 which is bloody silly, and the one on eBay is much less and loads have been sold. It's only a tensioner, surely these are good enough?! Anyone used one?! Thanks

                                         1171084703949&rmvSB=true&ul_ref=http%253A%252F%252 5-0%252F1%253Ftype%253D4%2526campId%253D5337009135 %2526toolId%253D10001%2526customId%253Dizedyfckpl0 01qxx00003%2526mpre%253Dhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fw rot%253D710-53481-19255-0%2526rvr_id%253D117108470 3949

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                                                  Photos from James Anderson's post — Audi TT MK 1

                                                  Soooooo...... thinking of selling up. Really just can't use the car anymore as my route to work has horrendous roads and I don't have the room for two cars outside the house we have moved to. I've owned the car three times after selling it, regretting it and buying it back but now I really can't justify having it just sat there any longer. If anyone is interested, I will get round to doing a proper advert eventually but if you have any questions for now, just let me know. Will be asking for £5k - I know it needs more info to justify the price - I will get round to it.

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                                                    Audi S3 CJX engine and DSG conversion — Audi TT MK 1

                                                    Complete kit to bolt in your mk4 platform, TT, S3, Golf, Leon etc ...

                                                    2014 Audi S3 engine CJX with turbo (revised none chocolate turbo!)

                                                    2014 Audi S3 DSG box

                                                    Large Wellycooler with brackets and IC work to fit TT (will fit others with little modification)

                                                    Scorpion downpipe to fit 4wd cars (originally for MQB platform car)

                                                    Drive shafts with new CV's

                                                    Complete 2014 S3 engine and wiring loom from front to rear of car.

                                                    2014 Audi S3 intank fuel pump

                                                    TT DSG shifter

                                                    TT 3.2 DSG steering wheel

                                                    BCM module, keys and 2014 S3 column,


                                                    This will make over 400Hp mapped.

                                                    Any questions please ask.

                                                    Cash on collection

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                                                      Photos from Richard Webster's post — Audi TT MK 1

                                                      Hi guys, I am after some advice or guidance if possible - I have a 3.2 roadster and want to fit a Cruise Control unit to my '05. I have purchased the unit you see on the left image from eBay (Genuine Audi TT 8n Cruise Control Module, I have taken my car to a local specialist and he thinks that the CC module cannot be retro-fitted to this car. I have been in touch with the nearest Audi dealer parts dept and they say it cannot be fitted retrospectively.

                                                      I have been on the TT Forum and looked at a few posts and it looks like it can - the local specialist says the arm fits fine but there is nowhere for the wiring to connect.....

                                                      Has anyone else tried this mod and come across the same problem? Has anyone then offered you a solution or a person who has first hand experience of the 'fix'? Otherwise it could be £124 wasted.....

                                                      Hoping for a positive outcome.

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                                                        Yesterday day evening my mrs had a rear lower arm break on her on her TT... — Audi TT MK 1

                                                        Yesterday day evening my mrs had a rear lower arm break on her on her TT Quattro luckily she only put it in reverse and didn't Evan move more than 1 foot but I had to get the car brough back by a flat bed

                                                        But anyways I fitted a new arm today topped up the diff oil and now when you drive it there is a whining noise no crunching or grinding though I've looked into it abit and heard about this hadex filter and solution could that maybe needing changed and will it stop the whining

                                                        Thanks in advanced for your help

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                                                          Quick update on my MoT ordeal this week with my local Audi Dealership — Audi TT MK 1

                                                          Quick update on my MoT ordeal this week with my local Audi Dealership.

                                                          As you may remember, they'd failed it on items (some of which were questionable, bear with me on this) and were asking three grand to get it MoT-worthy.

                                                          I took it to my local independent garage after sorting the windscreen myself (through insurance, £75 excess) and the tyre (mobile fitter, £95).

                                                          The garage did the work, fitting it in between other jobs, and after 3 days, I picked the car up on Saturday 8am with an MoT.

                                                          They replaced the CV boot, both front arm bushes, fitted the 2nd-hand rear caliper I supplied them with, and retested, total bill was £268 all inc, parts/labour/retest... even if I factor in the full price of a new windscreen, tyre, caliper etc on top of that, I'd still have only shelled out 1/3 of what the dealership wanted.

                                                          And some of the things that were failed on first time round weren't even an issue this time?! Like the headlight washer jets (aliens)... passed. "Fractured Anti-roll bars"...? Advisory only, "corroded but not dangerous".

                                                          Lesson learned, don't let your MoT expire and ask an Audi dealership to "sort it" for you. (y) :-\

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                                                            Photos from Jake Joseph Owens's post — Audi TT MK 1

                                                            Looking for a new set of wheels for the 2017 show/race season?

                                                            Heritage Wheel has a few partial sponsorship opportunities open for some of our models.

                                                            Please follow the link and fill out the form to apply!


                                                            Please do NOT pm me sponsorship inquiries. I can’t offer sponsorships over FB PM.

                                                            All wheels are 100% custom made in the USA, tailored to fit your vehicle’s exact tolerances. From brake clearance to perfect wheel/tire fitment our wheels will suit your needs.

                                                            Made from aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum.

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                                                              Photos from Julian Irving's post — Audi TT MK 1

                                                              HELP I NEED ADVICE PLS. I'm in the process of replacing my air induction hose with a Badger5 TIP. The old hose is far worse than I realised and has one side pipe totally broken off and the connection to the turbo was split and knackered.

                                                              1. Is it normal to have lots of oily residue in all of the connecting pipes? Where the splits were this oily crap has been spat out all over the engine and turbo.

                                                              2. I took the hockey puck off as one pipe virtually collapsed and found more oil and shit loads of yellow crap! What is it and is this a sign that my car is about to die? The turbo spins fine with about 0.5 mm of play. Do I need to replace hockey puck as well as these crappy hoses as no shit is in puck?

                                                              3. On the first picture is a plastic pipe that inserts into the side of the Badger5. It went to the very middle of the old pipe but only reaches the edge of the new one. Should I cut the Badger5 pipe down to make it the same as original?. Many thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.

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                                                                Can t remember who asked about removal of the CCM — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                Can't remember who asked about removal of the CCM

                                                                Here's something from the TTF

                                                                I just repaired my wife's RHD 2004 roadster comfort module.

                                                                The unit can be found behind the hoop behind the driver. On the shelf behind the hoop is a small oval inspection panel. Remove this and you will see the module bolted to a bulkhead. To remove it you will need to take off two nuts at the top of the module with a 10 mm 1/4 inch socket.

                                                                You will now need to go into the boot and remove the small storage unit at the back, it is held in place at the top with two plastic things, I used a small pair of needle pliers and put them behind the head and pulled hard, they do come out. With the storage bit out you will see the unbolted unit, it is still held in position at the bottom by a spring clip, just wiggle it about and it does come away.

                                                                I then pulled on the loom a bit to free a bit more cable. I then put a clothe on the metal lip of the storage unit to protect the module, it only just comes into the boot, sort of. Then unplug the five connectors and it will be free to come out.

                                                                I found that the pins that had the yellow plug had verdigris, I used a scalpel knife to scrape away the mess and then score the plastic between the pins just to make sure ther was no more tracking.

                                                                I then put the connectors back on and then reprogrammed the keys by putting one in the ignition and turned on but engine not running, shut door, boot and then manually locked door with other key, pressed the button on the key and flashers flashed and everything than worked OK or both keys in one go.

                                                                Just reverse the above to put everything back again and all should be well.

                                                                I hope this is of use to some people and good luck in trying this

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                                                                  So I m having an issue with my middle break light First of all it was staying... — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                  So I'm having an issue with my middle break light. First of all it was staying on constantly when I put my lights on of a night. Now that I took the break light switch off to change it over, euros gave me the wrong one so I stuck the original one back in and now it don't come on at all, neither with the lights on or off or when the break is applied. Now all fuses are fine so would you say it's most definitely the break light switch is nackered, it looks fine and looks like it works fine but I can't be sure. Any help would be great.

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                                                                    So I am going away for 10 days TT is wrapped up Minus some items that have... — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                    So I am going away for 10 days.TT is wrapped up. Minus some items that have gone for carbon dipping.

                                                                    Just to give you all heads up. I have supporting a start up business for young people that have had a rough start . They are good lads that just had a crap start. So they have decided to do dipping. Some of the stuff they are doing amazing.

                                                                    I have got rear spoiler , grill , wing mirrors , keen bars and lower grills been done. Total cost £110. Once done and if looks good I pass on contact info to you all. Also going to get a lot of engine parts when I get back and alloys.

                                                                    Fingers crossed and hopefully pass this on to you lot.

                                                                    I keep you posted

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                                                                      Jim cotton have a word with royal mail will you Second 24hr tracked delivery... — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                      Jim cotton have a word with royal mail will you! Second 24hr tracked delivery since Tuesday not turned up again and my cars in bits ffs! #awesomegti


                                                                      Just spoke to Jim and if I want another I can drive to Manchester and pick it up if I pay for it again!!??? Although the last 2 24hr delivery service tracked have not turned up! So I suppose it's tough shit my cars in pieces and let's hope the phenolic spacer turns up tomorrow! Although I did offer to go to Manchester yesterday!! Fuming isn't the fuckin word!! #eppicfail

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                                                                        I need a bit of help if possible I bought a sline TT 225 bam 2002 the other... — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                        I need a bit of help if possible. I bought a sline TT 225 bam 2002 the other day and want to sort a few things out.

                                                                        It was up on the lift today and the mechanic said I need to sort the rear suspension out. The springs just lifted out and there was no rubber in the top. The springs are Koni 1533047120. Can I buy standard Sline springs? Are they any different to other TT springs? Where can I get them without getting a second mortgage?

                                                                        Any other advice appreciated. The car is low and looks great at the moment but is not practical where I live.

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                                                                          Photos from Alan Lowden's post — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                          Audi TT Quattro (225)


                                                                          Dundee, Scotland

                                                                          Audi TT (225)

                                                                          133k miles

                                                                          MOT February 2018

                                                                          6 speed gearbox

                                                                          Quattro (full time four wheel drive)

                                                                          Timing belt and water pump replaced October last year

                                                                          Xenon headlights

                                                                          Full black leather interior

                                                                          Heated front seats

                                                                          Private plate included

                                                                          Recently machine polished

                                                                          Part service history

                                                                          Good tyres all round

                                                                          New battery

                                                                          Bad points

                                                                          Abs/traction control light (on and off intermittent)

                                                                          N/s inner arm advised at MOT (slight knock)

                                                                          Radio volume control doesn't work

                                                                          Body work not perfect but presentable

                                                                          Power steering pump whines but works perfectly

                                                                          All taken into account when pricing but may be open to sensible offers ONLY AFTER car has been viewed. I have driven this car for a good few months and recent taken it to Carlisle with no issues at all!!

                                                                          NO SWAPS OR PX CASH SALE ONLY

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                                                                            Photos from Scott Bolton's post — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                            I have now sold my QS and have bits left over.

                                                                            I bought this steering wheel and sent it straight to Jack @ Royal steering wheels.

                                                                            He did a full refurbishment on it, spec as follows

                                                                            Made the wheel slightly thicker

                                                                            Perforated leather on the sides

                                                                            Momo leather on top and bottom

                                                                            Red sticking all round

                                                                            Red ring at 12 O'clock

                                                                            This wheel has only covered 3K Miles so is as fresh as the day i received it.

                                                                            No marks on it anywhere, Looks brand new.

                                                                            It will be supplied with the airbag so will fit any MK1 TT regardless of which wheel airbag combination you currently have.

                                                                            £160 Delivered.

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                                                                              I VE BEEN BANNED FROM TESCO S — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                              I'VE BEEN BANNED FROM TESCO'S

                                                                              Yesterday I was at my local Tesco's store buying a large bag of My Dog dog food for my loyal pet and was in the checkout queue when a woman behind me asked if I had a dog.

                                                                              What did she think I had an elephant? So, since I had time on my hands on impulse I told her that no, I didn't have a dog, I was starting the Dog Diet again. I added that I probably shouldn’t, because I ended up in hospital last time, but I'd lost 10 kilograms before I woke up in intensive care with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms.

                                                                              I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and that the way that it works is to load your pockets with My Dog nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete so it works well and I was going to try it again. (I have to mention here that practically everyone in queue was now enthralled with my story.)

                                                                              Horrified, she asked me if I ended up in intensive care because the dog food poisoned me. I told her no, I stepped off the kerb to sniff a Labradors arse and a car hit me.

                                                                              I thought the guy behind her was going to have a heart attack he was laughing so hard. I'm now banned from Tesco's

                                                                              Better watch what you ask sarcastic people. They have all the time in the world to think of daft things to say.

                                                                              Hang in there TT family nearly weekend.

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                                                                                So I m not even sure if this car is beyond help after being sat for 3 weeks my... — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                                So I'm not even sure if this car is beyond help, after being sat for 3 weeks my APX engine TT wouldn't start. This was 4 months ago. I've steadily been trying to figure out what's wrong with it when I've had time. With some serious cranking and persuasion it will start but misfires really, really bad until it gets warm (lots of high revving whilst still cold which doesn't make me feel good!). It'll then idle perfectly fine when warm but as soon as it's driven under load it'll misfire, back fire etc. So far I've drained the fuel out and replaced it, tested the fuel pump and it's fine. Checked cylinder compression and it's fine. Replaced plugs and coilpacks. Checked injectors and they seem fine. Run a diagnostic plenty of times and doesn't come up with any errors! What else could be causing this? I don't want to take it anywhere as I'm reluctant to put another penny into into it!!

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                                                                                  A couple of years ago one night I was about to propose to my girlfriend when my... — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                                  A couple of years ago, one night, I was about to propose to my girlfriend when my roommate Joseph barged into the room out of nowhere, tripped and fell over, breaking a glass table with his face. Totally ruined the mood. Now, I didn't know Joseph THAT well, don't even remember where he was from, but let' just say I put my plans on hold to help him through his injuries.

                                                                                  Joseph had gotten big glass shard in his eye, making him completely blind in that eye. He was walking around with one of those cotton pads on his eye for a couple of months. Then suddenly, he disappeared, along with my girlfriend

                                                                                  Apparently they'd bonded during the time after his injuries, and eloped together , left me behind without as much as a note. I tried to track them down, but never could.

                                                                                  In conclusion, if it hadn't been for cotton eye Joe, I'd have been married a long time ago. Where did you come from, where did you go? Where did you come from, cotton eye Joe?

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                                                                                    Hi Audi A3 has an issue with the roof not opening coms up with 2 Fault Codes — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                                    Hi Audi A3 has an issue with the roof not opening, coms up with 2 Fault Codes

                                                                                    02000 - Switch Position

                                                                                    02000 - Switch Position: Implausible Signal

                                                                                    Possible Symptoms

                                                                                    Automatic Roof not working

                                                                                    Possible Causes

                                                                                    Automatic Roof Switch Positions implausible

                                                                                    Micro Switch faulty

                                                                                    Possible Solutions

                                                                                    Check Micro Switches

                                                                                    Check Measuring Value Blocks (MVB)

                                                                                    Special Notes

                                                                                    01097 - Implausible Signal

                                                                                    Switch For Front Canopy ( 172 )

                                                                                    Has anyone had the same ??

                                                                                    I cleared the Error Codes with Vagcom, but as soon as you try and operate it, It unlocks, windows all drop, then stops and error saying roof can not be used, and same error codes again..

                                                                                    This seems to be an issue with the two Roof Switches at top of windscreen..

                                                                                    Anyone had this happen, and did new roof switches sort it ???

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                                                                                      Photos from Kev Pearson's post — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                                      Been left looking at my mates 225 (APX engine) for him briefly and replaced the vehicle speed sensor and plug for him today due to corroded terminal, I decided to remove the air intake so I could do a decent repair whilst in the area I decided to check the turbo impeller, what do you guys think of the play?

                                                                                      I think it's too much no sign of interference on the housing yet but he has mentioned a intermittent lack of power and there is a fault code stored (see picture) I'm not sure the turbo play would give this code though?

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                                                                                        Can anyone recommend a good Audi garage or trusty mechanic that knows these... — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                                        Can anyone recommend a good Audi garage or trusty mechanic that knows these cars? I'm based in Nottingham, but can travel a little way if it's worth it, and the price is right

                                                                                        I need to get my recently purchased 225 serviced. I need the following:

                                                                                        Cambelt, Tensions, Aux kit, etc

                                                                                        Haldex Oil and filters

                                                                                        Engine Oil and filter

                                                                                        Also wont these doing, but not as important

                                                                                        Gearbox oil

                                                                                        Brake Fluid

                                                                                        And an uprated clutch in the summer most likely.

                                                                                        I can do the oil and filters myself, but may just get them done together with the belts as it's a little cold to be messing with the car at the minute

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                                                                                          Hoping if you intelligent people can help me So I recently took my car for a... — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                                          Hoping if you intelligent people can help me. So I recently took my car for a stage 2 map, and they said they could only get 240/250hp out of it max due to what they think is a faulty turbo actuator. They also showed me the rolling road graph (attached) now my question is, is this obviously a weak turbo actuator? I say this as I've now brought a forge one, but don't really want to return with the problem being something silly like a big boost leak rather than the said actuator. I've checked over and fixed all leaks in the breather system and front intercooler pipes. But it's slowly getting worse, I'm only producing 230hp now and the symptoms before were that I use to boost upto 1.4 bar then it would come down pretty much instantly and hold at 1 bar. Now it only holds 0.7 bar. Any help appreciated thanks!

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                                                                                            What mods have you done to your car — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                                            What mods have you done to your car?

                                                                                            I thought I'd list my recent mods/some unfitted on my qS.

                                                                                            LED interior lights

                                                                                            LED exterior lights - sidelights/reversing bulb/side repeaters/amber front indicators/number plate lights.

                                                                                            Dual brake light mod

                                                                                            Smoked side repeaters

                                                                                            Polished inlet manifold

                                                                                            Polished and debaffled charge pipe

                                                                                            Polished throttle body

                                                                                            Audi dual cup holder

                                                                                            OSIR smoked corners

                                                                                            N249 removal

                                                                                            Engine bay bling kit

                                                                                            Forge Oil/Coolant alloy caps.

                                                                                            Suspension strut caps

                                                                                            Alloy washer fluid cap

                                                                                            TT alloy dipstick

                                                                                            Pressed metal plates

                                                                                            JCS Stainless steel jubilee clips on all hoses

                                                                                            Audi badge removal on the rear

                                                                                            Black mk2 style TT badge on the rear

                                                                                            Black Quattro badge on the rear

                                                                                            Mk3 style Quattro badge on front grille

                                                                                            It's surprising just how small the Mk1 TT is compared to my Q5.

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                                                                                              Question for everyone in which I m hoping someone has an answer mk1 TT using... — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                                              Question for everyone in which I'm hoping someone has an answer, mk1 TT using porsche calipers 996 351 426 is there another solution to the alfa brera disc conversion? As I feel having the pcd machined into the disc is a bit of a bodge!

                                                                                              Is there a disc upgrade available to just fit and forget? Either normal discs or a bells and rotors setup? Any help much appreciated

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                                                                                                Photos from Fred Outerleys's post — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                                                I need some positively identifying my motor. As you can see, the engine tab has no code stamped on it, no sticker in the trunk, and the only thing I can find is this sticker with ATC on it. I can't find much information on the ATC motor, and it makes it hard to know what parts to order for it. Also, any idea what the wire clipped on the injector wire could be for? Thanks for the help.

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                                                                                                  Evening all — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                                                  Evening all.

                                                                                                  I have a DSG gearbox from a V6 TT mk1. I was wondering if you knowledgeable folk would know if this would also fit in a Golf R32 too?

                                                                                                  Part number :02E 301 103 F

                                                                                                  Code: HAH

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                                                                                                    So this is how my Aliens operate which I believe is correct — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                                                    So this is how my "Aliens" operate, which I believe is correct?

                                                                                                    Any thoughts as to why did my Audi dealer put them down as a fail on my MoT, stating:

                                                                                                    nearside Headlamp cleaning device inoperative (1.7.2)

                                                                                                    offside Headlamp cleaning device inoperative (1.7.2)

                                                                                                    And then really expect me to shell out £90 for their "investigation work"... :-\

                                                                                                    Car has been taken out of their custody and will be re-tested at an independent after I've sorted out a few other things, at a MUCH reduced amount than they were asking! :-o

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                                                                                                      AUDI TT WORLDWIDE COIL PACK RECALL — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                                                      AUDI TT WORLDWIDE COIL PACK RECALL.

                                                                                                      Did you know ??

                                                                                                      Lots of new members, soooo, if you didn't know already? most TTs can get a FREE recall on original coil packs, call AUDI with your Reg or chassis number and if your car is eligible they will book it in to change your original coils. APX coil packs aren't included tho.

                                                                                                      You can also ask for a free health check on your car (yes, they might find lots of things wrong), but, you're under no obligation to get them done there,

                                                                                                      Altho they will price match other garages if they use OEM parts. They even price match on tyres and they offer fixed price servicing on some things, haldex oil and filter and alignment too. Worth asking about x

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                                                                                                        Why did I miss the Danny Cook banter session In response to his first attempt... — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                                                        Why did I miss the Danny Cook banter session? In response to his first attempt at an insult.... His forehead is more like a 6head, probably 7 of his girly fingers! Carly isnt a dog with nits, she is either a dog with fleas, or a woman with nits, but either way if she is an Avatar they don't get nits, so make up your mind.

                                                                                                        Deena is not old and wrinkly, she just isn't, and if I catch you disrespecting any more women out of no where just for shits and giggles then I'll happily pay you a visit to teach you some respect.

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                                                                                                          Hi my TT Family I know most of the stuff I post on here is usually a load of... — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                                                          Hi my TT Family. I know most of the stuff I post on here is usually a load of bollocks or taking the mickle (usually out of myself!) But that's just the point. My car as much as it's liked or disliked has brought me to this amazing group and I've made friends with alot of people and maybe a few enemies maybe as I can be a little outspoken but non the less I have events to go to where I can meet many of the people on here and we are looking forward to that a great deal. Before I get the.... stfu comments lol what I am trying to say is I feel extremely privileged to be part of a group no that's not right a family that looks out for each other, there are a lot of things going on in many people's lives including my own and this page is a welcome pitstop which you all contribute to. So I personally would like to say as I'm sure you all would a big thank you to the amazing work the admin team do as I've seen groups with 1000 members turn ferocious, to control 10k is fantastic so cheers to you all and look forward to meeting many of you over the coming years.

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                                                                                                            I repaired my radio cassette volume control with contact cleaner aerosol — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                                                            I repaired my radio cassette volume control with contact cleaner aerosol.

                                                                                                            It would come on too loud, if you touched it it would be full. And then zero.

                                                                                                            The first attempt with the unit out and complete made it worse.

                                                                                                            So I took off the top and bottom panels. 4 Torx screws hold the face, which has a Block connection like a face off stereo.

                                                                                                            4 screws hold a black plastic cover. 4 More hold the circuit board, and 2 More hold the light diffuser. The volume button pulls off. Spray it copiously (outside, fire risk, intoxication risk, asphyxiation risk) and dry thoroughly.

                                                                                                            It now has a satisfying clicking feel as it goes round and the whole repair cost about £2

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                                                                                                              Downforce I need more At the moment when I m really wanting to throw her into... — Audi TT MK 1

                                                                                                              Downforce. I need more. At the moment when I'm really wanting to throw her into the corners, like on a track, I'm having to fill the boot with about 100kg of ballast (usually my spare steely wheel and a big bag) to counter the big V6 lump in the front.

                                                                                                              What kind of spoiler upgrade options do we have, without adding an ironing board?

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