Audi TT ABT Motorsport Wide Body Type 2 Limited Edition

Here is some info on my other TT which I might sell...

2003 ABT Wide Body car - for those who don't know, these are the rarest of rare TTs - much rarer than QS TTs. Only 10 ever produced and allegedly only 6 left on the road. These cars started off as standard TTs and were shipped direct from the Audi factory to ABT motorsport in Germany when they were completely stripped back to the bare chassis and rebuilt with custom body work and other upgraded parts. Different bumpers, carbon rear diffuser, big rear wing and six inches wider archers and side skirts.

I’ve owned this car twice. I had it for a few years then I sold it to a close friend. He used it for 6 months then garaged it for a year and a half as he went oversees to work. I harassed him to buy it back which I finally managed to do. My plan was to strip my other magazine featured show winning TT (also for sale) and move all the parts on to this car over the winter but I’ve had a change of plans so I’m planning on selling both TTs.

Full service history, stamped service book and a folder full of receipts.

BAM Engine

113K miles

Timing Belt last done at 87K along with Haldex

Sump dropped and cleaned and oil pipk up pipe replaced.

Oil and filter change less than 20 miles ago.

Just MOTd no advisories

Resprayed Lamborghini Estoril Grey

This car has a load of upgrades...

• Forge front mounted intercooler to replace the ABT motorsport one

• Forge blue silicon intercooler hoses

• Oversized blue silicon turbo intake pipe

• Forge Diverter Valve cold-side relocation (blue silicon)

• Forge 007p Diverter Valve

• Huge custom built stainless steel induction kit - sounds like no other

• De-baffled polished intake pipe

• Engine bling kit

• Forge Short Shifter kit

• Custom ABT exhaust with standard ABT Motorsport 4 tailpipe exhaust

• ABT ECU (equivalent of a stage 2 remap) – running approx. 280 bhp

• Forge adjustable rear tie bars

• Poly bushed through out

• Golf R32 front and rear anti-roll bars

• £1000 worth of Bilsteen PSS coil over suspension just fitted - incredibly plush (unlike the cheap coilover kits you get)

• £2000 worth of brakes just fitted - Brembo Junior GT big brake kit up front and rear Tarox 308mm Big Brake conversion with two piece disks (rear discs were £775 alone)

• 20mm Wheel Spacers on the front and 30mm spacers on the rear

• Shadow Boost Gauge

• Standard black leather interior in great condition

• Polished Forge Big Knob gearknob

• Staggered 3DSM alloys – 8.5 on the front and 9.5 on the rear (note this car can accommodate a 9.5 on the front and a 10.5 on the rear due to the arch size if the spacers are removed)

• Tyres – new condition – front 225 x 40 x 18, rear 255 x 35 x 18. You can run a 275 on the rear of these cars

• Load of other small things I’ve probably forgotten

Currently the car is running a de-spoiler rear tailgate which has been smoothed. I have the original big ABT wing plus I have another standard tailgate that I was going to have the wing fitted to and resprayed to match the paint colour then I would have a choice of which tailgate to run so I could change back and forward from spoiler and smooth. The spare tailgate and rear spoiler are both included with the car.

Price-wise, these cars are worth more than a standard TT – they were £55K new (more than double the standard car). The last one for sale was listed at £11K on ebay.

Paint work is not perfect on this one – stone chips etc (no dents though). Have been quoted £750 to make the paint perfect and refit the rear spoiler to the other tailgate and paint..

Dashpod could do with a new centre display – everything working correct – just the centre bit is hard to read due to missing pixels – around £130 to have replaced by BBA Reman.

Very slight kerbing to two of the alloy wheels – easily fixed but not noticeable unless you are looking for it.

Last 2 pictures show the car parked next to one of my previous TTs - you can see the difference in the width between the wide body car and a standard width TT...

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  • Crate it up and send it to me in the US, I'll take good care of it!!

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  • You pay for transport and I'd happy drive it to the nearest port for you ;-)

  • Also have a set of Porsche 996 "Tombstone" heated leather seats which I can make available for extra - so much better than both the standard and pole positions...

  • I would keep it and put the spoiler back on

  • Having owned this car for the last 2 years I can happily say it is stunning, I brought from Mark and sold back to Mark a couple of months ago as more cars on my wish list , mark 100% knows his shit ,bargain price for such a rare car

  • Cheers Jon. Not 100% certain I'll sell it though as I sold it before to you then regretted it ever since. Just really fancy an RS4 - we'll see what happens. Getting a finalised quote from the body shop tomorrow to make the paintwork perfect and refit the spoiler.

  • Mark Bissett we can share , happy to have her back

  • Jon Preston Jackie would shoot you!

  • I've done worse

  • Mark, do these fit in the TT alright and fit to the factory heated seat wiring?

  • Mark Bissett don't get me started. You and bloody cars

  • Aman Dosangh

  • Yes they are a direct bolt in - exact same rails. The wiring would need to be modified to fit. They are heated. Plenty of other people have fitted them and the main TT forums web site has a guide or two on it...

  • Barry Campbell ;-)

  • Darren-Topps Fletcher

  • Awesome mate

  • Jesus thats a beauty

  • Mike Towers

  • stunning!

  • Dropped price by £250 to £6250

  • I will take it for £250. Thanks Bro in law

  • Barry Campbell You don't have £250!

  • Mark Bissett how rude. That's true your daughter fleeced it all on saturday

  • Price now £6000

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  • wow - that's one of the nicest mk1 TTs I've seen