8V guys — Audi S3 UK

8V guys.....

Anyone had clutch problems with a manual S3 8V? My car is 18month old, done 23k miles and feels as though the clutch is slipping under load every now and then. Been to see Audi and with it...took it for a test drive but couldn't get it to slip... they are wanting to inspect the clutch when gearbox is removed and if it's down to a faulty part on the clutch setup it could be done under warranty BUT if it's down to wear and tear it's gonna cost me £1560 for a new clutch! Surely a clutch should last longer than this in a premium car?

Anyone else had any issues and how did you stand with Audi?

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Hi all I was just wondering I have had some bits fitted on my car but I not... — Audi S3 UK

Hi all I was just wondering I have had some bits fitted on my car but I not sure what to do with the rear headlight levelling sensor as I have had some adjustable camber arms fitted with a few other bits but where can the sensor be fitted to now or can it just be removed and adjust the headlights manually as my sensor is broken anyway any help would be great thanks

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    Well today was officially my last day of S3 ownership just under 3 years in all — Audi S3 UK

    Well today was officially my last day of S3 ownership, just under 3 years in all. If I'm honest, as much fun as I did have driving it at times I don't think I truly ever did fall in love with it. I always wanted a hot hatch with mod-cons and the S3 fit the bill perfectly, I think it just came a few years too late. A newer saloon size 8V does appeal however my current situation dictates otherwise. Plus, I think I've always preferred Jap to German for pocket rockets. In any case, a big thanks to the group and it's members who have always been on hand to offer advice and opinions whenever I've asked. All the best to you guys, ciao x

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      Can anyone shed some light on the coding for my rns e please Pretty please... — Audi S3 UK

      Can anyone shed some light on the coding for my rns-e please. Pretty please haha it's in an 07 s3 with Bluetooth. Cruise control and bose. No mfsw. Or cd changer the code showing is 0205711. I'm not the sharpest tool in the box and have no experience with audis (it's my first. 6 weeks ago ). It's saying not coded correctly. But everything seems to work. And the sat nav and radio channels show up on the display between the clocks. But the fault code is bugging me. I want to get rid of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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        Photos from Mark Hullah's post — Audi S3 UK

        After a long 3 months without touching the paintwork.... I'll say it was long overdue....

        Pre wash (Citrus Wash and Snow Foam)

        2 Bucket Method

        Wheels (Fall Out Remover then Posh washed using Wheel Woollies and HD Wheel Shampoo)


        Blow and Towel Dried

        Then a coat of Soft99 Kiwami

        Tyres Dressed with Meguires Endurance

        Exhaust Tips with Inspired Automotive Xhorst Paste

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          Quick question — Audi S3 UK

          Quick question.

          2002 s3 BAM engine

          Noticed my after run coolant pump stopped working. Had a look around and it burst into life when I tried to take off the wiring connector.

          Would a simple clean with contact cleaner and a clean up of the connectors do or is it new pump time?

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            HELP — Audi S3 UK


            The previous owner of my s3 8p had it mapped, which doesn't seem very good, boost spikes and turbo flutter when accelerating as if it's over boosting.

            Can I reset the car to standard map using VCDS?

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              Starting issues — Audi S3 UK

              Starting issues?

              Took my s3 8l this morning, started up fine from cold. Came back home and left it for about 10 minutes then went to start it up again and then nothing, didn't turn over atoll. Instrument cluster lit up as normal, fuel pump primed.

              Could this possibly be a starter motor or starter circuit problem?


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                Gear change issues — Audi S3 UK

                Gear change issues?

                My knob won't return to centre like you'd expect, common problem among us men yes, but cars no.

                I'm goingmtocstart with a fluid change in the box but I've noticed there's a lot of play on the actual lever assembly, anyone found a way to improve that?

                Also anyone know the fluid quantity and type for the gearbox? I searched but it's all 8L where as I'm an up.


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                  Hi All — Audi S3 UK

                  Hi All,

                  if you have your s3 remapped, how does it effect Drive Select?

                  I have a 2017 S3 so I have - economy, comfort, auto, dynamic and individual..

                  Can it be only selectable to a certain mode? or is that not how it works?



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                  Pretty sure actually kinda hoping it s a coil pack — Audi S3 UK

                  Pretty sure, actually kinda hoping it's a coil pack.

                  2007 8P S3.

                  I have had a coil pack go before, same symptoms. Full load, 4K revs. Misfires etc driving fine off boost. But that time it also gave a light and a fault code for the specific cylinder etc.

                  This time I have no fault code or light. Drives fine off boost. Deffinately engine as revving in neutral causes it. Massive misfires and needle jumping round at approx 4K rpm.

                  Unless anyone knows anything else my first port of call is gonna be new plugs and coils. But finding it strange it's not showing a code this time and the needle seems a lot more violent. Jump a few thousand RPM.

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                    Maybe someone can help on here I ve had this issue for nearly 1 year and has... — Audi S3 UK

                    Maybe someone can help on here - I've had this issue for nearly 1 year and has been doing my nut in!!

                    I have had an annoying knock coming from the front end, I've had the suspension changed along with top mounts over 1.5yrs ago no issues - only started up when I got my wishbone bushes changed to poly bushes as the old ones were past it.

                    Ive had 3 garages have a look and all can hear the noise but can't locate it. I've changed both drive shafts, all other bushes checked over and there's hardly or no play in them.

                    I've got a video of the noise from inside the car (it's not great quality but you can hear a muffled 'thud' now and then, it's sounds rotational but had the wheel spinning when jacked up and nothing.

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                      So guys some closure if you please. Fitted my RAMAIR oversized induction on NYE — Audi S3 UK

                      So guys, some closure if you please. Fitted my RAMAIR oversized induction on NYE. However there's been a rattle in the centre (sounds like it's inside the dash) since I fitted it. Noticed today the p-clamp is too tight and the retainer for the metal section has been bent slightly meaning the pipe doesn't rest on it properly. It still feels secure but wondered if the engine vibrations paired up with the bracket being bent (and still against the metal hose) would cause such a rattle?

                      Going to sort it st the weekend anyway but wondered about anyone else's opinions? PFA.

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                        ESP Fault — Audi S3 UK

                        ESP Fault!

                        Hi all, I disconnected my battery today in order to remove the passenger seat to get to the Bluetooth module. Now that I've put it all back together and turned the ignition on I get an ESP fault message - any way to reset this ?



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                          S3 8L APY — Audi S3 UK

                          S3 8L , APY

                          Any clues If our s3s have ignition amplifier?

                          My engine missfires on startup, No missfire after heated up , No missfiring When over 3000rpm.

                          Coils checked, sparkplugs ok.

                          Termostat changed, fan control sensor changed. Any ideas?

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                            Photos from Hakan Ahmed's post — Audi S3 UK

                            And today its my turn to give credit where it's due..... this is what is so good about this group, i may have skills, knowledge and experience but it doesnt mean i know everything...

                            Thank You Richard Taylor for hitting the nail on the head...!!! Upgrading my arb to an R32 on as i knew before hand thanks to Richard where the problem lied.... but here is the proof to prove it too... the arb has plastic sleeves which on mine are non existent and as you can see drivers side is completely corroded....

                            Thanks once again.... u have hopefully made my xmas and now i can continue to drive with a grin on my face again :)))

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                              Evening all a little advice needed from an 8L guru please In this picture all... — Audi S3 UK

                              Evening all .... a little advice needed from an 8L guru please! In this picture all the buttons on my centre dash are illuminated .... normally they arent. Can go weeks/months with no illumination, then randomly they will flick on for a while then back off. Checked all fuses in the fusebox on the end of the dash and all as should be. Anyone had this before? Rather ask and get pointed in the right direction than fumbling blind trying to find the fault. Tia

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                                Just a quick one I m installing some new headlights shortly on the s3 1 — Audi S3 UK

                                Just a quick one I'm installing some new headlights shortly on the s3 1.8t so want to remove the old bolts / screw and replace with new but there's also like a u clip with a bolt Hole for one of the screws thats hidden in the headlight.

                                Does anyone happen to have a part number as tps sheffield are useless and I want to replace these whilst I'm down there.

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                                  After some advice my new to me 2007 S3 has telephone prep. in the armrest — Audi S3 UK

                                  After some advice - my new-to-me 2007 S3 has telephone prep (in the armrest) and I've spoken to Audi today and they've gone through the original spec sheet for my car and say it should have Bluetooth. Thing is tho, when I search for it on my phone nothing comes up so something presumably isn't working as it should. Any ideas what to check? Is it a common fault? Thanks in advance :)

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