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B8 S4 exhaust test.

I had the infinity exhaust but it was just a little to loud for my toddler, it settled in nice and if I were not doing school runs with a whiny toddler it would have been fine.

The infinity

The quality was excellent, the tone was strong and deep, sounded great on overrun and on hard throttle. There was a slight drone at around 2.5k under load, as wales is all vallys, it's under load 50% of its life. The drone was not excessive but in a 4year olds world it interrupted the frozen watching on DVD it's the end of the world.

I returned to infinity and they did not think they could get it to a level that would not drown out frozen a little. So we returned it to stock, frozen was once again returned to perfect clarity, o the joy !

Round up..... Beefy sound, great build quality and fit, slight drone at 2.5k 8/10

I was talking to a guy who had bought an S4 exhaust from eBay, he fitted it and removed it. I phoned him and asked if he had returned it yet, he said he had not so a plan was hatched. I was going to try and review a few a few exhausts and post the results here.

I popped to his house and picked it up, drove straight to a friends garage and had it fitted.

The EBay Specail

This is a no name eBay special, straight out the gate it looks cheap and somewhat flimsy. Does not look worth its £400 price tag, fitting is a nightmare, nothing fits well, it has to be muscled on.

As soon as its started its bad, sounds like it's touching the underside rattling, buzzing and knocking. I drove it up the road and o dear, it sounded bad, like every 17year olds nova with flick on bits. Did not sound beefy like the infinity, just sounded broken !

I was in for the long run and thought I would run it for a week or until the owner had to return it. Took the wife out in it and she was mortified, the car really did sound like a shed. People stopped and turned and looked to see what was making this racket. Needless to say it was removed first thing this morning, on the drive home I had the song "silence is golden" stuck in my head lol

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