So someone on the road told me about this group. didn t quite catch his name — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

So someone on the road told me about this group...didn't quite catch his name. Anyway I'm excited to be part of this! Even if it's just a few talks here and there, or to get help/tips. I'm still relatively new to modifying cars...there's a lot that I still don't know about. But I'm certainly learning.

My car only has an exhaust cutout and a blow off valve. Looking at getting it APR stage 1 tuned towards the end of this month though! I have a lot planned for this car and I'll probably ask questions here before doing anything major. Haha.

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    Michael Sanchez shared a link to the group: Audi Club of the Inland Empire. — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

    Hey dudes and duders,

    Here's video from my second meet up and cruise to the top and back of Angeles Crest Highway. Running a GIAC stage 2 B8 S4 and filming with a Garmin Virb Xe. Shout out to Emmanuele Design in Anaheim Ca for the in house pulley kit, Kerrick Pun for the GIAC tune and German Performance Options, Nashville Tn, for the exhaust work. Another shout out to SoCalRS4 for putting together the meet. Check them out @socalrs4 on Instagram and drivetribe. Thanks for watching and Like if you enjoyed it, share if you loved it. xD

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      Email sent to the even coordinator for the La auto show for a Sunday visit — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

      Email sent to the even coordinator for the La auto show for a Sunday visit. Will get group pricing and parking info. Please let me know how many people will be able to attend and which Sunday works best for each club. The show is from nov 18-27. If a Sunday is not a good option please let me know so I can set a different date.


      Looks like the 27th may work best. $10 per person. Will need final headcount and payment by no later than the 16th. Still waiting to hear about the parking situation.


      Can reserve parking and get $5 off parking in advance since we will be a group, so I will also need a count of who will be driving.

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        3000 Hey im selling my 2001 audi a4 This has been a really good car to me an... — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

        $3000 Hey im selling my 2001 audi a4. This has been a really good car to me an excellent daily driver. Ive driven this car for about 30k and ive fixed a few thing and broke a few things but it is in really good condition. The paint and interior is really good. I fixed the headliner its not perfect but way better than it was before all saggy. I also replaced the 2 front speakers that were blown out. Ive also replaced the oil pan and gasket, and hoses on the engine. Ive done full synthetic oil chnages always on time. The only things that need to be fixed is maybe the struts because they make a clicking noise when you gas into a sharp turn but they have never given me any problems ive been driving on them for 30k and never had a problem. Also i lost one of the headlight washer covers when i was using the washers on the freeway should be cheap to get one. Also the check engine light is on because there is a little hose that has to do with the emissions control or something keeps getting loose. It has nothing to do with the engine the engine is running very strong at 170k. These engines are known to get to 250k. This is also not the quattro but since its not it gets better gas milage. 5 speed manual. Gotta check it out in person i can answer all your questions and you can see how clean it is i have ocd so i keep this car really clean. Clean title. Tags up to date.

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          Looking for some input from my 3 0T guys I have a 2010 S4 and yesterday as I... — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

          Looking for some input from my 3.0T guys. I have a 2010 S4 and yesterday as I'm driving home I get this warning light saying "Pull over , turn off car and check coolant level" so I pulled over and checked my coolant level and sure enough my overflow tank was pretty low. I immediately went to the parts store picked up some G13 and topped it off. After that I proceeded to check EVERYWHERE for leaks of any sort and could not find any. Also my coolant had no traces of oil being mixed in it. And it isn't blowing any smoke from the exhaust. Have any of you had this problem?? Or some suggestions? Is this a serious concern?

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            Kia broken down at the side of the road luckily a guy in a porsche pulls over... — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

            Kia broken down at the side of the road, luckily a guy in a porsche pulls over & offers to tow the Kia to a garage. Whilst driving along a BMW M3 over takes both of them & roars off. The porsche driver forgets about the Kia & thinks "I'll have a bit of that."

            Copper doing speed checks a mile ahead gets on his radio when he sees them coming.

            "I've got a beemer racing a porsche coming down this dual carriageway."

            "Nothing special." Comes the reply.

            "That's not the end of it, behind them there's a Kia, bashing his horn trying to get past!"

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              I m getting nervous about my 08 A4 The guy I bought it from had a pretty... — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

              I'm getting nervous about my 08 A4. The guy I bought it from had a pretty extensive service record From Audi San Diego . The first week I took it home had to do a fan module and fans really only fans but didn't find that out till I installed the module and still nothing . Well he said he had all new brakes and rotors and and I determined that was a lie . Went to do pads on the rear today and everything is factory (already have the textar pads now I need to order rotors). He also said the cam follower was just done . But I decided to do it anyways just to be sure . Looks a little old to me . Now I'm wondering about the timing belt that he said was done .

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                Can anyone point me in the right direction here please. I have an 2005 S4 — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                Can anyone point me in the right direction here, please. I have an 2005 S4 (b6) stock with an rs4 clutch/flywheel upgrade. The other night my buddy and I were playin around after a Euro car meet and I shifted pretty hard a few times. Then when I'd shift hard my shifter started flexing and getting wobbly under load. It's gotten to the point where if I just put my foot in it at all you can feel the gear shift move under the torque like the whole transmission is moving or something. A big enough bump in the road feels like it moves a lot too now. My buddy told me it might be the snub mount. I really have no idea, I need some input before I start fixing things that are not the problem. Thanks!

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                  Help needed — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                  Help needed.

                  I am in need of the following for our SUMMER DELIGHT on the 31st, this Sunday!

                  1. Any, as many persons who have suvs that can help me transport tables and chairs from Ricardos parents to his place.

                  2. Anyone who can meet me early to do a Costco run and has a Costco card.

                  3. Anyone who has any info on a ice cream truck vendor or those fruit carts that work events.

                  I walked outside yesterday and thought the get was trying to kill me, so looking into anything that will keep us cool on Sunday.

                  Thank you everyone!

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                    JD Havens shared Ryan D. Waterbury's post to the group: Audi Club of the Inland Empire. — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                    for those of you that don't know, my speedo and second gear are pretty messed up. also the parts for my car(b3) are usually rather pricey, even used, and difficult to find.

                    i got 2 transmissions and a rear diff for my car for free. had a buddy of mine pick them up and i guess now i have to go up to minneapolis and pick them up. maybe sell one tranny and swap in the other and sell mine after rebuilding it sell the diff, who knows. either way, huge come up. i absolutely love the audi community up here, though very spread out.

                    miss you guys! hopefully i'll come back soon for a bit and be able to come to one of the gatherings!

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                      had the turbo for a few months just sitting in my room had to catch up on some... — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                      had the turbo for a few months just sitting in my room; had to catch up on some bills before i could buy more stuff butttt, i'm all caught up and have an insurance check for 1100$ coming in a few days so i ordered my oil lines and soon i'll be ordering my ecu, manifold and hopefully have everything done and together by icc in omaha(early august). all i gotta do is order the megasquirt3x and solder it all together and put it all in and wire it up and tune! been planning this build for a couple years and now coming into play :) baby build first than bigger down the road! wish me luck

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                        Photos from Kenn Flow's post — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                        I have some parts for/from a B7 Audi A4

                        Buy the springs together for $80 that's a steal. Tons of life left on the rears (7k miles on the neuspeed rears) fronts are brand new (eibach pro kit). Installed the rear eibach and realized these are the identical in height so didn't continue with installing front eibach springs.

                        Never used rs4 style bumper, a few scuffs from storage but never used. $60 very fair price.

                        And a Sony MEX-5000BT Head unit. This for anyone who is interested in replacing their stock symphony radio set. I will include din and Apr switch (it came with my a4 it was meant for a electronic cut off valve) I replaced with after market nav so I don't need this HU anymore


                        I also have a roof rack for 06-08 A3s

                        I will be in Riverside area on tuesday-thursday.

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                          Photos from Brandon Salazar's post — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                          Testing the water to see if anyone is interested.

                          2006 Audi A3 2.0t Sport 128k Asking $3,000!

                          I just cant figure out what is wrong with the car, and looking to sell it. I bought it for $6500 around 4 months ago. After a week of driving it, at high RPMS it gets a fuel Cut out. Maybe someone here has a Vag Com or knows a good mechanic they can get it fixed. Also AC does not work, needs a new compressor.

                          I had the car diagnosed and was told it was the HPFP, after I replaced that and it didn't fix the problem, I decided to replace everything and anything fuel related I could think of. I put around 1k+ in parts.

                          Here is a list of parts replaced.


                          Fuel Pump In the Gas tank

                          Fuel Filter

                          cam follower

                          Fuel Pressure Sensor

                          evap Purge Valve

                          Might be missing some parts I've added, I'll look through my Receipts and see what else I can find.

                          If your interested and wanna come check it out, Im available after 5pm Mon-Fri and any time on the weekends.

                          Car currently runs and is my wife's daily driver. She Drives back and forth from Baldwin park to Fontana and hasn't given any other issues then the Fuel cut out at High RPMS.

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                            Today I went out to support Mod Auto at their E Chassis meet I drove from... — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                            Today, I went out to support Mod Auto at their E-Chassis meet. I drove from Irvine to attend a meet in La Habra. At the meet, I asked if I could park somewhere in the middle. The associate agreed and I even disclosed that I had a competing company banner. Within 10 minutes, I was told that I had to move my car because of my affiliation. Within the Audi community, I support all shops but I do have my preferences both in ACLA, SDAC, ACIE and OCAC such as other members have their preferences which I respect. I do a lot of thing to show my support for the various clubs but today I was segregated in a community that I love.

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                              Hey guys — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                              Hey guys,

                              Does anyone have a 2.0 Fsi audi 2.0t that can swap me Fuel Sender moduels to see if that might be my problem I'm getting fuel cuts, I've replaced pretty much everything but that, and I still get p2293 Code.

                              Anyone local to Fontana that would be able to help would be AWESOME!

                              I've already replaced the HPFP, Cam Follower, Fuel Pump in the gas tank, Fuel Sensor, Evap Valve, and the fuel filter, this is the last thing I can think to be my problem.

                              If this doesn't work then I'm going to head over to Daren Darrin Bitterolf house and have him hook it up to Vag and see if that will tell me the problem.


                              -Brando n

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                                Photos from Jose Miranda's post — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                Hey guys looking to sell some stuff,

                                Up for sale is a carbon fiber front filler plate I bought for my a4. The filler plate doesn't fit the sline grill unless you retrofit it and shave down some of the sides don't have the time to do it and it's just sitting in my parts bin.

                                Also for sale is a test pipe for a 2.0t a4 engines. I bought it along with a diverter valve spacer on audizine but never got to install it. So I'd rather sell it than just have it laying around. Appearance is like 5/10.Test pipe came with no hardware so you'd have to make your own gaskets or buy new ones. (Never looked into getting the hardware.) asking $180 for both price is obo. Willing to ship or meet up with people depending on how far. Really open to offers. Also up for trades if anyone has something for my b7 or coilpacks for a 2.0t

                                Thanks fellas

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                                  Photos from Solon Wang's post — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                  Also selling my wheels if interested.

                                  Price is $2500 obo

                                  18x9 +40 & 18x9.5 +40

                                  I have some legit Volk Racing te37 wheels for sale, these are the original te37 not the variant sl, or rt. No rash, no bends, just a couple of chips from DD. The chip on the spoke is on 1 of the 18x9 and the other chips on the lips are on each 18x9.5.

                                  These where originally 5x114.3 but I brought them to VR wheels and had them drill and add inserts to be 5x112.

                                  Comes with authentic volk rebuildable valve stems/ caps and flush center caps. I will also add in some either 8mm or 10mm hub/ wheels centric spacers.

                                  I added a couple pictures in different lighting to see what it looks like.

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                                    Need help — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                    Need help:

                                    06 A4 is acting up at acceleration mostly at 1st gear as I'm coming from a complete stop. It feels like it loses power and jerks then corrects itself. It's even totally shut off a few times while driving but only right after accelerating in a low gear. No engine lights and I've recently changed the plugs and coils. Only 1 coil was not changed though. Any ideas??

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                                      Anyone recommend a local shop i can take my car to Just checked out a local... — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                      Anyone recommend a local shop i can take my car to? Just checked out a local shop that supposedly was really good. but said to change a cam follower would take 4-5 hours of labor.. At that rate might as well just take it to the dealer. Dealer quoted around 1.5 hours of labor.

                                      thanks for any advice on where to take it.

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                                        Fred Rodolfo shared San Diego Audi Club's event to the group: Audi Club of the Inland Empire. — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                        In less than a month, SDAC will once again venture to Auto Club Speedway for a special SDAC Track Day event. We invite our ACIE friends to participate in this event. We missed the cutoff for a private run group, so we will have to be grouped with other drivers outside the Audi club. That's still okay because I will conduct a couple of lead-follow sessions to get the first-timers acquainted with the course. Speed Ventures will also ensure to space out our lead-follow group from the rest of the beginners group. Register by going to the event below. This is the best way to experience the full potential of your car in a controlled environment. It's a lot of fun. Hope some of you guys can make it. Make sure to indicate "San Diego Audi Club" in your registration comment section.

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                                          Fresh off the press New ACIE shirts They come in white black and heather... — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                          Fresh off the press! New ACIE shirts. They come in white, black and heather charcoal. Slim fit sizing Small - 2XL

                                          I prefer Venmo or Cash App $20 per shirt.

                                          Venmo @ richm3ister or cashapp $richm3ister

                                          Spectra Shirts - 3400SS ORGANIC COTTON/RECYCLED POLY FITTED TEE

                                          Our side seam men’s tee with a slimmer fit in an eco-friendly organic cotton/recycled polyester blend, made with a 30 singles ring spun combed yarn, which enhances the luxurious hand feel.

                                          – 30 Singles Super Soft “Spectra Spun” Colored Heather Side Seam T-Shirt

                                          – 4.3 – 4.5 0z. 148 GSM

                                          – Double Needle Bottom Hem & Sleeves

                                          – Shoulder to Shoulder Tape

                                          – Preshrunk

                                          – This product is NOT NAFTA Compliant

                                          – 52% Cotton / 48% Polyester

                                          – Sizes S – 2XL

                                          – Charcoal Heather Available in 3XL

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                                            I am getting so excited to see you all at brunch. Here is the finalized list — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                            I am getting so excited to see you all at brunch. Here is the finalized list:

                                            Aaron G

                                            Adam L +1

                                            Adam S +1

                                            Alex F

                                            Amy L

                                            Ash S

                                            Ben D

                                            Brandon K +1

                                            Brian S +1

                                            Bruce D

                                            Calvin Z

                                            Cornelius S +1

                                            Cort R +1

                                            David S +1

                                            Devin P

                                            Erik D

                                            Fred R

                                            George S

                                            Gerard P

                                            Irene L

                                            James L

                                            Jason J

                                            Jayfer Z

                                            Jeffrey G

                                            Jon M

                                            Jordan P +1

                                            Kenneth R +1

                                            Kenneth T +1

                                            Kevin C

                                            Kyle C +1

                                            LaMonz N

                                            Lottie S

                                            Makato I

                                            Mark K

                                            Markus S

                                            Matt S +1

                                            Matthew C

                                            Michael T

                                            Mika W +1

                                            Patrick C

                                            Rachel V

                                            Ramon M

                                            Rob T +1

                                            Sarah C +1

                                            Thaddeus L +3

                                            Tina O

                                            Tomas B +1

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                                              Hey James and ACiE. Super excited to see and meet you guys this Sunday — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                              Hey James and ACiE! Super excited to see and meet you guys this Sunday!!! There has been a little change. The location is : TAPS Fish house & brewery in BREA, CA. Address: 101 E. Imperial hwy BREA, ca 92821. I appreciate your patience and flexibility , but I encountered some issues with the Irvine location that was not promising for great service or experience. The BREA location however will be doing their due diligence to ensure a positive experience for all. Thanks!

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                                                James Lee shared a link to the group: Audi Club of the Inland Empire. — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                As many of you know our good friend Wes has been in intensive care for quite some time now. His father tells me that he is slowly getting better, but that he still has a long way to go. A few of us were discussing ways that we could help the family out and we decided on a go fund me to help with any medical expenses or simply just replacing some lost income from his stay in the hospital.

                                                We all know that Wes works very hard and long hours to provide for his family. He gives so much of his time and passion to our car community, I think the least we can do is give back when his family is in a time of need.

                                                For those of you who have lived through having a loved one fall seriously ill you know how draining it can be, both emotionally and financially. If we can aid at all and relieve some of that strain I think that would be great.

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                                                  As you guys may know I love Audis and photography and I m blessed that I can... — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                  As you guys may know I love Audis and photography and I'm blessed that I can enjoy both in this club. To thank you guys for supporting ACIE I will be offering last minute shoots at random times. I'll announce the shoot anywhere from 2 to 24 hours in advance and I'll randomly choose one of the volunteers by a certain deadline. (Unfortunately I can't be too far from home so you'll have to be willing to come out to the brea/Fullerton area)

                                                  First random shoot: Tomorrow evening around 10pm (was gonna try tonight but too tired lol)

                                                  Please let me know if your down for the shoot and I'll choose a random winner or winners at 12pm tomorrow.

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                                                    Fred Rodolfo shared a link to the group: Audi Club of the Inland Empire. — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                    Hi all, I have something for sale. Comment below or PM me if interested. This will be available after New Year's Day.

                                                    APR Cooling Performance System (CPS) Version 2. This retails for $2,052.00 with tax, but can be yours for a special price of $1,450.00 INSTALLED! If you just want the kit, it's $1,300.

                                                    I've had this on my car for 1 1/2 years. It was painted matte black so that it's not visible through the front grille. This is a great mod to have if you want to minimize the adverse effects of heat soak on your car's performance. The hotter your engine gets, the less power it generates. Having this system addresses that. The system includes everything you see in the link below. Compatible with B8/B8.5 S4 and S5 models. Installation will be performed by Pure Motorsports in San Diego. Available for pickup/meetup if you just want the kit. No shipping available.


                                                    ======== ==

                                                    - Coolant Separator Reservoir

                                                    - Radiator

                                                    - External Coolant Tank (holds an additional 4.2 liters of coolant)


                                                    WHY YOU NEED THIS:


                                                    Fro m the factory, the 3.0 TFSI’s supercharger features dual air to water heat exchangers mounted inside the unit, which are responsible for lowering the intake air temperature before it reaches the combustion chambers. As air moves through the heat exchangers, heat transfer occurs while cooling the intake air, and thus heating the coolant. The coolant is then pumped through a circuit shared with the engine’s cooling circuit and across one front and one side mounted radiator. As air rushes across the radiator, the coolant’s temperature is reduced. The cooling system’s pump circulates coolant back through the supercharger and the process recurs.


                                                    The problem with this system is that after only a few moments of spirited driving, the cooling system becomes overwhelmed and lacks the ability to reduce the coolant's temperature. This is made worse by the fact the cooling system is shared by the engine’s cooling circuit, which can easily raise coolant temperatures beyond 100°C. As a result, the system’s effectiveness decreases, intake air temperature rises, power decreases and reliability drops.

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                                                      Sam Spirer shared a link to the group: Audi Club of the Inland Empire. — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                      Car looking dirty? Need to prep your paint for winter time? Take advantage of this awesome deal from Wicked Auto Detailing. We are 100% mobile and travel all over SoCal

                                                      $150 FULL DETAIL THIS WEEK ONLY 11/13/2015 - 11/22/2015

                                                      Wash/Clay/Light Polish and Sealant

                                                      Interior Cleaning

                                                      Larger or Dirtier vehicles subject to additional fees.

                                                      Gas fee may also apply depending on location

                                                      Call us to schedule - 617-901-1417

                                                      For additional information on our company check out our website and social media!



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                                                        Driving home from work tonight and I go to pass some slower traffic Stomped on... — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                        Driving home from work tonight, and I go to pass some slower traffic. Stomped on it. As soon as the engine hit the higher revs, "BOOM" followed by a loud rumble. Immediately lift off the throttle. Look at my dash, no lights coming on. Look in my rear view, not smoke. Still lots of loud rumble. Pull off and look underneath, no fluids leaking either. Open hood, and I'm almost knocked out by exhaust fumes. Somehow I have blown a leak/hole in the exhaust. Taking the day off tomorrow to check it out and hopefully get it taken care of. Hoping it's something simple. Feeling like it's gonna be a bastard of a fix. Anyone hear of something like this happening? 2013 S4 B8.5

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                                                          Hi everyone I want to seek some feedback on what I m planning to do I know I... — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                          Hi everyone, I want to seek some feedback on what I'm planning to do. I know I might get some flame for wanting to do this but here goes...

                                                          So I originally was planning on getting wheels and lower my A3. But after driving to my new job for 3 weeks now and I realized that scenario is just not ideal. There is a big ditch that I can't avoid and lots of speed bumps in the staff lot. Therefore, I am considering just getting wheels and not lower the car.

                                                          I was checking the wheel dimensions and noticed the 18" stock wheel diameter is very close to the 19x8.5 wrapped in 234/35/19 that I am planning on getting. I think it is 25.4 inches versus 25.7 inches or something very similar like that.

                                                          The last thing I want is my car looking like a 4x4 but it seems the diameters are very similar so I'd assume the new 19" wheels will have the same wheel gap as my current stock wheel. Is what I assume correct? Please offer some feedback!

                                                          I do apologize for the super long post!

                                                          Thanks for any feedback in advance

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                                                            Sam Spirer shared a link to the group: Audi Club of the Inland Empire. — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                            SEMA is approaching fast! Do you need your vehicles paint corrected? Ceramic Coated? Sealed? Waxed? Looking to get that ultimate shine and protection so you can blow the pants off your competitors? Contact us for all your pre-SEMA show needs! We are already picking up fast this month with last minute prep!

                                                            Don't wait until the last minute!

                                                            Try out our Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings! You won't be disappointed, it'll be hard not to impress the crowd! Pour on some water and watch it roll off!

                                                            Get rid of those nasty swirls, imperfections, surface scratches or clear coat stains with a detail from Wicked Auto Detailing!

                                                            We will also be offering packages to maintain your vehicle for the duration of the event! Call us to inquire about Wicked Auto Detailing SEMA car care packages!



                                                            #SEMAshow #WickedAutoDetailing #Detailing #OrangeCounty #LosAngeles #MobileDetailing #Ceramicpro_Official #CeramicCoatings #paintprotection #paintcorrection #AutoDetail #Carshows #Tradeshows #LasVegas

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                                                              Erik Dietz shared a link to the group: Audi Club of the Inland Empire. — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                              Thank you to the admins for allowing me to post this. I wanted to invite all of you to be a part of this as well, as it in no way is meant to be a substitute or replace any other clubs that you belong to. I hope to see many of you on the forums and I hope that you all enjoy the benefits from vendors we established in the SoCal area. I have hopes that this club will serve the whole southern california region. Have a great day!


                                                              Original post in ACLA:

                                                              THE WEBSITE IS COMPLETE. After working tirelessly over the past 6 months, everything is finally ready. Please head on over and check out We are relaunching the club as Autobahn Club of Los Angeles, where all European automotive enthusiasts are welcome, and will make the transition over the coming week or two. It is meant to be a place where we can gather to discuss news, upcoming events, projects and builds and genuinely share our passion for cars. There are four different levels of membership, the first one is FREE and acts just like the membership to this FB group does. You can enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow enthusiast, join in on the forums and attend events. For those of you looking for some added benefits there are 3 paid levels of membership. Each successive level of membership comes with more benefits and discounts. By coordinating with many of our Southern California shops, we have provided you with a list of preferred vendors, where your paid memberships will grant you discounts. You simply have to show up, present your membership ID and the discounts will be applied to your final bill. Please take the time to look over the benefits page and see which level fits you best. If any of you have any feedback or questions, please use the FEEDBACK link at the bottom of each page which is completely ANONYMOUS. I'm sure there will be some glitches and various positive and negative feedback; I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR IT ALL. I hope you all will enjoy and appreciate this new endeavor, as I have spent a lot of time over the past 6 months putting this all together in hopes of creating a better and more holistic experience for all of you. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED AND SUPPORTED THIS ENDEAVOR ALONG THE WAY. I APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU AND HOPE THIS WILL BE A GREAT NEW CHAPTER FOR US ALL.

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                                                                Attachment Unavailable — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                Hey all... I am sure you are aware that we have lost one of our own early this morning.

                                                                I know this is an odd request... But under these circumstances, I was just requested by his wife to try an locate his vehicle. She knows that it was dropped off to have some brakes worked on... So if you happen to know its location or who worked on it... Please let me know so his wife can pay and pick it up. Thank you all for your help.

                                                                I will be posting other information about our friend once we have met with the family.

                                                                His business partners and I will be putting together a memorial fund and event for our United Stance founder and brain child.


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                                                                  Photos from Derrek Smith's post — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                  Its in good condition runs great. I recently replaced the clutch & flywheel. ($2,000 with warranty)

                                                                  It has a clean tittle tags expire in September 2016. Title in HAND. Mileage is 52,309 will go up couple miles as i drive it around. Bose Audio. Does not leak oil or burn oil. It is a 6 speed manual stick shift. Tires and brakes are good to go AC needs to be recharged. Leather seats. No dents and has scratches from it being a 2001 but will buff right out. Has Heated Seats both sides. No check engine lights runs smooth. I will have a SMOG cert to go with the car. Looking to get 7k. Victorville, CA

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                                                                    Anyone in the Ontario area can help me diagnose a starting problem with the A3 — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                    Anyone in the Ontario area can help me diagnose a starting problem with the A3? It cranks but won't start, battery is brand new and I have replaced crankshaft sensor, and still to NO avail. One day it started having firing problem on morning start ups, it took a while to fire, intermittently, then it just altogether stopped firing. Anyone with VAG that can help?

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                                                                      for any of you boys with the new gen S3 s — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                      for any of you boys with the new gen S3's

                                                                      here's the disable winking coding

                                                                      i'll be happy to change it up for you guys on next meet

                                                                      or if you guys ever have the chance to come down to OC

                                                                      save this for later in case any of you need to hit me up later on

                                                                      Wink Coding for the 8v MQB s3's

                                                                      [09] Central Electronics

                                                                      Security Access 31347


                                                                      (16)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Lichtfunktion G 2

                                                                      Default: Blinken linksaktiv (beide Phasen)

                                                                      (18)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Dimmwert GH 2

                                                                      Set to: 100%.

                                                                      (19)-Leuchte2SL VLB10-Dimming Direction GH 2

                                                                      Set to: Minimize

                                                                      (16)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Lichtfunktion G 3

                                                                      Default: Blinken rechts aktiv (beide Phasen)

                                                                      (18)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Dimmwert GH 3

                                                                      Set to: 100%.

                                                                      (19)-Leuchte3SL VRB21-Dimming Direction GH 3

                                                                      Set to: Minimize

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                                                                        Photos from Joey Feroz's post — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                        Had these shirts commissioned for a few of us for SoCal Euro.....If you are interested in one, let me know on Sunday at our Coffee event so I can have them ready in time for San Diego.....YOU NEED TO PAY ME UP FRONT ZERO EXCEPTIONS (I don't spot my best friend money)...

                                                                        Comes in Black, Khaki, or Dark grey (DG and Khaki pictured) and either long or short sleeve....

                                                                        Prices: $60 for short Sleeve $65 for Long sleeve and extended sizes.

                                                                        Again payment upfront

                                                                        They look sick in person and some of us will modeling them on Sunday.

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                                                                          Photos from Hamés Hérnand's post — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                          I know... I know... It's not an Audi...

                                                                          After much thought... I have decided to put a feeler out for my current set of wheels.

                                                                          I have a For Sale/For Trade ad currently in circulation... And thought I'd give you all an opportunity as well.

                                                                          Local to Chino, CA

                                                                          ----------------------------------------- --------

                                                                          Asking $4000

                                                                          I have for sale or trade with cash on your end (Depending on wheel) a set of 20" HRE 540R 3pc wheels with Matte Black face and Gloss Black Lips/Barrels

                                                                          F: 20x8.5et28 - 5x112 - Bore: 66.6 - 1.5"Lip/7"Barrel

                                                                          Wrapped in: New Toyo Extensa HP tires- 225/35R20

                                                                          R: 20x10et35 - 5x112 - Bore: 66.6 - 3"Lip/7"Barrel

                                                                          Wrapped in: New Toyo Extensa HP tires- 255/35R20

                                                                          Comes with 2 sets of HRE center caps in Red and Grey.

                                                                          Bonus: 2 extra 255/35R20 Nexen N3000 rear tires with 80% tread left. Used prior to Toyo set of tires.

                                                                          Fitment good for some VW, Audi or Mercedes

                                                                          Some rock pitting on one front lip due to flat tire. All wheels are straight and round - all hold air.

                                                                          Looking for multi-piece wheels or possible single forged wheels... Especially in Step-Lip.

                                                                          Brands considered: BBS, Rennen Forged, Avant Garde, VIP Modulars, 3K Projekt, Art-N-Motion or any similar high end wheel.

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                                                                            Not sure who s doing what for Big Euro but we are putting together an Avant... — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                            Not sure who's doing what for Big Euro, but we are putting together an Avant caravan, or freight train if you will... Heading from Orange County. sedans and coupes also welcome... Leaning toward the VIP parking to be closer and bringing EZ UPs/Coolers/bbq all the goods. Please shoot me an IM, comment here if your interested, or if you have a crew that we can hook up with on the way

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                                                                              ISO mechanic in Temecula area or Ontario area Or anyone who can help me figure... — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                              ISO mechanic in Temecula area or Ontario area. Or anyone who can help me figure out why my a/t 07 A3 won't start.

                                                                              Searched the forums... coil pack recall replaced, not the battery, not the crank, full gas tank. Altnernator? Ignition? Something with the spark plugs? It would struggle to start, then one day it just didn't start. It's no longer in my possession so I can't just run outside and check it. Trying to form a game plan for when I can get to it, or find a mechanic that won't take all the money I don't have.

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                                                                                Sam Spirer shared Wicked Auto Detailing's video to the group: Audi Club of the Inland Empire. — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                                Looking for a great mobile detailing experience in SoCal? Check us out! Wicked Auto Detailing

                                                                                We offer a huge variety of detailing services to fit your every need! We also travel to most places in Southern California! We cover a huge range from San Diego all the way to Ventura County and many other areas!

                                                                                From Basic detailing to full paint correction, you name it, we offer it!

                                                                                Basic Detailing starting at $125

                                                                                Check our website for a full list of services or give a call!


                                                                                617- 901-1417

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                                                                                  Sam Spirer shared a link to the group: Audi Club of the Inland Empire. — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                                  Take advantage of Wicked Auto Detailing's 4th of July specials! If you book an appointment with us today for any time during the month of July, receive 15% off your purchase!

                                                                                  We are only offering this deal if you book your future appointment today!

                                                                                  We are a traveling professional Auto Detailing service providing all services from clay and wax to paint correction. Leave your paint in the care of the Pro's! We'll get you back to that factory shine! If not better!

                                                                                  Call or Text to Schedule your appointment today!

                                                                                  Check out our website for all our services!

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                                                                                    Sam Spirer shared a link to the group: Audi Club of the Inland Empire. — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                                    If you missed your chance for an appointment with Wicked Auto Detailing for a Wicked Detail this past month, we are now taking appointments for July! Get your car conveniently detailed by the Pro's without even having to leave your house!

                                                                                    Offering all services from basic detailing to paint correction, headlight restorations, interior shampooing, Interior protective coatings and more! Snag a slot before its too late!

                                                                                    Give us a call or text at 617-901-1417 to schedule!

                                                                                    Check out our website for a full list of services!


                                                                                    < p>

                                                                                    Check out some examples of our work on our website, Facebook page or instagram!

                                                                                    Wicked_Detailing on IG


                                                                                    Like our Facebook page for an automatic 5% off your first purchase!

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                                                                                      Is there an audi board anywhere where people can post technical problems — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                                      Is there an audi board anywhere where people can post technical problems? I had my audi fixed from a fender bender and it now reads code 0655 (seatbelt error) and airbag light is still on.

                                                                                      I have replaced the seat belts twice..send control module out to be cleared and had a guy out to clear it, the codes still there. So I went to the audi dealer in riverside..they got same codes and told me wiring issue or bad module (they don't believe its the seatbelt). Took to another garage checked wiring and isolated seat belt said they believed it was the module but couldn't clear it as they didn't have correct program.

                                                                                      OK send to different airbag place (safetyrestore) where they tell me it can't be reset UNLESS its in the audi! ok so what did the last people at "my airbags" do with it when I sent it to them?

                                                                             they say I need someone with a gmtech or autel program scanner..does anyone have a clue whats really going on,or who could point me in the right direction..or tell me what to do next .. thanks.. sorry its so long!

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                                                                                        Sam Spirer shared a link to the group: Audi Club of the Inland Empire. — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                                        Summer time is here! The season of car shows, hot dates, road trips, parties and sunshine! Start off your summer by shining up your car with Wicked Auto Detailing!

                                                                                        How your car looks is a judgement of character! Impress all your friends, family and new acquaintances with your professionally detailed ride! We use all high quality materials with no filling agents or temporary fixes for those bad imperfections! Guaranteed high quality work that will last you months on end!

                                                                                        We offer everything from basic detailing with clay bar and wax to full interior, paint correction, water protection, headlight restorations, clear bra and more! The best part is we are fully mobile and bring the detail shop to your door! Were filling up fast for the summer time so book your appointment soon!

                                                                                        We charge a fair price for our skills and guarantee you satisfaction. Give our FB a like to receive 5% off your first service.

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                                                                                          Hey Everyone — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                                          Hey Everyone!

                                                                                          Just wanted to give an introduction and say whats up!

                                                                                          I have a great service to offer everyone here! If you're looking for an awesome detailer to take care of your very expensive and precious european paint then I'm your guy! I am owner of Wicked Auto Detailing a fantastic mobile auto detailing service (not a car wash service), I provide amazing quality work that you can't match having done at the comfort of your own home or at your office.

                                                                                          I offer many great services such as basic wash, clay bar and wax to paint correction (machine polishing), headlight restorations, full interior and much more! I have a variety of great products to protect your paint with and remove those nasty imperfections.

                                                                                          To view my work please check out my Facebook page listed above, my instagram Wicked_Detailing or view a full list of my services on my website


                                                                                          To schedule an appointment or to ask any questions please feel free to call or text me at 617-901-1417

                                                                                          I would like to thank Norman H Garzaro Jr and the rest of the Admins for allowing me to post my advertisements here. I look forward to meeting you all at meets or through my services!

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                                                                                            Looking to sell or trade my stage 3 Audi S4 — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                                            Looking to sell or trade my stage 3+ Audi S4

                                                                                            Trades considered:

                                                                                            Mitsubishi EVO

                                                                                            BMW M3

                                                                                            maybe some other stuff too

                                                                                            My car Is a very well sorted stage 3+ 6 speed with 170,000 miles, no check engine lights, abs lights or traction control issues what so ever. color is Santorion blue with blue Alacantra interior, below are a list of all the mods (and im sure im missing some). The car makes 485awhp text for info @ 909-272-6754

                                                                                            ASKING 11,500.00

                                                                                            Engine mods:

                                                                                            Engine was completely gone thru when the rods went in as well has about 10-12k miles on it all

                                                                                            Tial 605 turbos

                                                                                            SSAC inlets

                                                                                            SSAC 3" down pipes no cats

                                                                                            034 DV valves

                                                                                            FSI (2.0) coil conversion

                                                                                            AEM air Filter

                                                                                            SRM Bi pipes

                                                                                            SRM intercoolers

                                                                                            AEM meth injection

                                                                                            2.8 Heads and cams with fresh valve job

                                                                                            RPM H beam rods

                                                                                            034 Coated Rod bearings

                                                                                            Solo Motorsports stage 3+ tune

                                                                                            034 aux pump bypass hose

                                                                                            Silicone couplers

                                                                                            52lb EV14 injectors

                                                                                            034 85mm Maf housing

                                                                                            044 intank fuel pump

                                                                                            Drive Train/body:

                                                                                            ST coil overs

                                                                                            Vast stage 4 clutch

                                                                                            Fidanza alloy flywheel

                                                                                            All SS brake lines

                                                                                            Pagid brake pads

                                                                                            ACPT Carbon fiber drive shaft

                                                                                            034 Motorsports motor mounts

                                                                                            034 street density trans mounts

                                                                                            034 alloy sub frame bushings

                                                                                            All control arms in the front replaced last year

                                                                                            TSW 19" wheels with 80% tread on the tires


                                                                                            Pioneer in dash touch screen dvd pandora and I pod ready

                                                                                            JHM short Shifter

                                                                                            ALL LED lights

                                                                                            All pixles in the cluster are good


                                                                                            I have EVERY receipt from the previous 2 owners from the very first oil change

                                                                                            Since I have had it I have done the following



                                                                                            Ther mostat housing (updated metal one)

                                                                                            Spark plugs

                                                                                            Diff service

                                                                                            Trans service

                                                                                            Upper radiator hose

                                                                                            Coolant tank

                                                                                            Cabin air filter

                                                                                            New Bosch primary O2 sensors

                                                                                            New front Axles (both)


                                                                                            small rip in the side bolster on the driver seat

                                                                                            Clear coat peeling

                                                                                            dash cup holder inoperable

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                                                                                              Attachment Unavailable — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                                              every chance I get in driving through canyons. I take people up there and they ask "why come up here just to waste gas and speed through such tight corners" only car people understand that through those tight cornering canyons you're completely in control of the outcome at the end of the hair pin, the short lived adrenaline rush of feeling the road, your car, and yourself all connect and be a single entity in your mind. there is no stress, there is no worry; all it is at that point in time is you and your freedom. the ongoing battle within yourself to get through corners 1-10 just a tenth of a second faster then you did last time. that is why we do what we do, to keep pushing ourself to our limits and surpass what we thought was, before, our limit. it's not the car, it's not the road, it's the experience of the two as a single point in time.

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                                                                                                Giancarlo Rischio shared a link to the group: Audi Club of the Inland Empire. — Audi Forum of the Inland Empire

                                                                                                Audi’s new supercar is not your typical supercar, their newest concept has its critics but this half sports car and half rally car will surely have people talking. Audi’s Nanuk Quattro took its inspiration from the Audi Quattro concept as well as the R8, making this behemoth of a car the best of both worlds. Thus, this car is not only a supercar but also a crossover with it’s all wheel drive train and off-roading capabilities it’ll surely have the crowds talking.

                                                                                                Exterior Design:

                                                                                                This car has an immaculate exterior and is surely a concept with its futuristic side mirrors and aerodynamic styling all around. This Audi Nanuk Quattro concept is fully made from aluminum and carbon fiber, the Audi Nanuk weighs in at around 4200 pounds. Aggressively designed by Italdesign Giugiaro, this car begs for attention when the Lambo-based concept first came out as the Giugiaro Parcour. The R8 in ...

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