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The Vivid Racing/Agency Power carbon fiber rear diffuser is now up for a group buy to generate interest. $750 plus shipping. Message for more details.or you can view the thread on Audizine 7-Vivid-Racing-Agency-Power-Carbon-Fiber-Rear-Diff user-GROUP-BUY!!! Thanks!

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2012 Giac stage 2 6MT — Audi B8 B8.5 S4 Network

2012 Giac stage 2 6MT

Getting back on full throttle after 3-4 shift and the bypass stays opened for a significant amount of time and stays opened from 70%. Any idea why that could happen? Before I got the clutch and flywheel replaced I attributed this behavior to clutch slip, but that can't be it now

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    Hey guys I m search of a good heat exchanger also looking into oversized lower... — Audi B8 B8.5 S4 Network

    Hey guys I'm search of a good heat exchanger, also looking into oversized lower pulleys, and meth kits... looking to order in a few weeks and looking for products people have had good experiences (current mods include apr carbon intake, stage 2 pulley and tune)

    Quick view ISO: heat exchanger, lower pulley, meth kits (located in the US)

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      Jay Vercautrin shared a link to the group: Audi S4 B8/B8.5 Network (Focused On International Model Years 2009-2016). — Audi B8 B8.5 S4 Network

      This a a pretty good video on auto detailing for beginners, I would do a few things differently (just my preference), but this video hits a lot of major points. Also if your rims have black brake dust embedded in the wheels use a magic eraser or a clay bar with soap r detail spray. Additionally I would use different products. I prefer the Pink Chemical Guys car-wash, I use the the light clay bar from chemical guys, if I have scratches or swirl marks I use Klasse AIO, Meguiars Scratch X, or Meguiars Cleaner paste wax. The last step I use is the FinishKare 1000P or the Klasse Sealant. Happy motoring friends.

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        I just tried this sealant over this past weekend and I d like to share with you... — Audi B8 B8.5 S4 Network

        I just tried this sealant over this past weekend and I'd like to share with you my experience. Normally I always detail my own car and I am constantly trying new products to keep my S4 like new. This product is a slam dunk. I read a bunch of positive reviews on amazon and autogeek, so I decided to buy it for $16 bucks. I started by washing the car, clay bar treatment, then I applied Meguires Cleaner Wax to prep the paint, and finally I added the FinishKare 1000p sealant (easy on and off). All I can say is I was truly impressed by this product. The shine on the car was insane and the paint was super slick, it almost looked like I added another clearcoat (trust me) to the paint. What impressed me the most was I drove from Houston to Dallas and then to San Antonio while is was pouring, and I have never seen a car bead that crazy. When I got back to Houston I washed the car real quick and could not believe how easy the dirt came off. I didn't even have to scrub the rims (pressure wash only) and my AWE exhaust tips were super easy to clean (literally wipe down). I've tried dozens of waxes/sealants but nothing I ever tried has been so good. It almost like a ceramic coating (obviously not as good) but definitely a close second. I applied it to my windshield, paint, rims and exhaust tips. The rims and exhaust tips are usually a pain because of the brake dust and so are the exhaust tips from the black soot, not with this sealant, its designed to last 6 months and withstand high temperatures. I'll post some pics tomorrow.

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          Since I've moved on from the S4, I'd like to part with the wheels I got for track duty, although they only made it to the track (1/4mile) 2 times. Wheels are perfect condition and the tires only have 3203 miles on them. I have proper lugs nuts for them as well. I paid $2200 for them April 2016, they're 18X8 OZ Ultraleggera with 245/40-18 Michelin PSS. The reason I got them was their weight, or lack thereof, each wheel position is 42.5lb which is about 12-14lb less per wheel/tire than stock. I can check shipping costs if you're interested & my asking price is $1200, but feel free to PM with an offer.

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            Need help with VCDS Error code — Audi B8 B8.5 S4 Network

            Need help with VCDS Error code:

            No ASAM data for: "EV_ECM30TFS0218K0" (AU48)

            2 Faults Found:

            8931 - ROD - Unknown Error Code

            - 00 [237]

            MIL ON - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear

            Freeze Frame:

            Fault Status: 00000001

            Fault Priority: 2

            Fault Frequency: 1

            Mileage: 152042 km

            Date: 2017.02.16

            Time: 10:36:39

            8932 - ROD - Unknown Error Code

            - 00 [237]

            MIL ON - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear

            Freeze Frame:

            Fault Status: 00000001

            Fault Priority: 2

            Fault Frequency: 1

            Mileage: 152042 km

            Date: 2017.02.16

            Time: 10:36:39

            Readiness: 0000 0000

            -------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------

            Address 02: Auto Trans (J217) Labels: 0B5-927-156.clb

            Part No SW: 8K2 927 156 S HW: 0B5 927 156 F

            Component: 0B5 30TFSINAR H10 0001

            Revision: --H10--- Serial number: 0000000976

            Coding: 000001

            Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000

            ASAM Dataset: EV_TCMDL501 A02087

            ROD: EV_TCMDL501.rod

            VCID: 4683B093F952362EEEF-8013

            No fault code found.

            Anybody got that before? Thanks

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              So im driving on the highway on the way to work and i receive a warning on my... — Audi B8 B8.5 S4 Network

              So im driving on the highway on the way to work and i receive a warning on my dash for hot coolant temp. My coolant temp indicator was maxxed out and the only way i could keep temps down was to turn on my heater and put it on full blast. If i turn off my heater coolant temp skyrockets. Does this sound like a thermostat issue?

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                Lance Jones shared a link to the group: Audi S4 B8/B8.5 Network (Focused On International Model Years 2009-2016). — Audi B8 B8.5 S4 Network

                Anyone ever look into this? Seems like a cheaper way to do coding than spending 300$ to have my car start with esc off or in individual mode rather than auto

                EDIT: for the credits needed to use the "apps" there is a video in the comments on youtube where he explains them. Apps are just quick was to do coding. Like if you want esc off when you start the car you do not have to manually code it will do coding for you. This still the ability to do manual coding which does not code "credits"

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                  I've decided that I am going to let my S4 go shortly. This post is for anybody in here that would like first dibs at it before I post on CL and many forums in about a week or two.

                  2011 Audi S4

                  6 speed manual transmission!

                  Ibis White with black leather/suede interior

                  104xxx miles

                  Clean title

                  One owner car

                  The ONLY modification to this car EVER is an AWE exhaust. Never been tuned. Never been raced.

                  Things that have been done in the last hundred miles or will be done prior to the sale of the car-

                  *New thermostat

                  *(4) new BFG Sport Comp 2s in 245/40/18

                  *Resurfaced flywheel

                  *New OEM clutch/pressure plate/TOB using all new gaskets and bolts (also OEM)

                  *Oil changed with an OEM filter and Liqui Moly

                  *Transmission fluid changed with OEM kit and new drain/fill plugs/crush washers

                  *Differential fluid changed with OEM

                  *Supercharger fluid changed with GM oil

                  *Coolant flushed with OEM G12

                  *Brake and clutch fluid flushed with OEM DOT 4

                  *New water pump

                  *New rear main seal

                  *New rotors all around

                  *4 wheel alignment

                  *New upper coolant pipe (broke when changing thermostat)

                  *New front plate delete

                  *New air filter

                  *New fuel filter

                  *New cabin air filter

                  Between all of these services, new OEM clutch, and new "ultra high performance summer" tires, I have invested over $2,200 in parts alone this week and will invest likely over 50-75 hours total in labor. (Receipts are available, of course.) These services and parts together would run you over $5,000 at the dealership.

                  ---My asking price is $22,000 USD.---

                  Once all of the services are finished, I will be posting this for sale across many websites.

                  Thanks for looking.

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                    Photos from Angfu Chung's post — Audi B8 B8.5 S4 Network

                    Gecko Racing Coilover !

                    ‧ G-street / 850USD include shipping

                    It comes with 24-clicks adjustable damping and the shock body is height adjustable, Monotube in design which gives more strength and larger piston for better damping control.

                    We are currently looking for more dealers for Gecko Suspension

                    (Requirements: Must have workshop to install and sell suspension and car parts )

                    High quality components:

                    ‧SAE9254 steels springs

                    ‧Japan NOK oil seal

                    ‧France TOTAL rotary dedicated oil

                    ‧Mono-tube shock design

                    The NOK seals used are the same as Tein, They are manufactured in Taiwan, not China, so the quality control is a lot better


                    ‧1 year unlimited mileage warranty of shock

                    ‧Completely rebuildable and individual parts are available separately for purchase

                    Payment by Paypal

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                      hey Loe Phaengsavanh i tried finding conclusive info on the fuel pump upgrades... — Audi B8 B8.5 S4 Network

                      hey Loe Phaengsavanh i tried finding conclusive info on the fuel pump upgrades with GIAC stage 2 for moving up to DP and e85. is the GIAC lpfp upgrade enough for us after all or we still need the lpfp? i remember reading a comment of yours on audizine about the LPFP being enough but i couldn't find anymore, unless all that happened in my head only.

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                        Laszlo Tallai shared 034Motorsport's post to the group: Audi S4 B8/B8.5 Network (Focused On International Model Years 2009-2016). — Audi B8 B8.5 S4 Network

                        If you've been waiting for an affordable, high-quality solution to replace your S4's worn factory control arms, 034Motorsport has great news for you!

                        Complete Density Line Performance Control Arm Kits are now available for the B8/B8.5 Audi A4/S4 & A5/S5/RS5. These are designed to be the most comprehensive and effective OEM+ control arm kits on the market, and include everything needed to replace the factory arms and ball joints, along with new hardware.

                        We've been testing these kits for over a year on multiple vehicles with excellent results. Feel free to message me or shoot us an email if you have any questions. :)

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                          Photos from Colin Shorter's post — Audi B8 B8.5 S4 Network

                          Putting my wheels up for sale.

                          Set of pretty much new stance SC8 20x10 et 35 and 5x112. Im selling because it wasnt what i was going for. The setup has less than 1000 miles. The wheels are in perfect condition. No rubbing at all

                          Total setup was 3856.00 for wheels, custom powder coat, custom accents (black screws), rubber (255/30/20), mounting and balancing.

                          These are so new they still have the manufacturer paint on the tires.

                          2500 obo

                          Located in md. Willing to meet in middle if interested.

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                            Need some advice Want to sell my 2010 S4 b8 prestige with B O stage 2 on Giac... — Audi B8 B8.5 S4 Network

                            Need some advice.. Want to sell my 2010 S4 b8 prestige with B&O stage 2 on Giac installed by awe 2 sets of rims stock one has winter tire the other is Forge Star CF5 on Michelin PSS cup2. Lowered on KW coils and stock shocks with dynamic and comfort adjust from inside cabin also sports diff. Brakes are 6 piston aluminum trophy addition. Adjustable control arms , APR full carbon intake rear splinter is also carbon , exhaust is AWE non resonated with high flow cats. Lastly Belltronic STIR plus.. So the question how much should I sell it for ?..want to keep it but due to financial issues

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                              Photos from George Seamons's post — Audi B8 B8.5 S4 Network

                              Hi guys. I have been told to post on here regarding a product I am developing, which basically stops you having to press the clutch to start the engine.

                              I have already developed a similar product for the Mk5/6 VW Golf VAG platform ( it also works on Audi 8P A3/S3, Audi 8J TT/TTS/TTRS, VW Golf mk5+6, VW Scirocco mk3, VW EOS, VW Passat B6, Seat 1P Leon/Leon Cupra/Leon Cupra R, Leon K1 etc), which has taken off REALLY well (sold in excess of 220 of them). It was developed on these cars, because the thrust washers between the crank and block are a weak point, and pressing the clutch to start the engine causes premature wear, which can result in a replacement engine being needed.

                              Now, whilst this particular harness won't work on the B8/8.5, I am 99.9% sure I can make the same product to fit, its just a case of using the correct connectors, and adapting the technology to suit.

                              What I want to know is, is it something you guys would be interested in? If there's no market, I won't bother with the R&D into it. I'm hoping there is a market though, because from what the person who suggested I write on here said, there is a known problem with the clutch master cylinder failing, which requires a new clutch to be fitted (I think!). Price wise, I should be able to make them for the same £22 UK posted/£30 internationally posted as my existing setup.

                              I have included pictures of the harness I currently make, although bear in mind the B8/8.5 version will be slightly different due to the connectors not being the same. I have also included some of the feedback sales on ebay (although bear in mind the majority of my sales are through Facebook groups).

                              The ebay link for the ones I already make is:


                              ...but obviously don't buy one of this type expecting it to work on yours!

                              Look forward to hearing your views :)

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                                Photos from James Rotach's post — Audi B8 B8.5 S4 Network

                                $12000- 2010 S4 Premium Plus DSG 122k miles- new battery, transmission service done, spark plug service done. No Nav or backup camera. Daily driver but looking to sell for more economical car. Has wear and tear and headliner is drooping in the rear from being in Orlando for first owner. I have driven it 80 miles a day for almost two years with no issues. Does have lien on it so preferred to go through the bank on an offer. PM for more info or want to know more.

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                                  Photos from Daryl Flanagan's post — Audi B8 B8.5 S4 Network

                                  Yesterday the car went to MRC Tuning in Banbury for their Stage 2 package comprising of MRC Filter, MRC Pulley, MRC Hi Grip Belt, Silicon Intake Pipe, Modified airbox and MRC Stage 2 Remap along with STronic gearbox map. I have two frineds who both have MRC Stage2 Audi S4's one of which also bought their car along for a map tweak due to having test pipes fitted and a gearbox map update.

                                  We arrived early at 8am and the guys at MRC worked theit magic and the car was finished just after lunctime. I can't recomend MRC Tuning enough their knowledge of these cars is second to none and their stage2 package & STronic map totally transforms the car. The final result was 475ps and 589nm the power is instantly on tap, smooth and torquey with super quick gear changes.

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