Question I bought a CPO 2013 allroad last year It s been a minor nightmare... — Audi allroad Quattro

Question: I bought a CPO 2013 allroad last year. It's been a minor nightmare, and I have learned the hard way that CPO doesn't mean much.

Anyway, the question: I have been experiencing notchy steering almost since I took delivery of the car, 9k miles ago. It feels like there are indents in the steering, so as you turn it always wants to sit in one of those indents. It makes it impossible to make minute adjustments. Initially, the notchiness was intermittent. Now it is almost all the time. The first couple times I took it in to my local dealership (not the dealership that sold me the car) they would not acknowledge there was a problem. The third time they acknowledged there was a problem and replaced some parts stating there was binding in the steering column. I picked up the car, the steering is a little better, but still notchy, and the steering is now off-center when traveling straight.

I have another appointment next week, but I am not optimistic for a resolution. It is really burdensome to have to keep taking it to the dealership because I live 2 hours away. CPO warranty expires in about 5k miles too.

Just wondering if anyone on here has had a similar issue. I've read a lot about this in various forums, but no clear answers.

Thanks for your time!

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been fighting some random misfires at 75 throttle and above not boost related... — Audi allroad Quattro

been fighting some random misfires at 75% throttle and above. not boost related, it gets up to pressure just fine, but if you open the throttle all the way the car breaks up and makes a very low rumbling noise, feels like a hard spark cut.

My suspicion is something in the transmission is starting to go (again. but for real this time, not fluid or filters jamming it up), but it sets off the misfire light as well.

engine is coming out next week anyway for cleaning and transmission replacement.

my money is on transmission, could be a problem with coils too.

anyone happy with their 2.0T coil swaps? considering it.

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    Photos from Dave Meyer's post — Audi allroad Quattro

    FS / New price: 2002 6MT EPL Stage 3 allroad - $13k

    Full post from quattroworld: s/msgs/34065.phtml

    New price: $13k firm.


    Video of exhaust:

    Slimmed-down details:

    The Basics

    Full Stage 3 with K04 RS4 turbos, EPL fueling, ER side mount intercoolers, and a brand new RS4 clutch. It pulls strong and hard, and sounds fantastic. I have 2 sets of wheels that will go with the car for the right price, including a set of lovely, REAL, BBS LMs. I upgraded the brakes to match the "go" with StopTech 355s and stock S4 rears. I always loved the "swiss army" nature of the allroad, so it still has airbags... but I did upgrade the bags to Arnott GenII with Bilstein struts (the redesigned struts that do not clunk).

    This car also has the original Factory "hidden" hitch.


    * 2002 allroad

    * Brilliant Black exterior / Tan Interior

    * 6-Speed

    * Cold weather/technology package - heated steering wheel, seats, TPMS

    * ~143k Miles

    * 2 sets wheels/tires:

    o 19" BBS LMs (real) with Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 tires (2 seasons)

    o 18" OE Q7 5-spoke wheels on Nokian Hakka R2s (2 seasons)

    Asking Price

    $13,000 (with all sets of wheels, extra parts, etc.). Not interested in parting out, so no requests please.

    Maintenance (I have a full list from Imola and can provide more upon request)

    * Oil and Filter 1500 miles ago (always Mobil 1 0w40 and Audi filters)

    * New plugs (NGK BKR7E) 20 miles ago

    * 3 New Arnott GenII airbags @129K and 135K - the last one is under lifetime warranty and will probably need swapping as well

    * New 710Ns, plugs and oil/filter - 131K

    * New 01E transmission from donor AR, New RS4 Clutch, Resurface Flywheel, oil change @125K

    * New Winter Tires (Nokian Hakka R2s) @125K - run seasonally (they have about 5K miles on them)

    * Control arms and alignment @ 122K

    * Air filter, antifreeze, fuel filter, spark plugs (correct NGK with proper gap for stage 3), new wipers, TIMING BELT, Valve cover & cam tensioner gaskets, cruise control switch, inside cabin filter and coil pack on #5 @ 111K

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      Hey allroaders — Audi allroad Quattro

      Hey allroaders...

      I know that I pointed this out a short time ago however I wanted to point it out again because I woke up this morning reading through posts from many other groups only to see disrespect, vulgarity and just plain nastiness. Something that rarely happens in the group. When or if it does people either stand up and call one out or they realize on thier own they overstepped, fix and apologize for it.

      So again I give a huge shout out ( I'm sure so many would shout with me) to all of you allroaders who are a prime example of what good people and friends are all about...

      Have an amazing Thursday All.

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        2005 Audi Allroad 4.2 — Audi allroad Quattro

        Up for sale is my fathers beautiful and quite uncommon Audi Allroad 4.2! This is the last year of this generation Audi and this car itself is in very nice shape!

        Always has been adult owned and take care of. Regularly dealer maintained with stacks of receipts. EVERYTHING WORKS as it should. Front has new Arnott air suspension and it rides beautifully.

        Overall a great car with plenty of power! He just upgraded to a Q7 and this unfortunately has to go. Was also just recently NYS inspected and is good until November.

        Does not come in the wheels pictured. Will be back on the original factory wheels with very good tread on them.

        If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to look at it please feel free to ask. I prefer text since I'm always on the run or working and unfortunately can't always answer. If you need to call and I don't pick up, please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 315-383-3443. Thanks for looking!

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          I have yet another question I have read the answer somewhere but of course can... — Audi allroad Quattro

          I have yet another question. I have read the answer somewhere but of course can't find it now. I'm looking for a way to stop my tiptronic transmission from downshifting on its own when I'm in manual mode and I pic a gear. For example if I'm in 3rd at 2500rpm and give it gas I don't want it to downshift into second. I'm stage 2 with ko3s so all downshifting does is take me to the end of my powerband and ruin what fun I was about to have. Im pretty sure there is a soft code for vcds to do just what I want I just can't find it. Thanks!

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            I have an issue with loading music on an SD card for playing in my B8 5... — Audi allroad Quattro

            I have an issue with loading music on an SD card for playing in my B8.5 Allroad (2015). I am using a 16GB SD card. When loading music from a MacBook, the tracks show up twice on the cars head unit with the first being grayed out and having a prefix from what I titled them. The second file will play fine. When I load music on a Windoze PC, the music shows up fine without that grayed out file. I assume that the Mac is putting some "ghost file" or tracking metadata that the radio sees. I need help as I don't have a PC to keep doing music. There must be some way to cleaning load music with a MacBook.

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              Hey guys — Audi allroad Quattro

              Hey guys :)

              Is there any chance to deactivate the traction control while keeping the stability program active in an A4 B5 (should be the same system as in the C5 allroads I guess?) such that ESP still brakes individual wheels in order to prevent understeer, but does not down-regulate total engine power.

              We may go to a snow/ice-racetrack next week and I was thinking of installing a push-button on the steering wheel that would activate ESP temporarily in order to prevent understeer at the beginning of a turn.

              Thanks! :)

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                Sean Doc Halpin shared a link to the group: Audi allroad Quattro. — Audi allroad Quattro

                Hey everyone, just a prologue, I've already spoken to administrators and received permission to post this.

                As many of you may know, my mother was involved in a train versus vehicle accident in which she lost her life. Since she never remarried and I am the eldest child, I am now established as the executor and administrator of her estate. She, unfortunately has nothing to her name to liquefy, to cover funeral and memorial costs.

                I know how the Audi community can rally together to support a member, and I'm hoping most will consider to rally together again to help an Audi community member [me] in need.

                My sister had started a go fund me page in which I have established command in order to ensure they donated funds are used for what they are intended. If anybody could contribute towards the costs of the services it would be greatly appreciated.

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                  OK trying to track down a mystery coolant leak on a 2001 2 7T tip I... — Audi allroad Quattro

                  OK, trying to track down a mystery coolant leak on a 2001 2.7T tip. I originally had a leaking reservoir, got that fixed. Then I had a leaky radiator that got replaced with a new OEM unit (aftermarket units didn't line up properly for some reason).

                  Now I have a mystery leak that only seems to happen when driving. No spots on the ground, oil and coolant both look perfect. Doesn't appear to be the after run pump (which I don't think I've actually heard run yet). Water pump is new, thermostat housing has been replaced with aluminum unit and the area around it is dry.

                  I occasionally get a tiny whiff of coolant when exiting the car after it's been turned off, but it doesn't last at all and once I start sniffing around the engine bay it's mostly gone.

                  Is it possible for the coolant cap to go bad? I've noticed it rattles quite severely, and the inside of it was coated with splotches of dried coolant. I swapped it out with another I have on hand but haven't driven enough to see if it's made a difference yet.

                  It goes from maybe the max line to the min line in around 500 miles of driving. I've tried feeling around the back of the engine where the spider hoses are but it mostly appears dry. Are there any other places I should have a look?

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                    OK I have a bone ass stock 2003 2 7t automatic allroad That is it just now... — Audi allroad Quattro

                    OK, I have a bone-ass stock 2003 2.7t automatic allroad. (That is it just now after I washed it). I was out with the wife just now and we tested the 0-60 in the car. 3/4 full tank of 92 octane and 2 average adults at sea level in SoCal. We completed 3 runs on level ground. The worst was 10.5 seconds the best was 9.8 seconds. I didn't hold the brake and rev the engine. I just came to a complete stop and gunned it to 60. What kind of times do you get with your cars? Stock? Stage 1 tune? Stage 2 tune? Dare I ask Stage 3?? This is just info gathering but I bet it would be interesting to a few of us. TIA.

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                      Has anyone ever replaced the suspension level computer — Audi allroad Quattro

                      Has anyone ever replaced the suspension level computer?

                      when i bought the car the last mechanic made a nightmare of the right front suspension sensor wiring, i ran all new wires front to back but it still didn't work, i just ordered a sensor off someone and im still getting an "electronic sensor failure" which is what it says if the sensor is no good.

                      I doubt the sensor is bad, seller claims it was working when pulled, however I have a feeling that someone must have shorted the input of the right front sensor with the voltage supply that drives the sensor, if that was the case, the digital controller for that channel is no good.

                      I'd like to give it a shot. since the sensor seems fine.

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                        Photos from Kyle Claytor's post — Audi allroad Quattro

                        Need some advice. Just finished up my timing belt service after my water pump locked up. Started the car for the first time yesterday, went to bleed the coolant and my front bleeder valve bolt is stripped. So I figured not a big deal I'll just use the heater core bleeder, so I undo the clamp pull the hose back and there is no flow at all. Not sure if there is just a giant air bubble up front not allowing coolant flow to the back or I lf I have another issue entirely. So does anybody have an suggestions? Also fitting an fmic since it was the perfect time to remove the factory side mounts.

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                          Anyone looking for a complete AWN 4 2L 78 000 miles on it all covers harness... — Audi allroad Quattro

                          Anyone looking for a complete AWN 4.2L ? 78,000 miles on it, all covers, harness, ECM, power steering pump, alternator, ac compressor, all belts & fans. Nothing is wrong with the engine. The donor car had a bad transmission and was subsequently stripped of all remaining valuable parts. Donor car was an 04' C5 A6 Asking $1800 firm. Listing on behalf of my mechanic. FYI I am including the following link for anyone curious about the differences in 40v 4.2L V8's used in the A6/S6/A8/S8 9

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                            Photos from Slavi Staribaladi's post — Audi allroad Quattro

                            Hi guys! I have a strange problem with my heating/ ac headunit. The a/c compressor would turn on and off constantly. I can hear the relat clicking every time and the rpm drop. I was getting warm air from the driver side vents and a but cooler from the passenger side. Decided to pull the whole thing apart and found out the flap motors act funky and the wires on the fan restor were melted. Anybody ever had similar problems? I shot a video of the main flaps under the cabin filter but all ot them act the same way.

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                              Finally. She made her maiden voyage home — Audi allroad Quattro

                              Finally! She made her maiden voyage home.

                              For those that don't know...

                              Bought this 05 auto 150k for short $$, under the impression it needed a turbo and trans was slipping. Ideal for an 01e swap and stg 3 goodies. Easy right? Wrong. Removed engine and trans, popped open valve covers, ☠☠☠, everything is fried. I would guess that no one EVER changed the oil in this thing. It was the worst I've seen. Got a new block and heads (cause the old ones were cracked). Took my time as this was really the first time ever digging into an engine. Fast forward 6 months later after only being able to work on it a few hours a week and she's home.


                              BW KO4's (real deal)

                              SRM IC's

                              01e swapped

                              Rs4 clutch and pp

                              034 motor and trans mounts

                              Billy Boat/apr exhaust

                              SSAC downpipes wrapped in header wrap

                              New spider hose

                              New Battery

                              USP metal clutch line and slave

                              New seals, gaskets and orings everywhere

                              SAI and EGT deletes

                              Metal thermostat housing

                              Once she gets some miles under her I'll be doing the rest of the stage 3 upgrades along with a tune.

                              Needless to say it's been quite the journey and I hope this beast stays around for a long time cause it owes me!!!

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                                Funny story about having adjustable air ride — Audi allroad Quattro

                                Funny story about having adjustable air ride.

                                Today I was talking to a guy in a pick up truck about driving in winter weather and how he had to get a truck because of the snow. I replied that I can go pretty much anywhere his colorado pickup could go. He looked over and said " that's way too low to get through some of the snow I go through ".

                                I said, "wait all I have to do is press this button (hitting the raise button from level 1 to 3 )".

                                The guy wigged out on me getting out of his truck in shock and saying "I've got to get me one of these" . Once it got to level 3 I proceeded to go higher to level 4.

                                You would think I just parted the great Lakes by this magic of air ride on a fast car... lol

                                The simple luxuries of audi life.

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                                  Photos from Richard Caminita's post — Audi allroad Quattro

                                  Uploaded the BITURBO artwork to the same place I used to make the Sportroad 17Z/18Z caliper decals years ago. Here is the link to them for those that are interested. They also work great for y-pipes :)



                                  SPORTR OAD:


                                  INSET COLOR OPTIONS HERE:


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                                    Photos from Jasper Graham's post — Audi allroad Quattro

                                    2001 audi allroad 133,000 miles 6 speed. Borg Warner chra ko4 turbos, stage 3 clutch, 770cc injectors, vast oversized inlets and bi pipes, 90mm mass air flow, silly rabbit side mount intercoolers, stage 3 tune, new sport cluster, podi vent mount boost gauge, new battery, Richard Calimata's old engine, new Arnott air bags and shocks all the way around, new brakes all the way around, all new front end parts Control arms upper and lower and sway links, 19x10 rotiforms 20mm spacers, 18" winter wheels with new tires, stock rims also. Spare Motor that jumped timing goes with it also. Also has painted lowers and tinted windows. Lansing Mi $8500 obo

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                                      So for my engine rebuild I need all new gaskets and timing belt kit Probably... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                      So for my engine rebuild I need all new gaskets and timing belt kit(Probably gates one) and such new turbos (Probably ko4's or f21's) all new sensors. Icm delete. 2.0 coil conversion and new boost piping (Probably the chrome ones and the black heavy duty ones). Any thing I'm missing I don't want to take this engine back out for at least 2 years. Unless something happens to it. Should I get bigger injectors and a maf to go with the turbos? I'm not looking to completely make it fast right now it will take time before I do but I'm aiming for reliable for now. It's a 2001 6spd manual allroad. And anyone order there turbos here or is that a big nono

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                                        So I bought these xs power ssautochrome Chinese downpipes for BEL motor w auto... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                        So I bought these xs-power/ssautochrome/Chinese downpipes for BEL motor w/ auto trans and, although not surprising, they fit pretty poorly. Just as indicated in the product description, the driver side pipe interferes with the transmission mount. However, the passenger side pipe also interferes with the trans mount, lower right hand side of the transmission, and it's flex pipe touches the trans. Most of this is easy enough to remedy by grinding down parts of the trans mounts and tweaking the pipes a bit. My question is because I can no longer fit any of the stock heat shields, should I heat wrap the downpipes so I don't cook any other parts in the vicinity where there used to be heat shielding?

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                                          K so I ve searched and searched and I can t seem to find out what color the... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                          K, so I've searched and searched and I can't seem to find out what color the trigger wire to the amp in the back is. I have a factory Bose symphony system. I think I've narrowed it down to: thick red w yellow stripe is power. Thick brown is ground. I thought the little skinny white wire would be trigger, but it does not seem to be. When I turn it on the amp starts making this whoomp sound over and over. I don't want to run a dedicated wire to the battery because i'm just adding in a little Punch 45 and a 10". May not even use the factory bose sub anymore. At any rate, there should be plenty of power available for that little amp. There are also a bunch of striped wires which are obviously speaker wires. And one big black wire with inputs from deck. (skinny solid color wires. white, black gray, yellow, etc. which is where i pulled audio signal from.) I'm sure it would help if i could get the head unit out and have a look-see at the sticker, but it is stuck in there good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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                                            I m having an odd thing happen with my air suspension — Audi allroad Quattro

                                            I'm having an odd thing happen with my air suspension.

                                            2005 allroad 4.2 Tip.

                                            Very intermittantly, I'll return to my car and the front will be dropped.

                                            When I start the car, the front raises back up and stays up and functions properly and completely.

                                            I can raise all the way to level 4 and lower it back down.

                                            It ONLY happens maybe 2 times out of 10 and does not appear to be connected to weather/temperature.

                                            Since it functions properly when I'm in it, and it only happens rarely, it isn't a huge problem right now, but I suspect it may be a sign of more problems to come.

                                            Does anybody know of a diagram of the components and where they're located?

                                            I'm thinking a bad seal on a control block maybe?

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                                              Logan Gangsei shared a link to the group: Audi allroad Quattro. — Audi allroad Quattro

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                                                2004 Audi Allroad 4.2 auto 150k miles — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                EDIT: I BOUGHT A NEW CAR TODAY SO THIS ONE NEEDS TO SELL

                                                okay so many of you probably know the story on my car. i posted a video a few days showing the problem im having and many of you said it was most likely timing chain related. well you all were right. Took it to my local audi shop and they were going to charge me way more than i could afford to get the timing chain done. Basically the problem is with one of the tensioners and it cant be replaced without pulling the motor. So it's time to sell.

                                                so what is good about it

                                                - brand new windshield was just installed a few weeks ago

                                                -new rear brake pads, rotors, and calipers.

                                                -new front rotors and pads (havent been installed yet though)

                                                -raxel axles (i think that's how that's spelled)

                                                - interior is in very good condition except for some scuffs on the pillars and the saggy headliner

                                                -exterior is in good shape for being a black car. some scratches here and there.

                                                - zero issues with the air suspension. no leaks in the bags or anything.

                                                -overall a very stock allroad that could make a could base for someone wanting to go their own way with modifications.

                                                car runs and drives great except for the big issue of the timing chain tensioner. the CEL is on due to a bad passenger side cat. it would be a great car for someone looking for a good solid project car where you would probably pull the motor anyways. i dont have the capability or time to do the work myself. I have not posted this to craigslist or anywhere else yet because i would really like the car to go to someone on this page who can fix it up and enjoy the car.its been an awesome car to drive this past year or so and hate to see it go but its getting to expensive. im asking $3000 but make me an offer. the worst i could do is say no. Will add more pictures of interior and whatnot this evening when i get home.

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                                                  3rd row conversion question — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                  3rd row conversion question:

                                                  What is needed exactly? I know about the parts list, but I'm talking about what needs to be switched over from another car?

                                                  Obviously all the floor and structure/bracing underneath.

                                                  The C-pillars with the seat belts.

                                                  I don't believe I have to switch over the side panels - correct?

                                                  I can add the cup holders and seat belt retaining clip to my already existing side panels or not at all.

                                                  And rear hatch internal handle/lock with carpet surround I assume? Are the internals inside the hatch any different?

                                                  Asking for a friend :)

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                                                    Audi Allroad xenon headlights — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                    These were just freshly refinished with lifetime warranty. They are absolutely flawless.

                                                    Many members of this group have bought headlights from me in the past or had theirs refinished by me that can vouch for the quality of work on them.

                                                    These are complete. Include bulbs and ballasts. No broken tabs whatsoever.

                                                    Price is shipped in the lower 48 in the states. I can ship internationally for an additional cost. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

                                                    I can do the clear corner mod on these as well for an additional $30

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                                                      I am proud to present to you Camp Allroad Europe 2017 As the little sister to... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                      I am proud to present to you Camp Allroad Europe 2017. As the little sister to the real Camp Allroad in the USA, we try to give the participants a real nice experience as well and hope it helps to make this car a classic in being. We have got lots of cool things going on like a factory visit at Audi Neckarsulm Germany, fotoshoots, roadtrip towards audi Ingolstadt with a stopover at a Fortress. For people coming from far, hotels have been arranged, restaurants choosen, etc. All info can be found under: I hope to see you there.

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                                                        Wasn t someone in PA looking for a set of A6 doors — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                        Wasn't someone in PA looking for a set of A6 doors???

                                                        03 AUDI TWIN TURBO $600 Tyrone PA 16686

                                                        Car will need the cylinder heads checked or you can replace the motor both cost around the same the transmission was rebuilt the turbos are rebuilt exhaust is newer suspension is newer very low miles on everything the body has a great deal of miles. interior isn't the best but not the worst has small rust spot on middle of drivers door

                                                        The car is worth alot more then what I'm asking in parts alone.

                                                        If no one wants it I will part it out


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                                                          Freezing door latches any good solutions — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                          Freezing door latches - any good solutions?

                                                          Its been cold here 15-20* at night and the doors will open fine but when shut they wont latch - they just 'bounce' back open. Eventually once the car warms up they'll latch again. All latches have white lithium grease on them and the driver's door has lock de-icer sprayed regularly. Latch mechanism moves fine but the stuck door wont lock when you hit the lock button. Seems to be something frozen inside the door on the mechanism. Seems to happen to the front doors only. Any advice on how to prevent it?

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                                                            I have a confession to make maybe because I m an old man 52 and have settled... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                            I have a confession to make, maybe because I'm an old man (52) and have settled down a bit on reckless driving BUT first for me with quattro in the allroad, broke her free in the rain on purpose on a freeway off ramp. No cars but me and a lot of room since wet can be unpredictable sometimes, but quattro is amazing!!

                                                            Though she broke free she was still predictable and hooked right back up when I brought it back!! I know this I nothing new to many of you but I just wanted to share my experience as lame as it may sound....lololol

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                                                              Random thought — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                              Random thought.....

                                                              The other day I made a post about fixing or deleting weak points in out vehicles, the 2.7 tip in particular. We went over doing the timing service, metal thermostat housing, upgrading the TQ, replacing the belt driven fan with an electric one, deleting the SAI, then I asked about the secondary water pump. I had planned on just deleting it because if it's hot out of I drove my car more then just to the store and back I allow it to run and spool down and cool off. Them some guy cam at me with "if the Audi engineers put it there, it's for a reason." This has been stuck in my head. After thinking about the 4.2 rear timing chains, turbos you need to remove the engine to get to, a list of parts that were under engineered, and a host of design flaws, I think it's safe to say the Audi engineers can fuck off.

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                                                                Latest mad scientist contraption is installing a double throw switch in the... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                Latest mad scientist contraption is installing a double throw switch in the drivers side overhead reading lamp push button. and installing a tri color LED in place of the two low visibility red LEDs that is in the overhead panel.

                                                                off mode works just as it would OEM, red side of LED is on whenever the running lights are on. pushing the reading light switch triggers the first throw, that routes power to the other two leads and makes the LED go white, and brighter. pushing it again makes it go red again, but brings on the driver reading lamp.

                                                                Thought of this because on a dark night, when you're fumbling for something in the center console and the red lights aren't bright enough, the reading light blinds of the fuck out of your eyes, wanted something softer that was in between and could also be run for a change in vibrance if wanted.

                                                                ordered parts, I suppose this'll all be done with the 6 speed swap coming up.. i'll certainly have a guide on that if I can fit it all up there.

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                                                                  OK so a couple weeks ago I started a thread asking about spacers and hub... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                  OK, so a couple weeks ago I started a thread asking about spacers and hub adapters.

                                                                  Thanks to all those who assisted me!

                                                                  I went ahead and spent more than maybe some here would have advised, but I have to say, what I got is really terrific.

                                                                  I bit the bullet and bought the H&R part number 40555573 from ECS for $159.95 a pair.

                                                                  These are bolt on 20mm spacers with machined 66.5mm adapters all in a single piece.

                                                                  To me, I think I prefer the idea of the spacer being bolted in place.

                                                                  This allows me to use my existing bolts and OEM wheel locks and seems to me potentially stronger.

                                                                  So, yeah, I know simple 20mm spacers are only 109.95 a pair and the plastic hub adapters are 9.95 for all 4, but these just seemed inferior to the fully machined complete bolt on spacer/adapter.

                                                                  The fit is perfect, and snug and quality very high.

                                                                  If you want/need a complete, all in one solution, I can highly recommend this.

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                                                                    I love this car And feel bad for the black one hopefully soon you will feel... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                    I love this car! And feel bad for the black one hopefully soon you will feel good with a 6spd manual transmission and new suspension from your next owner. But what are things to look out for on a 2002 audi a6? 6spd manual with k04 turbos and supporting mods? Turbos are new. Upgraded exhaust and fmic and such. I'm hoping that I can eventually swap everything from it to a 6spd allroad. Or trade it for a stage 2 6spd allroad depending on its condition looks pretty good. And looks solid. (Don't mind the curb rash from the previous owner I should swap the rim before I trade my other cars)

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                                                                      How do you suggest I fix this leaking T fitting that feeds my headlight washers... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                      How do you suggest I fix this leaking T-fitting that feeds my headlight washers on my '05 allroad? The top tube is soft(er) rubber and comes from the reservoir tank. The other 2 hoses are pretty hard plastic (I'm assuming so they don't bulge under pressure when washing the headlights?). These hose clamps have replaced the original crimp type by a shop that did my timing belt. I don't have the tool, and can't drive anywhere with it so replacing these clamps with the original type is probably out of the question. What do you guys suggest I do to stop (the bottom hose) from leaking? Thanks!

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                                                                        2004 Allroad 4.2 — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                        Anyone interested in a 2004 4.2 Allroad. I love the car but I'm a poor college student and need a car that's better on gas and easier to maintain.

                                                                        It's not perfect but it's pretty good. It does need new front control arms and the CEL is on because of a bad passenger side cat.

                                                                        Has raxel axles and Arnotts up front. Air suspension is solid and works great. I will try to post pictures when I can. Just replaced the rear rotors, pads, and calipers. I have new front rotors and pads just haven't gotten them on yet

                                                                        Also it's an automatic transmission. Forgot to mention that. 6500$ OBO

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                                                                          drafting up maintenance paperwork for the audi so I have traceability with the... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                          drafting up maintenance paperwork for the audi so I have traceability with the swap if i ever sell it (that and I enjoy finding efficient ways to do paperwork). Also need to change out the T-stat and turbo oil lines, as well as rebuild the turbos.

                                                                          trying to decide if i should pull the whole engine, or just hang the engine and pull the subframe and transmission. looks like I can access all that stuff with the transmission/subframe removed.

                                                                          I have a lift, a trans jack, and a cherry picker.

                                                                          Engine is sub 100K, new belt and PCV lines.. doesn't need to come out at all. but if it would make the work quicker I'll do it.

                                                                          anyone here have experience with either methods? I see people do both online, but no one really shares how difficult either way was.

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                                                                            I finally would like to tackle another issue. my ESP traction control light — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                            I finally would like to tackle another issue... my ESP/traction control light. I bought the car with this issue previous owner brought the car to the dealer this was their report... "Tech found wiring harnesses to the ABS unit and possibly ABS unit bad. Will have to start with wiring harness." And what she told me and what was written in pen on the back of the service record said "ABS hydraulic unit, pin sticking wiring harness." this is the code I pulled 01422 Ross-tech says this obviously I don't want to just start throwing parts at it without fully understanding the route of the problem. Any pointers? Thanks

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                                                                              Alright so strange thing happening with my 02 allroad 2 7t Car died the other... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                              Alright so strange thing happening with my 02 allroad 2.7t. Car died the other day moments after starting it. Now it just cranks and never fires. First thought it was fuel pump.

                                                                              Well I can't hear it priming so I checked the fuses. Fuses look fine so i checked if theres power to them. My fuel pump fuse and my engine control unit fuse aren't getting power. I checked the fuse in the Ecu and it was getting power. I swapped the relay from one out of my friends car. He said it should be good. It's a 99ish b5 audi a4. fuses still not getting power.

                                                                              What is the next step in this puzzle?

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                                                                                Perfect time to find out my transmission is slipping Some hillbilly driving a... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                Perfect time to find out my transmission is slipping... Some hillbilly driving a jacked up dually, diesel Ram, on his way back to his mommas basement to measure his 3 inch penis thought it'd be a good idea to (pulls straw from tooth) "roll coal" continuously all over my car. Someone else slightly ahead of him in the other lane (2 lane road) so I have no where to go.

                                                                                Roll up to a stop light after the other car veered off on a ramp, put it in "S". He's stopped, I'm at a roll, blow by him to avoid his masturbation tactics only to get caught at the next light, a half mile down the road. We're both stopped, judging by the amount of exhaust I hear, he is proceeding with ejaculation. I floor it take off, screaming "you can't out 60 foot me" then my rpm needle pegs but the car didn't go anywhere. He gets infront of me and immediately brake checks me 3-4 times. Hick.

                                                                                How much time do I have? Drives normal when I keep my foot out of it...

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                                                                                  Hello — Audi allroad Quattro


                                                                                  I have a concern, maybe someone can help me here. Unfortunately, my allroad left me over a year ago and since I have been desperately looking for a new one, that is like the old one, unfortunately so far without success ...


                                                                                  - 2.5l TDI

                                                                                  - Color: Black

                                                                                  - Low range manual transmission

                                                                                  - sunroof with solar panels

                                                                                  - Alarm system

                                                                                  - Recaro seats or electric seats with memory

                                                                                  - Seat heating front and rear

                                                                                  - heater (not necessarily)

                                                                                  Perhaps there is sombody, who wants to sell one or someone who knows somebody...

                                                                                  Location: Austria or Germany

                                                                                  I am very grateful to you for any help.

                                                                                  Best regards

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                                                                                    So I m planning on a stage 2 6spd swap to my allroad My boyfriend doesn t... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                    So I'm planning on a stage 2 6spd swap to my allroad. My boyfriend doesn't understand this is not a Subaru or a dsm where the auto can beat the manual. I understand there's a level 10 transmission kit for the tip. I'm assuming not worth it. But he's set on that it's better to keep it an auto (so lame) then a 6spd (fun) I'm doing the swap either way but what real world things can be said. Will the oem 6spd destroy a so called built auto if both were the same for engine. (If he gets money to spend on an auto then he better know I'm spending the same clutch/flywheel wise) this isn't a what you like more thing this is a real world drag racing and or auto-xing what is better.

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                                                                                      Photos from Elvis Lopar's post — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                      Well since I am technically currently unemployed. I took the day to day to check some stuff over on my car. Pulled apart the PB5 silicone pcv system and it was all dirty. Cleaned it up. Checked over for leaks. Couldn't find any (bought a smoke machine won't be here till Friday) pulled off the front bumper and hacked it up for the FMIC. Fixed valve cover gaskets, fixed rear cam seals, found oil leak.. tomorrow possibly will work on rear end of car. Here is a little teaser pic for those that like it.ill get a better one tomorrow. For those that done. Well it ain't your car #becauseracecar

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                                                                                        Photos from Joseph Nosal's post — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                        Any Audi employees here? I have an issue with my recent body work. Body shop says Audi told them that lower front fascia only comes in primer.

                                                                                        The issue is that the original OEM part on the car is not painted, it's raw plastic.

                                                                                        How is it possible to then replace the front fascia and still match the OEM plastic? The Body shop tried color match with paint, looks like shit. First pic shows rear fascia and it's raw plastic finish with no paint and therefore no reflection, second pic shows new front lower fascia and it has been painted satin grey and has a reflection.

                                                                                        Please help if you know how to order this part in raw plastic to match the other plastic pieces.

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                                                                                          Pretty sure I know the answer but I heard a pop today getting on the highway... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                          Pretty sure I know the answer but I heard a pop today getting on the highway and lost boost. It sounded and felt like a tbb blowing off but I got no cel or any other warning lights, didn't go into limp mode. I got home and pressurized the intake up to 11psi with no leaks other than the oil bubbling in the pan. Noise is coming from the driver's side, pretty sure a turbo went out. Just looking for a few more opinions before I make plans. Argh, really didn't need this right now! No clue what the clunking is the first few seconds but it's not my car FYI.

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                                                                                            transmission didn t last long in the audi after that flush a couple months ago — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                            transmission didn't last long in the audi after that flush a couple months ago.

                                                                                            its started jerking and making whining noises indicating low fluid.

                                                                                            this is not a surprise to me. there has been sludge building up on the bottom of the audi for some time, but I wanted to just ride it out and hope it wasn't transmission fluid and rather power steering fluid.

                                                                                            It wasn't, i finally gave in and started inspecting, and found a crack in the transmission cooler line on the driver side. just a hairline crack that only wept when it was hot, but it was enough to drain the transmission.

                                                                                            pulling the drain plug revealed grey sludge, indicating the clutch discs have burnt up.

                                                                                            I've since put fluid in it. and the car "drives" but I know its ruined and its time is short.

                                                                                            but I also dont care, because I just ordered myself a 6 speed last week, as well as a turbo rebuild kit, new turbo oil lines, and a hotchkiss swaybar kit.

                                                                                            hell yeah, we're going 6 speed allroad sport mode now!

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                                                                                              I feel bad now this guy spent money on trying to fix this Allroad and gave up... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                              I feel bad now this guy spent money on trying to fix this Allroad and gave up because 4 things.

                                                                                              1. Rear hatch wouldn't stay shut .

                                                                                              I'm assuming the latch needs replacement.

                                                                                              2 . Coolant leak

                                                                                              I'm pretty sure it's the secondary water pump or whatever

                                                                                              3. Battery died on him all the time.

                                                                                              So anyone know any reason why it would. I think I found it. The battery post has a thing on it that rubbed through the paint. And would ground out. So I put my old plastic covers on right away and we will see in time if this will fix it.

                                                                                              4. It's gonna need a timing belt soonish.

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                                                                                                What can be possible to fault. Again compresor — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                What can be possible to fault? Again compresor?

                                                                                                Allroad 2004 2,5TDI

                                                                                                Happened few times that light in dash blinket for few secons and now its constantly on. Compressor now is lauder then before and pumps nonstop before light in dash turns on. Looks like the same when first time compressor died but now is difference in that ride is not loosing the hight.

                                                                                                1st time before changed compressor piston ring ride was left on lvl2 - after driven 5km it lowered to max

                                                                                                Now AR was left on lvl3 - after driven 50km on little bumpy road its still on lvl3. Visualy it looks too like all susspesions high is ok.

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                                                                                                  Guys I m dirty cars jacked up in one corner and i need help guidance asap... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                  Guys, I'm dirty, cars jacked up in one corner and i need help / guidance asap, please.

                                                                                                  Changing my first airbag - front right, wheel off, just released bottom of shock ... looked at air line to release and realized the bags are going to collapse.

                                                                                                  I'm in a small garage, only two jack stands and just realized the cars going to fall on 3 sides when I break the line loose.

                                                                                                  What do I do? Garage is so tight, car is parked to left wall so I have more room and no, I did not lock the suspension ... in fact, not sure how to do that. Is that the answer?

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                                                                                                    John Kemp shared a link to the group: Audi allroad Quattro. — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                    Hats off to Bagpiping Andy! I ordered his compressor rebuild kit from Ebay earlier this week. (I have a rear bag that has a slow leak and my compressor has not been up to it's job lately). Anyhow, it was shipped from California instead of Ireland (I am here in SoCal). I got it in two days and was able to install it without a floor jack or lift in about 30 minutes total. (I never even took it off of the car!) it inflates my suspension better than it ever has since I have owner her. Thanks for the product and fantastic, easy to follow video Andy!

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                                                                                                      Photos from Colin Kristensen's post — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                      So a little while ago I had made a post regarding using the Apikol diff carrier bushings and inserting them into the front position diff mount. There was quite a few people that were interested in seeing. Well I finally got around to it. The aluminum is the perfect width to fit into the provisions on the subframe, because of this I had to lathe and sand the outer edges of the bushings down. On the one bushing I used the belt sander to clear away some of the lip so it cleared the actual mount. But tada! It works.

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                                                                                                        A pensioner drove his brand new Audi a4 smallroad 3 litre TDI to 100 mph... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                        A pensioner drove his brand new Audi a4 smallroad 3 litre TDI to 100 mph, looking in his rear view mirror, he saw a police car behind him. He floored it to 140 , then 150, ... then 155, ... Suddenly he thought, "I'm too old for this nonsense !" So he pulled over to the side of the road and waited for the police car to catch up with him.

                                                                                                        The officer walked up to him, looked at his watch and said, "Sir, my shift ends in ten minutes. Today is Friday and I'm taking off for the weekend with my family. If you can give me a good reason that I've never heard before, why you were speeding... I'll let you go."

                                                                                                        The Man looked very seriously at the police man, and replied :- "Years ago, my wife ran off with a policeman, I thought you were bringing her back." !!!

                                                                                                        The Cop left saying, " Have a good day, Sir "...


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                                                                                                          Photos from JD Llewellyn's post — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                          Well I just pulled the pin on my timing grenade (tensioner), and it's 2:30 am, so while I wait I guess I'll post a little update out of boredom (and needing a break).

                                                                                                          Woke up at 5am, worked till 5 pm, clocked out, walked over to my bay in the shop and started cranking out work on the wagon finally.

                                                                                                          Started with basically a bare block top end up. All OE parts, and I mean all. Got bit in the ass with my last China buys.

                                                                                                          Hope to have her back and mobile before getting to sleep tonight, or today? Idk. Either way, I'm done taking up your time with a random post lol.

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                                                                                                            What could it be — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                            What could it be?!

                                                                                                            All control arms, tie rods, and bushings are new. Driving over bumps, little or big, get a rattle from the front suspension. No howls, no clunky turning. Cant duplicate the sound using spud bar under front wheel with that corner of the car off the ground.

                                                                                                            Drivers side jacked up. Car in park with ignition off. Steering wheel locked straight. I shake the front of the wheel and it clunks. Hit rear of wheel nothing.

                                                                                                            Ignition on, turn steering to the right, ignition off, turn steering wheel until it locks. No movement or clunk.

                                                                                                            Same thing, just turned to the left, hit front of wheel, nothing. Hit rear of wheel and it clunks.

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                                                                                                              I know the following had been discussed but each time I feel there is alot of... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                              I know the following had been discussed but each time I feel there is alot of misinformation from people. As now it is time to do this. Please chime in if you know here or how to fix the following.

                                                                                                              Rear passenger window. (You know where this is going) once down is good. But going back up gets angled to one side and I have to go to the passenger side and hold it strait by hand. What's the solution do the clips work or not? Where can I find said parts? DiY?

                                                                                                              I have used the all might Google machine and came up empty handed.

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                                                                                                                sorry in advance if this is too novice I m not familiar with vagcom and just... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                sorry in advance if this is too novice.. I'm not familiar with vagcom and just scanned my c5 2.7 allroad 6sp and got these codes

                                                                                                                I don't notice anything not working properly

                                                                                                                01809 - Actuating Motor for Temperature Flap; Left (V158)

                                                                                                                41-10 - Blocked or No Voltage - Intermittent

                                                                                                                01273 - Fresh Air Blower (V2)

                                                                                                                17-10 - Control Difference - Intermittent

                                                                                                                01592 - Air Quality Sensor (G238)

                                                                                                                57-00 - Electric Circuit Failure

                                                                                                                01317 - Control Module in Instrument Cluster (J285)

                                                                                                                49-10 - No Communications - Intermittent

                                                                                                                01188 - Electrical Connection between Control Module and Magnetic Clutch

                                                                                                                57-10 - Electric Circuit Failure - Intermittent

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                                                                                                                  About to place an order for seals and gaskets to install once I get my engine... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                  About to place an order for seals and gaskets to install once I get my engine out. What am I forgetting?

                                                                                                                  Timing kit (with tensioner and idlers)

                                                                                                                  water pump w/gasket

                                                                                                                  valve cover gasket kit (w/spark plug tube seals)

                                                                                                                  half-moons and cam plugs

                                                                                                                  4 camshaft seals

                                                                                                                  crankshaft seal

                                                                                                                  intake manifold gasket (x2)

                                                                                                                  exhaust manifold gasket (x2)

                                                                                                                  oil plug/washer for good measure

                                                                                                                  I also bought bulk silicon heater hose to replace the rubber on the turbo coolant return lines. Will also do the after-run pump lines if they're the same size.

                                                                                                                  Are the headgaskets wear items? I come from the Subaru world and you just kind of do them whenever the engine is out lol.

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                                                                                                                    Hi folks — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                    Hi folks.

                                                                                                                    I've got a 2004 Allroad 4.2 that I bought in Connecticut 18 months ago. Wanted one for years. Love the car, and have made a bunch of mods on it its my daily driver.

                                                                                                                    Just started getting some engine tapping and a p0340 code with CEL, dropped it off for diagnostics at Reflex Tuning in Hooksett NH on monday.

                                                                                                                    I fear it's the timing chain and or the guides for the chain , I hear this is a big big ticket job.

                                                                                                                    Anyone else in the group had this service done? Or is it time to look for another Allroad?

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                                                                                                                      02 2.7t Allroad...Price Change — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                      Selling my 02 2.7t Allroad project car since I have no funds for the project. It has 161xxxish miles. It needs a lot of love that I can not give it. Price is $1,500 or best offer. Any mechanical or mod questions feel free to ask Nathan Darrach he is the one who has done all the work and knows this car inside and out I will tag him in the comments. This is "PICK UP" only and will need trailered as it has 2 flat tires. Interior is black and grey and sadly it is an automatic

                                                                                                                      02 2.7t Allroad...Price Change

                                                                                                                      $1,500 - Bowling Green, OH (43402)

                                                                                                                      Selling my 02 2.7t Allroad project car since I have no funds for the project. It has 161xxxish miles. It needs a lot of love that I can not give it. Price is $1,500 or best offer. Any mechanical or mod questions feel free to ask Nathan Darrach he is the one who has done all the work and knows this car inside and out I will tag him in the comments. This is "PICK UP" only and will need trailered as it has 2 flat tires. Interior is black and grey and sadly it is an automatic

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                                                                                                                        Oh by the way everyone I had a fun conversation with a good friend of mine... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                        Oh, by the way, everyone... I had a fun conversation with a good friend of mine that co-founded a very notable VAG tuner. I asked him about the question from a while back regarding shoehorning a 4.2TT RS6 engine into the Allroad. He said that if the Allroad is a 4.2 already, it is a long-nose, wide-body C5 which is the same as the RS6. He said the hardest part would be sorting some of the plumbing and wiring, especially if the car is to be manual-swapped. If I don't sell my AR, I MAY look into this in the future. The only problem is that, to my knowledge, I need to find a 2004 (same year or newer) engine to pass California B.A.R. testing. Is this right?

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                                                                                                                          Help me pre troubleshoot something guys I recently have been experiencing a... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                          Help me pre-troubleshoot something guys. I recently have been experiencing a random driver's side headlight failure. It doesn't fail during use, only on the initial activation after starting the engine. Only the driver's side, and after about fifteen or twenty minutes of the engine running I can turn the headlights off and back on again and have both headlights like nothing ever happened. It's only started falling since the temperature has been below zero, and it seems like there has to be wet conditions for it to fail. I feel like it's just a connector that has moisture getting in, but I could be wrong. Anyone else have this problem, or tips on where to start checking from? My plan is to start testing at the bulb, and go all the way through the electrics until I find anything questionable, but it's damn cold out, and I don't want to be using my fingers with brittle connectors for that long! Lol Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated!

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                                                                                                                            Been having a problem with the ABS ESP BRAKE three beeps and suspension... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                            Been having a problem with the ABS, ESP, BRAKE (three beeps)and suspension lights. I finally fixed it. I suspected the abs module. The car had gotten wet in the passenger well destroying the tcu for sure and may have damaged the stability unit (but it seems fine) long story short i got my hands on a snapon solus and was able to recalibrate the abs module in expert mode. Ive never used vcds or vag com but i followed the instructions from rosstech to do it. It was pretty straight forward. Anyone have any experience with the solus units compared to vcds?

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                                                                                                                              Need help diagnosing air suspension issue I thought this was a bag issue... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                              Need help diagnosing air suspension issue. I thought this was a bag issue because it would drop overnight, but I just tested the bag and it did not show any significant leaks. What I did see was that the car will lift to level 1 or 2, then sit for 20 seconds or so, then I will see only the front left drop (decreases in height at the same rate as which it increases). This leads me to believe that the valve body may have an issue. I know there are some of you out there that have a much better understanding of the air suspension than I do, so any thoughts are appreciated.

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                                                                                                                                Photos from Rodney Thornton's post — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                So. Some of you may have been following my space cylinder dilemma. I'll recap and provide my solution and maybe some helpful tidbits if you ever find yourself in a similar predicament.

                                                                                                                                My slave cylinder popped while off-roading on the beach. Pedal went to the floor with a couple pops, then I couldn't get it into a gear.

                                                                                                                                Towed it home, removed slave. Easiest to remove by removing the axle and coming through drivers wheel to unbolt it, then moving the coolant tank out of the way and removing through the top.

                                                                                                                                New one in, bled, but only had half pedal travel. This is where I got lots of different answers from a lot of who I regard as very smart Audi guys. Some say clutch was toast. Some say the different length rid of the metal slave was the problem. Well.

                                                                                                                                The problem was I didn't have the metal rod aligned with the shift fork in the transmission itself. It's not easy to line up. But once it is aligned, you should be able to push almost the entire slave cylinder into the transmission pretty easily. It shouldn't be hard to rest it on the bolt-catch. (You'll understand what I'm taking about if you ever go to do this job.) I found it easiest to line up by rotating the body of the slave, no hoses or anything attached to it, and sliding it in, that rotating it back down to its correct orientation, then attaching the line to it. While you're at it, but the nice stainless braided line. Just do it.

                                                                                                                                As for swapping out the metal slave's rod with the oem one... I did, the 6th and final time I put it in. Necessary? Maybe. Maybe not. If yours is ok, I'd say swap them, it worked for me. Maybe people swap them because it's a tad shorter and easier to align during install, maybe it affects clutch operation? No clue. But. I swapped it. It worked fine.

                                                                                                                                MORAL OF THE STORY: If you replace your slave cylinder, and only have half of normal pedal travel, it's not that your clutch is messed up or something. Your slave is just in incorrectly and the rod is not seated in its little cup in the transmission housing.

                                                                                                                                As far as tools required, basic set of metric wrenches.. A 14mm line wrench helped a lot. Triple square for axle removal.

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                                                                                                                                  Well ladies and gents its been fun Having owed now 2 allroads one taken away... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                  Well ladies and gents, its been fun. Having owed now 2 allroads, one taken away from me and now the replacement sold, I am still wondering if I have made the right choice.

                                                                                                                                  Replaced the aging 2003 with a 2013 Golf R, she will never be the allroad, will never posses the style, comfort, power or the attitude, but so far she seems like a fun little go-kart.

                                                                                                                                  Only have a few parts left, so if anyone is interested, I have an OE bra and a brand new set of Raxles axles fresh from warranty rebuild and misc pieces of engine covers.

                                                                                                                                  Message me if you are in the market for any of these.

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                                                                                                                                    My 04 allroad was totaled. They are offering it as a salvage title for 900 — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                    My '04 allroad was totaled. They are offering it as a salvage title for $900. Would it be worth it to buy it back, part it out myself, sell it to someone that will part it out, etc.? What are the highest value resale parts? Keep in mind, car is in my garage and I have tools, but nothing heavy duty and I am not a mechanic. Damage to the car is relatively minor, mostly cosmetic. Thanks. I'm leaving the Audi family shortly, but I'll be back. I've had 9 in row, including an RS6, so I don't think I'll be able to stay away too long. Dreaming of an RS5 or SQ5...

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                                                                                                                                      My tip transmission is on it s way out tried doing a fluid change in hopes it... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                      My tip transmission is on it's way out, tried doing a fluid change in hopes it would improve it helped a bit. RPMs are still surging around 40mph and just rough most times (05 2.7t with 115k) So I'm starting my swap fund.... I don't have the time or patience to do the swap myself so I'm looking for shop recommendations that specializes with Audi transmissions. Seems a lot of people recommend audis4parts the only problem is that they are in Arizona and I'm in NY doesn't make sense to ship the car there. At this point I'm just trying to get estimates but I'm open to any shops on the east coast.

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                                                                                                                                        Photos from Dave Meyer's post — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                        FS: My beloved 2002 Stage 3 6MT 3-row seat allroad. This is probably in the top 5 examples of this car in existence.

                                                                                                                                        I bought this car nearly-new in 2004 with 15K and have enjoyed it for 95% of its life. I had a long list of things I needed in a car, and this car ticked every box: 6 speed manual, turbos for a little fun, air suspension for versatility. Of all the 2002 ARs out there, only a very select handful came with both a 6MT AND a third row seat. I had to have it, and so I flew to Boulder, bought it from a dealer and drove it home over a weekend.

                                                                                                                                        It was completely stock when purchased, and over the years I’ve made some tasteful additions/mods that have always been done either professionally or under expert supervision. Anyone who’s followed my posts (and there are many RE: this car) knows that I’m meticulous, and intensely picky about my cars. This has been my pride and joy for 12 years, but I found a replacement that I couldn’t turn down.



                                                                                                                                        The Basics

                                                                                                                                        I’ve spent years obsessing and tweaking on this car, and it shows. For a long time, this was probably the nicest, and the fastest, allroad in the Twin Cities (hat tip to Casey for taking the crown now).

                                                                                                                                        The original DaddyWagon is full Stage 3 with K04 RS4 turbos, EPL fueling, ER side mount intercoolers, and a brand new RS4 clutch. It pulls strong and hard, and sounds fantastic (although I’m biased). I have 2 sets of wheels that will go with the car for the right price, including a set of lovely, REAL, BBS LMs. I upgraded the brakes to match the “go” with StopTech 355s and stock S4 rears. I always loved the “swiss army” nature of the allroad, so it still has airbags… but I did upgrade the bags to Arnott GenII with Bilstein struts (the redesigned struts that do not clunk).

                                                                                                                                        This car also has the original Factory “hidden” hitch, which is now impossible to find. I’ve towed a handful of things over the years, but have never overloaded it or launched a boat (I’m too paranoid about burning up the clutch). I change oil every 5K and use Mobile 1 0W40 at every change. It’s seen 2 track days, one stock and one at stage 3 about 6 years ago. The car was tuned and cared for by Jordan (he knows the car’s details as well as I do, most likely better) and Imola. I was in a minor fender-bender in 2010 and took the opportunity to paint the bumpers and flares to body color while I had everything tended to by Brandon at LaMettrys. While it had new paint on the hood and flares I also had him put a full-front clear bra on it. No mechanical hiccups or major issues whatsoever since then.

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                                                                                                                                          2003 allroad p0298 just recently had an oil change I m only a moderate... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                          2003 allroad- p0298... just recently had an oil change. (I'm only a moderate allroad buff but try my best so bear with my explanation. Also, I have it being scanned by a vagcom later as I only have a cheaply made scanner).

                                                                                                                                          Started driving and noticed a lack of power going from stop to slow, almost as if it was bogging down a bit- but after getting up to 20 or so it acted normal. Pulled the code and saw the p0298 engine oil over temp (cleared) ... so I checked the oil and sure enough it was low (the oil gauge indicated nothing was wrong). After putting in a quart or so and letting it cool down it seemed to go back to normal operation, although when I took it out today it seemed to do it once (but it may have just been turbo lag and my paranoia)

                                                                                                                                          My question is basically... wtf is going on. After some research I thought I may have been in limp mode but after hitting 20/30 it seemed to drive normal- only when going slow (1st gear) did it seem to have a lack of power. Wouldn't limp mode limit the top end power too?

                                                                                                                                          Any ideas would be helpful. I've already done so many things to this car my head can't even start to think about this. To add insult to injury I got the triple light syndrome as well- and the brake lights won't turn off unless I pull the fuse- is it possible that these problems are somehow related? I assumed it was a coincidence- but my head hurts from this car so bad I can't even think straight!!! ☹️ I'm hoping it's not the end.... but I feel as though the end is near!! Lol.

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                                                                                                                                            Photos from Rodney Thornton's post — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                            Well, I think it's safe to say that the longer metal slave piston doesn't work on our transmissions. But. Apparently you just swap it out with your stock one. I only had 1/2 the normal pedal travel. Pushed the pedal harder trying to see if it was a bleeding issue, and smashed my clutch master cylinder to pieces. Remember that part of engineering school when they said fluids are virtually incompressible? Well, that's still true. 3rd slave cylinder is in, if it still doesn't travel full distance, I'll take it out, go back to slave #2 with oem push rod swapped in.

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                                                                                                                                              Some experience I have had with diverter valves I m probably going to bring a... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                              Some experience I have had with diverter valves. I'm probably going to bring a few haters out of the woods on this, but I normally do.

                                                                                                                                              I have been playing around with my stock 710's and xs piston types. First off, I never got a code with the xs, so put that out of your mind. My issue with them is one of them is sticky and likes to stay closed. I contacted xs and they could care less. I pulled them to keep for when I make higher boost and will polish the inside to get it to work correctly.

                                                                                                                                              I did play with the stock ones I have seen people say them to run them reverse with the face opening away from the boost pipe. I ran them like this for a few days and had issues with boost creep. I was topping put at 8psi and it wasn't steady. I'm sure if you have new ones or buillet diaphragm dv's with a stiffer spring it might work better. I ran them the normal way with boost pressure pushing the valve close and kept constant 10psi boost without issues. The dv's were more sluggish, but held boost.

                                                                                                                                              My conclusion, it's hit or miss with Chinese dv's. Spend the money and get a well made set if aftermarket is the route you want to go. really don't see them needed on stock boost levels. The idea of reversing the dv's for faster response works, but only do it with dv's with a good spring. So don't take weathered dv's and reverse them, you will just loose boost pressure.

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                                                                                                                                                Tom Heusinger shared a link to the group: Audi allroad Quattro. — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                                Here's to a BRIGHTER 2017!

                                                                                                                                                I've had a few requests for more information on our headlight builds so I've put together the following options:


                                                                                                                                                Option 1 is a replacement projector swap. Results are a stock looking light but performance that will rival nearly anything on the road.

                                                                                                                                                Option 2 is an extreme quad projector swap - not for the faint of heart. Two projectors in each light, both low and high beam (or wire them independently). Output for days.

                                                                                                                                                There are other various options available for those looking to add custom paint, devil eyes, or other aesthetic styling queues.

                                                                                                                                                About us:

                                                                                                                                       is based in Buffalo, NY. We've been in business for 5 years and I've been involved in headlights for nearly 10 years. I've owned three Audis since 2002 (A6, RS6, and now the allroad). The team is a small 4 person group, we modify and ship from our shop. Most parts are our own branded, high quality parts (no cheap components here).

                                                                                                                                                More info is provided in the web pages above. If there are any questions feel free to email me at or reply here - happy to help!

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                                                                                                                                                  Hey everyone need some assistance with the air suspension I habe never... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                                  Hey everyone, need some assistance with the air suspension. I habe never disassembled or even looked at the valve body, but can someone tell me how is the valve body plumbed relative to each shock? From the valve body, I assume their are individual lines to each air spring. But where are the pressure sensors for each air spring?

                                                                                                                                                  I'm currently trying to diagnose an intermittent issue where my ds front air bag collapses to the bump stop overnight. The passenger front also loses air, but never as low as the ds bag. I replaced the ds bag once, then had no issues for about 4 months, so this recent intermittent issue is driving me nuts...

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                                                                                                                                                    Photos from Erik Johnson's post — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                                    So Kimberly Johnson and I own 3 allroads. Here's the status...

                                                                                                                                                    Highland 2.7t: in many pieces at Stuklr's shop

                                                                                                                                                    Full Kermit 2.7t: parked due to shot thermostat

                                                                                                                                                    Cobalt 4.2: was down at end of last week waiting on halfshafts and contol arm replacement. I also found the factory exhaust was leaking.

                                                                                                                                                    I hated 2016.

                                                                                                                                                    On the plus side, I had an extra system laying around that had been cut for transport, so we straight-piped the V8 while waiting on parts ;-) I will have to take it to a shop and get something welded up that is a little more permanent, but the extra sound is nice.

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                                                                                                                                                      Need some advice. I drove my family. and dogs and Skybox with skis etc — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                                      Need some advice... I drove my family (and dogs and Skybox with skis, etc.) from LA to Utah in my '04 6-speed with 85k miles. The suspension has been sketchy lately and it dropped on the way here. I tried to get a reset but the mechanics here couldn't help. Now I need to drive back home. Can I cause any permanent damage? Any danger? It has been fine on the interstate but obviously not great on bumps.

                                                                                                                                                      I'm going to move to a conventional suspension when I get back. What type do you suggest?

                                                                                                                                                      Thanks for the help!

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                                                                                                                                                        Photos from Jair Coronado's post — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                                        So I was gonna post a happy post that I was back in the allroad family. I bought myself a 04 2.7 auto 160kmiles. Long story short. Vagcom'ed it looked solid minor things only but nothing to let me know this would happen. So on the way home which is 4 hours away an hour into drive something happened that left a big cloud of smoke. So took the next exit in the middle of nowhere unfortunately. Big cloud of smoke when I pop the hood and smells like coolant. Oh when the smoke happens at first the car indicated low oil? So yes without think I fill up with coolant tank with as Yiu can see the wrong stuff but as soon as I refilled it leaked all out. Like others in my first pic earlier I'm hearing it's the water pump. I would think so to since it's coming from the center. So now I have to get a trailer and tow it myself home. Could someone please direct me to how to properly swap the water pump and/or what I should be looking for in case it's not the water pump it self. I realize it wasn't a short story so if tiki guys could be awesome and help an allroader out. One reason I looked for one was becasuse of the this groups help. Thanks in advance

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                                                                                                                                                          Photos from Douglas Kline's post — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                                          Wondering if anybody can help me with suspension adaptation. I just did a six speed swap and successfully programmed the ABS and instrument cluster. Had the ECU flashed for the manual tune and I was trying to lower my car to where it sat before the swap. I was having trouble getting the right front corner to the proper measurement when it started throwing fault 01437, control position not learned. The car has been stuck at level 2 in limp mode for about a week now. No leaks in the system, strong new Arnott compressor. Sometimes it will not except (invalid) the 402 measurement for 01 but becomes valid when I go down a few millimeters to say 398. I save it, it accepts it and as soon as I moved to 02 throws the error Channel 02 not available. Any help would be much appreciated. Just found this Facebook page and I am really enjoying looking at everybody's rides. Gave me a new zest for my Allroad.

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                                                                                                                                                            HI Audi peeps — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                                            HI Audi peeps

                                                                                                                                                            I hate to bring drama into the group(s) but I have been forced to do this.

                                                                                                                                                            On Dec 16th I put out a request for some parts and a couple of people stepped forward and I appreciate it and this is what makes the community fantastic every one willing to help a person in need.

                                                                                                                                                            But we have a person that is not honest and cannot deliver the parts in a timely fashion.

                                                                                                                                                            They have taken my money and have not delivered parts or provided a tracking number nor have they refunded my money.

                                                                                                                                                            I paid this individual through PayPal Gift to avoid the PayPal fees for them, The payment was made on Dec 16th and they have had plenty of time to pull the parts and send them to me or at least give me a heads up that it will take some time and give me the option to go else where to get the parts I need.

                                                                                                                                                            I have messaged this individual and asked to either refund my money or deliver parts.

                                                                                                                                                            He cannot do either so I am calling the owners of the FB pages of Allroad Market Place, Audi C5 and Audi allroad Quattro to contact me through messenger so we can deal with this individual before I call them out publicly on the FB pages I just listed.

                                                                                                                                                            Kind Regards


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                                                                                                                                                              So I was under the hood on the Allroad 2002 2 7 after I get done I started it... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                                              So I was under the hood on the Allroad, 2002 2.7, after I get done I started it up to check under the hood again for any issues. What I noticed was moisture coming out from the seam on the secondary air valve. If I got this right this means that one or both of the combi valves has failed resulting in exhaust moisture back flowing into the air pump. Am I in the right ball park Allroad peeps? The temp here has been below freezing for a couple weeks now. I am assuming I need to replace both combi valves and now rebuild the secondary air pump. I figure if one valve is bad I just as well replace both of them. I'm a little worried about the water in the air pump. I'd hate for it to freeze tonight and crack the housing

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                                                                                                                                                                Okay my fellow 2 7 Maniacs so in the next few weeks after my move I plan on... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                                                Okay my fellow 2.7 Maniacs, so in the next few weeks after my move, I plan on taking th STK plunge, and I have a few questiong/concerns. If you guys would help enlighten me, I would PM for more personal responses. But I want this to go out there to anyone else who needs the info, Aaron, Travis, Jeremy And anyone else who knows any info on the matter.

                                                                                                                                                                So I plan on running the 2.8 Exhaust manifolds and ill have to buy the PB5 kit as thats the only one out there for conversion.

                                                                                                                                                                The turbo I am going with is a Holset HX40 or equivelent.

                                                                                                                                                                I know ill need a tune. thats why I have aaron,

                                                                                                                                                                While doing reading on the HX i am finding out they are set at wastegat pressure at 20psi, which is way way higher then our K03/K04 stuff, Does that matter or will that allbe taken care of via tune and N75 Valve.?

                                                                                                                                                                Should I go MBC at this point or keep the N75?

                                                                                                                                                                Can someone shed somelight on the conversion, someone whos done it. or is currently doing it, what are you finding problemmatic? is there common issues for the build?

                                                                                                                                                                What IC Setup did everyone go with? All custom? Is there a Kit?

                                                                                                                                                                I still plan on being a Stock Block/head for a little bit longer. sourcing a second BEL engine and then I can really go to town.

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                                                                                                                                                                  Well I m listing my allroad for sale after Christmas It s been an interesting... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                                                  Well I'm listing my allroad for sale after Christmas. It's been an interesting ride but due to life circumstances I ended up having to drive it into the ground. Am I ashamed? yes very, but single parent life makes proper upkeep on an expensive car hard. Motor wise it runs great for a 2001 with only just over 100k miles on it. The air ride went out a few months back and then about two weeks ago the right wheel said "I do what I want" I had it towed home as I can't even afford to get it looked at till I get my tax return. Not to mention not many shops in south west GA will work on it. Gonna be a hard sell as well but hopefully I can get enough from it to get my kids and I into something with cheaper maintenance that people down here will actually work on when needed. Bumming rides is getting old.

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                                                                                                                                                                    I have a question what all is different between 2001 to 2003 I m gonna be... — Audi allroad Quattro

                                                                                                                                                                    I have a question what all is different between 2001 to 2003 I'm gonna be swapping my drive train and I'm hoping it works out but what do I all need to change. Also what's better 2001 or 2003 for engine wise? I'm gonna build the other block which ever one isn't used.(build is gonna take a long time not planning on it taking a little bit planning on some time with in 2 years having it pieced together. Target 650-700hp to the crank. On e85 I will like suggestions of pistons and rods/ crank I should get (first on the list is make one good condition Allroad with all exterior mods I want (like 6 things)

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