Hi guys I now have another suspension issue — Audi allroad europe.com

Hi guys, I now have another suspension issue.

:( I'm at my whits end with this car now.

The car has dropped to level 1 on the right side, but the left side is about the same height as it would be at level 2.

There are no warning lights on, but the compressor will not run. Its only showing 1 light on the level adjust.

Andy, so you have any suggestions?

I'm pretty sure it's not the red wire to the compressor this time, but I can't get underneath to see.

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    Help quick suggestions — Audi allroad europe.com

    Help, quick suggestions ?

    My car is down on its left rear. It's in a garage now & has had its spring seal kit replaced, but has dropped again. The garages next suggestion is the valve unit. They can't be sure though. Next down the line would bet he pressure accumulator, but as the rest are all staying up, suggests that's ok.

    Any advice or tips on a correct diagnosis ?

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      Photos from Yves Weemaels's post — Audi allroad europe.com

      Not really allroad related but maybe interesting anyway. Piloted a car carrier out last night and on the way up to the bridge, we passed through the car deck . Value of the total cargo was higher than the cost of the ship (200m long and 32m wide). Full of Audis, Maseratis and 14 Lamborginis. Check the lashing of those cars....

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        Photos from Wayne Hart's post — Audi allroad europe.com

        Quick sale needed £995

        2002 Audi Allroad

        51 plate Audi allroad

        Auto, petrol 2.7 v6 biturbo

        Exterior is in great condition

        Interior is also in very good condition

        New tyres, new suspension airbag, new brakes. Recent service.

        Everything works, front and rear parking sensors, dual zone aircon, heated seats etc etc.

        Tow bar fitted

        Auto is silky smooth with no issues.

        Mot till 9/6/17

        Mileage is 177k

        Known issues are rocker cover gasket leak. (Drivers side bank)

        Front drivers side cv joint clicking on full lock.

        Abs light on.

        All issues are small and £200 will sort everything out.

        Car located Cheltenham

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          Has anyone used spigot rings I ve got a spare set of 18 inch Audi alloys with... — Audi allroad europe.com

          Has anyone used spigot rings? I've got a spare set of 18-inch Audi alloys with winter tyres from a A6 (C7), ready to fit to my C6 Allroad for a trip to the Alps in a couple of weeks. It turns out that the C7 alloys have a 66.5mm diameter centre and the C6 is 57.1mm. My local tyre independent emporium has recommended buying spigot rings, so I've ordered a set. I'm certainly not going to fit the wheels as they are, just looking to see if anyone has any experience or knowledge of using spigot rings and anything I should look out for or avoid? Ta! ;-)

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            Photos from Angus Smith's post — Audi allroad europe.com

            What would you value my car at? I have just finished re-furbishing it and am looking to sell. It's a 2002 UK 2.5tdi in excellent condition, 97,000 miles, no service history just some old receipts but just had full major / timing belt service, pulleys, all filters fluids replaced etc. Also just undergone a fairly intensive restoration, new discs, pads and rebuilt calipers all round, stainless braided hoses, full underbody strip, de-rust, epoxy mastic paint and underseal. Bumpers and wheelarch trims freshly painted in Highland Green, grill refurbished and re-painted. Any bodywork corrosion fixed and re-sprayed. Front and rear lights clear coated. Very good interior in green leather. Everything working perfectly, both front window regulators replaced among a very long list of other new parts. Air suspension working perfectly, no air leaks. Only negatives are small dent on front of roof, spare key is dead and AC needs re-charged. Has full years MOT. Was re-mapped (with proof) in 2007 to 220bhp. Some pics below.

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              Chris I am in a similar position with mine at the mo my suspension light is on... — Audi allroad europe.com

              Chris I am in a similar position with mine at the mo! my suspension light is on solid straight away, still looks like it's on level 3 in the morning but dash switch shows level 1, press the up button and in seconds it says it's on level 3 and all good. Drives great but light on all the time and as far as I can work out compressor is working. The lights only go down from 3 to 1 over night, leave for a few hours during the day and all good.

              I need to bite the bullet and get VCDS.....

              Any ideas before I get it scanned?

              But still love the filthy old beast

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                Needs some pointers guys My suspension has been in need of some TLC for a... — Audi allroad europe.com

                Needs some pointers guys. My suspension has been in need of some TLC for a while and I can't seem to find the money to buy a VCDS so some pointers in the right direction might help for now.

                The warning light is on and back left corner is lower than the rest, the compressor is not working at all. The bag is holding air but I can't get the compressor to run.

                I've tried jacking it up but even if I put it in Jack mode and lift the car the suspension travels it's full distance.

                Faulty level sensor, knackered compressor, valve block? Where do I start?

                Thank you for any help.

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                  Hello group — Audi allroad europe.com

                  Hello group.

                  After three years living in the wild Bulgarian mountains i decide that rubbers doesn t work in the hard winter conditions and in general making a lot of problems to my life and my wallet ,so im going for coil conversion kit to my Allroad.

                  Who knows when i can by Arnott coil conversion kit from UK or something similar from Europe please?

                  Thanks in advance.

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                    Evening all — Audi allroad europe.com

                    Evening all,

                    I have had my Allroad C7 3.0 tdi (245ps) for ten months now. It has done circa 65k miles. About a month after I bought her i got a coolant low stop the engine immediately warning. I checked the coolant level and it was on max so took it to the dealer who found nothing wrong and could not recreate the issue.

                    I have just got the same message checked the coolant again and it was way below the Min mark so at least I know the sensor is working. My question is more around how can I lose some much coolant in six months given there are no visible leaks? Anyone else had the same issue? Is it normal and I just need to top up the coolant level by a litre every six months?

                    Cheers in advance


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                      Hello — Audi allroad europe.com


                      Hello thank you very much for adding me...

                      I have a concern, maybe someone can help me here. Unfortunately, my allroad left me over a year ago and since I have been desperately looking for a new one, that is like the old one, unfortunately so far without success ...


                      - 2.5l TDI

                      - Color: Black

                      - Low range manual transmission

                      - sunroof with solar panels

                      - Alarm system

                      - Recaro seats or electric seats with memory

                      - Seat heating front and rear

                      - heater (not necessarily)

                      Perhaps there is sombody, who wants to sell one or someone who knows somebody...

                      Location Austria or Germany

                      But maybe the search would end soon. I have found a suitable car in italy. Only the seller does not want to sell abroad, because it is difficult with the authorities.

                      Maybe someone can help me with this problem...

                      I am very grateful to you for any help.

                      Best regards

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                        Ok it s happened From 1 february 2017 my Allroad is not welcome in Antwerp... — Audi allroad europe.com

                        Ok, it's happened! From 1 february 2017 my Allroad is not welcome in Antwerp anymore, because of new ecological norms. I may go there only for a fee of 35 euros per day. Or I can buy a subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months. Or I can place particular filter for 900-1200 euro's and upgrade an Allroad to euro-4 norms... Or go there by bike or bus..

                        With such a manner they are forcing us to sell our good old real cars and to buy this modern rubbish. And Antwerp is only the beginning, such rules will soon be everywhere...

                        Such are the times, guys and girls... Sad...

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                          2002 180bhp Tdi Had it 2 months replaced the compressor full service including... — Audi allroad europe.com

                          2002 180bhp Tdi. Had it 2 months, replaced the compressor, full service including timing belt, tensioners, water pump and thermostat. So spent a lot already.

                          Scenario: wife out in it this morning lowered the drivers window but now that's it. Motor is working but won't lift.

                          Rear drivers side window works from the front but not from its on switch.

                          Probably a common problem but thought I'd check here before pulling the door card off.

                          Lovely drive though now that the suspension is working.

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                            Photos from Bruce Stott's post — Audi allroad europe.com

                            My n/s front passenger door wouldn't shut properly unless I pushed on the door & it would bounce back open little bit. I had tried spraying grease into the catch but this didn't work. Not wanting to be beaten by this, today I took the lock out & did as follows. Unclip & remove the micro switch in pic 1. Unscrew the two torx screws as shown in the pictures. Then whilst gently lifting the two tabs next to where the smallest torx screw was removed prise apart the lock mechanism. Spray white grease into all the mechanism. Then reassemble. Hey presto my door now shuts with ease like an Audi should....

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                              Photos from Karol Collins's post — Audi allroad europe.com

                              I got a chance to test drive that 163 hp Allroad today, not in too bad a condition , could not tell any great deal power wise between it and the 180 hp version ,, it needs some attention small things like the right indicator light in the dash is wonky , the gas struts for the boot are shot and soon it will need breaks , but more seriously the suspension was slightly down on the back and the compressor was really really noisy and it took ages to raise between the levels and strangely to me also was that it took for ages to lower back down also.

                              But then I spotted that the drivers door was out of alignment , maybe crash damage or maybe a simple adjustment ?

                              I also bargained down the price by over 1/3 of the original asking price which is also slightly worrying ..... Thinking about it ....

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                                Photos from Karol Collins's post — Audi allroad europe.com

                                This beauty took my eye earlier today and can't stop thinking about her since , but the only thing I'm worried about is the fact she's a 163 hp tdi , does anyone have any comparison of one of these with the 180 hp for example , are they ok to go or much more sluggish compared to the 180 hp ? She's manual so that should be a great help

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                                  I would just like to apologise for the poor quality of pictures on face book — Audi allroad europe.com

                                  I would just like to apologise for the poor quality of pictures on face book. Especially red, which also happens to be integral to our beloved logo. I have been trying for 4 years and tried so many settings, experimental and advised and red is still shite. Not peculiar to Facebook either, Instagram though not so bad smashes pictures up too.

                                  It is particularly bad in the latest cover photo , breaks my heart, it is fine on my screen and SORRY

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                                    Afternoon Everyone — Audi allroad europe.com

                                    Afternoon Everyone,

                                    My C6 Allroad has developed the common fault of the front passenger door handle remaining locked, even though all doors are unlocked, and can then only be opened from the inside.

                                    I have read that the the only way to fix the fault is to replace the door locking mechanism. I have also read that there might be away of pulling the internal and external handles in a certain sequence to effectively re-program the lock - but not sure if this is a myth?!

                                    Has anyone else had this fault and found a sensible fix?



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                                      Photos from Karol Collins's post — Audi allroad europe.com

                                      Forgive the dumping of so many photos but I took these the weekend and I might as well put them here before deleting , next time I'm getting the iPhone with the big memory :)

                                      After almost 7 years living in Sweden driving an Allroad on the fresh powder is one of the few things that makes the snow and ice bearable , the novelty of snow is wearing very thin with me nowadays

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                                        Photos from Eva Maria's post — Audi allroad europe.com

                                        Does anyone know how to use the air line fittings from Arnott. Especially how to remove the air line from an Arnott air suspension.

                                        The description says you have to remove the old fitting and just insert the air line into the pre-installed Arnott fitting. And you should not remove or tighten the air fitting from Arnott. I wonder how the removal of an Arnott suspension works then? How does it work to get the air line unlocked?

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                                          hello people of the world after any tip s and info on a few bits im planning on... — Audi allroad europe.com

                                          hello people of the world after any tip's and info on a few bits im planning on the purple unicorn 2.5TDI 180BHP

                                          1st; has anyone had a terraclean or decarbon engine clean of any sort is it any good?

                                          2nd; anyone done an EGR delete is it just EGR and few pipes to take off i've ordered the blanking plates they are on the way

                                          3rd; is anyone running an aftermarket panel filter i.e. K&N pipercross

                                          and last of all my 1st air bag change on the front and compressor rebuild any info or tip's would be greatfull

                                          then after all this we are getting a remap

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                                            Photos from Ste Prag's post — Audi allroad europe.com

                                            The time has come.to part with my Audi A6 Alroad.

                                            This is the 2.7 biturbo quattro version. With flappy paddle shifts. The car was wrapped in a black vinal when I bought her 3 years ago. I removed the vinal to discover a scrape down the passenger side door.

                                            She has covered 180.000 miles with history upto 166.000. Had the gearbox serviced etc. She benefits from heated leather interior.

                                            4 electric windows.

                                            Heated electric mirrors.

                                            Puddle.lights . Door handle guidence lights.

                                            Bose stereo / speakers and six disk changer.

                                            She has a large boot with dog guard and load net.

                                            Decent tyres.

                                            Car is not the best condition. But no rust at all.

                                            She has mot until may next year. With the only advisorys being tyres and a cover over the lights. That has now been removed.

                                            She has a tow bar with single electrics.

                                            Remote central locking system. Total closure alarm.

                                            Looking for around A GRAND.

                                            ALREADY HAVE A CAR SO CASH ONLY PLS located halfax West Yorkshire

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                                              Photos from Allan Ewart's post — Audi allroad europe.com

                                              A sad day..

                                              Time to sell my Allroad,

                                              I'm selling as spares or repair as the car has developed a vibration at over 50mph.

                                              Comes with no M.O.T.

                                              However, the engine runs sweet as a nut,

                                              Body work is in very good condition.

                                              Air bags have been removed in favour of S6

                                              S Line shocks and springs.

                                              If anyone on here wants it and for the asking price, I will throw in a service kit, timing belt, thermostat and a few other bits and bobs I have for it.

                                              Any questions ask away

                                              (I hope this is acceptable to post, if not admins please remove)

                                              £700 for quick sale

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                                                My C6 has LED rear lights I noticed today that the OSR tail light wasn t... — Audi allroad europe.com

                                                My C6 has LED rear lights. I noticed today that the OSR tail light wasn't working, but no warning had appeared on the OBC. I removed the light unit, but of course there isn't a bulb to check or change. Cleaned the connectors and refitted the unit, still doesn't work. Has anyone else experienced this? Any thoughts please? I can ask my trusted garage to check it out, but thought I'd ask the forum experts first

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                                                  how do i remove the rear bumper correctly anybody knows how to remove the... — Audi allroad europe.com

                                                  how do i remove the rear bumper correctly ??? anybody knows how to remove the rearbumper proper ? i did it some time ago, and iam not sure if i forgot something, there are just these three bolts in the trunk, next to the rearlights.... but i rememeber there have been 3 screws inside the wheelhousing, but this was in the front????

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                                                    Yves Weemaels shared a link to the group: Audi allroad europe.com. — Audi allroad europe.com

                                                    https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/audi-a 6-allroad-perfektes-winterauto-/573755477-216-6233 Last night, I had a very good conversation again with the owner of this java beast. She has a restaurant close to Ingolstadt where some big guys from Audi are coming to eat regularly. The previous owner was an Audi engineer who now has a javagreen Q5 or Q7. Very cool. She is not that sure anymore if she still wants to sell it. Anyway, I will visit her in Ingolstadt next year. She will have a look for me if somebody of the guests can help in finding more about the java history and to get some old pictures. And if she still sells it, she will let me know who will be the next owner (if he accepts) so I can stay in contact. Really exciting.

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                                                      Alistair O'Grady shared a link to the group: Audi allroad europe.com. — Audi allroad europe.com

                                                      Here, for sale is my 2003MY Audi Allroad Quattro 2.5 V6 tdi. Purchased new on 09/09/02 by Lady Alexandra Elletson

                                                      of Marlborough. Factory optioned with rare cloth trim and adjustable heated front and rear seats, it also has the

                                                      rare 6 speed maunal gearbox, Audi Symphony 2 multi CD and cassette stereo.

                                                      It is finished in Audi two tone color combination - 5B7F Light Silver Metallic 5B5B, dark grey bumpers and arches

                                                      LY7W, with N7Z cloth trim, The roof is the standard Allroad Satin Matt dark grey with dark grey roof rails. No

                                                      sunroof fitted, a rare option, and one I was happy not to have, as it is a cause of leaks.(and module failure) It

                                                      took me a lot of searching to find the optioned car i wanted, no sunroof, 2 tone paint, 6 speed, heated cloth seats

                                                      and full service history, quite a rare combination to find second hand

                                                      All tyres are good with plenty of tread, all alloys are very good for the age, and has the factory space saver and

                                                      tool kit in the under boot storage. The cloth cheque pattern is in good condition with 2 small cigar burns, and the

                                                      carpets are as new due to mats being used. The rear carpeted boot space is also very clean and tidy.

                                                      Exterior paint is good, with a few marks, scratches as expected of age. The paint has a great shine, as it has been

                                                      washed, clay barred, de-contaminated, and polished regularly with Collinite Marque D'Elegance Caranuaba Wax, and

                                                      has amazing water beading, and lasts for months and months at a time. Under wheel arches are clean, and are


                                                      pressure washed and kept clean every time.

                                                      Engine is the AKE 2.5 V6 tdi with 180bhp, with the 6 speed FTH manual transmission, and has the factory 4 corner

                                                      air suspension for rough road design. The driver and passenger seats are electrically adjustable. Radio controlled

                                                      remote central locking, driver, passenger and side airbags, factory built in retractable dog guard and boot area

                                                      cover. Leather

                                                      trimmed steering wheel and gearshift surround. Front and rear electric windows, electrically adjustable and heated

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                                                        Evening all — Audi allroad europe.com

                                                        Evening all,

                                                        I posted on here a while ago looking for an Allroad to do a photo shoot on (Scotland only) reaching out again as I can't remember who offered up there cars. If you are interested feel free to comment below or PM. Willing to travel within reason.

                                                        Cheers Luke

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                                                          Photos from Craig Peace's post — Audi allroad europe.com

                                                          Gauging interest, reason for sale...I can't get on with the lack of power from diesel! Lol so if any anyone is interested pm me or call me,

                                                          Main points ( I'm sat doing this off the cuff so might not be bang on but...)

                                                          Very rare I'm sure most will agree...

                                                          LOW RANGE GEARBOX

                                                          Around 120k

                                                          Bose with tv sat nav + parrot

                                                          Black leather Intearia

                                                          Suspention all spot on

                                                          Full service history

                                                          2 sets of wheel and tyres summer & winters (Dunlop 4d's)

                                                          I'd say in good all round condition

                                                          1 fault is passenger window doesn't work.


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                                                            Would anyone be interested in my 2 7 C6 allroad 2006 with 151k Bags all good... — Audi allroad europe.com

                                                            Would anyone be interested in my 2.7 C6 allroad? 2006 with 151k. Bags all good, engine good, loads of Audi history, all the toys. Selling because I've been offered another which has a sunroof. That is the only thing I miss in the current car. It has a few car park scrapes but a straight and honest example. £4950

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