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*Help Needed*

2008 (b7) A4 2.0T

Check engine light threw yesterday, after pulling the code (P2181), the thermostat is stuck open and engine is not reaching normal operating temperature. Audi quoted me $650 labor for a $70 part. I am no mechanic, but can find my way around a car and tool box. Was wondering how difficult the job is and if it's worth taking to the dealer.

Thank you in advance!

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    Photos from Kyle LeMay's post — Audi A4

    So I have an a4 b5 with the 2.8 in it how hard would it be to put an S4 motor into it when this motor finally goes it has 244k on it and runs like a top and doesn't leak or burn a drop of anything but just tossing around ideas for when the time comes thanks in advance!

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      Does anyone here have any cool ideas for body kits or toys. Wheels — Audi A4

      Does anyone here have any cool ideas for body kits or toys? Wheels?

      I'd like to upgrade but locally I can only find original parts or replicas. No after market or custom stuff.

      Got an 2006 A4 V6 3.0L 4x4 Quattro combi

      Also does anyone know how does it work with moding cars with after market parts? I know insurance and some countries in EU have issues with that.

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        Well MOT just came back on my 1. 9TDI B6 avant. 850 — Audi A4

        Well, MOT just came back on my 1.9TDI B6 avant.... £850 :(

        * Rear centre seltbelt stuck

        * Airbag warning (£50 for vcds scan to find problem, fix extra £'s)

        * Fluid pump not sending enough screenwash through

        * Rear number plate light broken

        * Rear brake pads too worn (£97+£60 to get locking knuts off without bit)

        * "Too much" smoke from exhaust

        * Passenger side roll-bar bolt sheered off. (£350)

        Only had the car a few months. Thought I'd got a great deal on it but seems not. The car's got 200k on the clock but oil etc has all been done at the right intervals and the engine is in great condition.

        Would you get the work done? My main issue right now is that I can't afford to buy a new car, but I could just about scrape through this with the garages 0% finance for the repairs needed.

        Edit: Got a second opinion from since they're Audi specialists and kinda local, ish. The girl I spoke to listened to the failures/advisories then laughed when I told her what I'd been quoted. It's late here so she's coming back to me tomorrow with a price, but it's going to be significantly cheaper :D

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          Photos from Derek Dreslinski's post — Audi A4

          Hey guys,

          I have a 98 A4 Quattro with the 1.8t. recently I noticed an intermittent clicking noise from the timing/cam. I took of my serpentine belt and ran it for a second just to make sure it wasn't one of those pulleys. I took off my valve cover and found that something is hitting it from the inside out on cylinder 4 exhaust valve 1. Its really stumping me. I dug around the cams with my magnet to see if it was a chipped piece of metal but I came up empty handed.

          Any ideas?

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            Alright fellow Audi lovers i need some help i live in VT where we often see... — Audi A4

            Alright fellow Audi lovers....i need some help!!!!!....i live in VT (where we often see harsh winters....not so this year :( ) and i often use a 98 a4 quattro (2.8) as my winter rig.....anyhow, last year before parking it, i noticed she needed some new shocks....i replaced them this summer (having changed front control arms year before....i left them alone) the process of doing rear springs, i broke a rear trailing arm (replaced it)....set camber, and toe....good to go!!!.....not so much!!!.....get it in the snow, the car wanders....pulls one way....ya steer to correct, now ya dart that way....almost scary to drive!!!!......thinking the problem was in rear, i chased my ass making adjustments (this way or no avail)....fed up, i took it to a local shop for alignment....both rear were dead was passenger front....however the driver front (camber) is way negative.....the manual calls for shifting the sub frame, to even out camber for the front end....But this does not make sense to me, being that the passenger side is dead shift the sub, would only uneven that side, while trying to match it to the opposite other thought was perhaps bad control arms, on that one side....but visual inspection, shows no sign of wear (only 2 years old)......i know this car inside and out, have been a B5 owner for 10+ years....and this is new to me....any ideas??? would be greatly appreciated....fore i know i am overlooking something.

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              Photos from Simon Johnson's post — Audi A4

              1.8t (163) Ltd edition

              Now 1st thing I am selling it as spares or repairs . It starts 1st time and drives lovely now the reason it's spares or repairs as I had it in a deal with another car now the 1st time I drove it the oil pressure light come on so I stopped it got towed back in have done a engine flush and a oil service and it's not come back on had it running for 1/2 a hour and drives it for about 5 miles and all seems good but no tax on it so don't want to drive to far. As you can see very good looking car has s line body kit 18 inch alloys very clean inside been lowerd.the car looks superb on the pics if you look close its not. The bonnet and 1 wing has been repaired and pained not the best job the grills on front bumper are missing some scratches around the car. Engine management light on air bag light on has mot to 9th July. Drive away at you own risk.


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                Hey guys have a question I have a 2006 Audi A4 2 0T Quatro Went in four days... — Audi A4

                Hey guys have a question. I have a 2006 Audi A4 2.0T Quatro. Went in four days ago and got an oil change (at a non Audi dealer). I was thinking they couldn't fuck up an oil change. Well I think I am wrong. The next day I was driving and it started complaining about oil Pressure. I was right by the dealer and went back to them. They checked it, and told me everything was fine. The next day I was driving about 100, and then the RPMs started dropping. It eventually died. I tried starting it up and no dice. Sounds like it has no compression. I did see the guy check the oil dipstick and it looked to me that it had oil all the way to the top of the Oil Dipstick, but he said it was fine. If I remember correctly they put Caster oil synthetic in there. Is it safe to say they fucked the car up since it died two days after I got an oil change? I did have it towed to an actual Audi dealer this time. Sad part is, they won't get a chance to look at it till Feb 7th.

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                  Photos from Jan Bednarz's post — Audi A4

                  Hi all,

                  First time poster here but am reaching out to you all with the hope you my find a solution to an issue.

                  So I pranged my back bumper - intermittent sensors, and general bad driving to blame.

                  Having got a quote over £1k, I thought i'd be smart and source a bumper for re-spray, assuming my diffuser (not damaged) would fit on the new bumper.


                  So having spent the money on the re-spray, Im now stuck trying to find the right diffuser.

                  The bumper part i had fitted, is number 8K9 807 511, but it seems NO-ONE has a clue as to what part i need.

                  Ive been asked for the reg of the original car it came from, but sadly that isn't known.

                  So last chance before I throw all that re-spray money down the drain and start again with the RIGHT part, is to reach out to you guys to see if you have any advice.

                  I enclose pics, in the small hope that some of you have a keen eye for what it is I have fitted on my car.

                  I'll happily supply more pics or info if you think it will help identify it.

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                    Bit of advice please I have 2 0T Cabriolet Sline on a 06 which doesn t come... — Audi A4

                    Bit of advice please. I have 2.0T Cabriolet Sline on a 06 which doesn't come with the S line bumper in the first year of production. Recently the car has had a bump and is at the garage. I would like to get that Sline bumper on this car as it is a Sline. The garage rang me today to say the lights have a different part number and would need new lights. If I wanted this bumper on .I'm sure this is wrong. And the bump should go straight on. And would fog lights in my bumper fit straight into that Sline bumper garage said different. Need help in making this decision as parts cannot go back.

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                      Major steering suspension issues with new 2002 A6 just bough drove fine at... — Audi A4

                      Major steering / suspension issues with new 2002 A6, just bough, drove fine at first but started vibrating and wandering 40mph and up, had to limp it home 40-60 on the way home... passenger outer tie rod was worn and wheel had some play side to side (steering axis), replaced outer tie rod, and played with the thread to get it pretty close aligned, but now it's doing some weird ass shit, seems to drive alright up to around 30, fine when turning. But when you let off the gas it veers seemingly randomly all over the road, when parked at a dead stop and you turn the wheel, that whole side of the car raises and lowers... any ideas???

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                        I have an Audi A4. B7. with RNS E — Audi A4

                        I have an Audi A4 (B7) with RNS-E.

                        There are two mods I'd like, but unsure if I can do them with VCDS or an engineering menu....

                        1. The colour setting is usually day colour, night colours, or auto. Auto turns to night when the sidelights come on. Could I change this so auto turns to night when the main beam comes on instead (as I often drive with my LED side lights on in the day)?

                        2. The colours change depending on what mode I'm in, I think orange for radio, blue for nav etc. Can I set all of these to red so it matches the rest of the interior?

                        Many thanks

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                          Ive posted about this before but after some more advice please — Audi A4

                          Ive posted about this before but after some more advice please:

                          A4 b7 tdi, had dodgy thermostat changed, but now no hot hair through blowers, had belt and waterpump changed, still the same, blows luke warm air while getting to 90c but as soon as it reaches 90c it blows cold air no matter what. Mechanic as checked for airlocks several times. Hes now thinking mabye the new thermostat is dodgy? Any ideas guys? He hasn't checked for blockages yet but heaters were fine before the new thermostat was fitted. Thanks

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                            Advise if possible A4 b7 1 9tdi Bought the car late 2015 Had cambelt kit... — Audi A4

                            Advise if possible. A4 b7 1.9tdi. Bought the car late 2015. Had cambelt kit fitted day after buying it so not quite sure how things sounded when i bought it as didn't know what engine noises to expect. After driving it around a few weeks and listening to other 1.9tdi's i noticed mine sounded different to others as it was actually making a unusual popping sound from the intake. Took it to a audi specialist garage and they told me it was worn cam lobes and tappets. Went for a 2nd opinion at another audi specialist and they told me the same. Then due to an apparent cracked head I had new head complete with cam, tappets, valves etc. Got it back and still the same apart from no pressurising but still that dreaded popping sound. Been to another garage and they said its an egr sound. Egr and cooler now removed and deleted, inlet and throttle body cleaned and still popping. Also its always seemed to be lacking power compared to all other 1.9tdi's I've tried. so i had stage 1 & 2 remap which made little difference. No warning lights up. Another audi specialist scanned and no codes. Apart from timing possibly being out a tooth can anyone think of anything else. I spent so much money on this engine now i don't want to give up on it but at the same time I wonder how much further i should go. It is booked in on 1st feb to have timing checked but any other thoughts would be most appreciated. Cheers in advance.

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                              Hey guys I m having a bit of a dilemma on what to do I recently bought my... — Audi A4

                              Hey guys! I'm having a bit of a dilemma on what to do. I recently bought my first Audi A4 (2014 prem +). And love the car. However, I miss the nav system from my Jetta before it and want more power. Am I crazy for thinking about taking a loss on the sales tax, trading the car in on a 2012 S4 that has the features and power I want? I would also be going from 17k miles up to 56k miles. What are your thoughts?

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                                Picked up an A4 2002 Quattro with the 3 0 V6 and 6 Speed Manual Ordered a Vag... — Audi A4

                                Picked up an A4 2002 Quattro with the 3.0 V6 and 6 Speed Manual. Ordered a Vag Com but it wont be here for a few weeks. Ran the codes on the ECU to see what was there.

                                My initial thought was could be bad o2 sensor or not reading and its running rich which it definetly smells rich so that rules out injectors, and fuel filter/pump. Wish I had the vag com to confirm af/r's my question would primary upstream o2's not reading cause the lean tho? Also it appears to be cyl 4 5 6 all driver side show the misfire so maybe that set of banks?

                                p0300 random misfire

                                p0304 cylinder 4 missfire

                                p0305 cyl 5 misfire

                                p0306 cyl 6 misfire

                                p0171 bank 1 to lean

                                p0174 bank 2 to lean

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                                  A4 B7 1 9tdi had my thermostat changed as the old one was stuck open and had... — Audi A4

                                  A4 B7 1.9tdi: had my thermostat changed as the old one was stuck open and had my timing belt and waterpump changed too as per service interval... problem is that my heaters blow warm air when im driving at speeds but when i slow down and stop they start blowing cool air until i pick up speed again. Mechanic says its poor circulation but unsure of why? Otherwise car is mechanically sound. Anyone experienced this or any suggestions?


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                                    I have a 2008 Audi A4 2. 0T Turbo Tiptronic Automatic that has no passing power — Audi A4

                                    I have a 2008 Audi A4 2.0T Turbo Tiptronic Automatic that has no passing power.

                                    When I step on the accelerator the car will shift down into a lower gear, rev about 3500 RPMs but will not shift up again until you let off the accelerator. I have replaced the HPFP sensor and the Mass air flow sensor but neither has changed the performance.

                                    When it revs to 3500 RPM, the speed is not increasing it just revs until you let off of the accelerator and then it will gradually get to the speed you want as long as you do not cause it to drop into the passing gear again.

                                    I suspect that it is a sensor somewhere.

                                    Any constructive feedback would be appreciated.

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                                      Photos from Dan Macefield's post — Audi A4

                                      I've been looking at fitting a rear aux/USB type device to my standard 6cd changer in my 03 a4. I found this box behind the stereo than had an old style 30pin iPhone plug, sure enough I plugged my old iPod in and it works, result. the other end of the cable is a 8 pin round type plug going into the box. Now I need to update the cable to suit my iPhone 6 the only thing I'm worried about is it did not charge my iPod when it played music. If I get an aux to 8 pin would this work still? Or is there a way to get it charging and playing music with an upto date iPhone to 8pin cable?

                                      Thanks in advance

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                                        AUDI A4 B6. 2001. CONVERTIBLE ROOF PROBLEM — Audi A4

                                        AUDI A4 B6 (2001) CONVERTIBLE ROOF PROBLEM.

                                        Hi Guys.

                                        Wondering if I can please pick your brains? ... just had roof suddenly stop working on 2001 A4 convertible, and was wondering if anyone here had faced a similar issue? Working perfectly one minute, then one day opened about 4 inches and stopped (no strange noises at all.) Now it can only be opened with the manual key, and when tucked away, the open door light shows on dash and beeps when driving, but it appears to be closed properly. Really keen to hear from anyone that's come across a similar issue before. Thanks in advance :)

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                                          Hi looking for some help trying too get too the bottom of an issue When I... — Audi A4

                                          Hi looking for some help trying too get too the bottom of an issue . When I start my A4 in the morning it's starts up first turn of the key shoots up too 1000 rpm then cuts out again this can happen up too 7 times before idling just wondering if any1 else has had this issue and successfully got too the bottom of it . The car is a 2005 (55) Audi A4 avant blb engine code

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                                            Hey all quick one about coils if there s any knowledgable people who could help — Audi A4

                                            Hey all, quick one about coils if there's any knowledgable people who could help...

                                            Did a rocker cover gasket on my 2.4 V6 B6 model

                                            Both sides leaking so both replaced

                                            Since then I've had a misfire on cylinders 4 & 5.

                                            Swapped plugs in 2 & 4, misfire in 2, put new plug in misfire back in 4 & 5, replaced all plugs

                                            Same misfire

                                            I swap leads on 1&4, misfire on 4.

                                            Took it up the motorway and misfire on 1-5 recorded on fault log

                                            Slow driving / idle I get misfire on 4&5, on motorway I get 1-5

                                            Is there any way I can check its coils before forking out for a new set?


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                                              Photos from Toni Keto's post — Audi A4

                                              Hi !

                                              New to group but not to Audi, been riding this and my first Audi for + 6 y./ 80 000 km's / total now 126 000 km. ( A4 2.0 TFSI Quattro 2006 S-Line chipped 260 hv./ 370 nm.), it took long to find Misano Red with 'needed' specs. I've turned it to real Black Optics, some achievements done also suspension and what I point most is decreasing the non suspended weight, I've gone 30 kg. down with it ( front corners - 6,5 kg. from tire/alloy-combination and -2,5 kg. with floating dics).

                                              Nailed the car with personal plate :-)

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                                                Couple of days ago my car had the dreaded m8 stud fail on the tensioner — Audi A4

                                                Couple of days ago my car had the dreaded m8 stud fail on the tensioner. But luckily the engine has survived but now the car has ran into an other problem so where to begin.. the garage ran the car for four hours without missing a beat. Held it at 4k rpm for about a min after warm up taken it on a test run on the way back the car totally died and now the car is turning over with no start up anyone know where to start.

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                                                  Right spent a fair bit on this recently and thinking I might break it soon if I... — Audi A4

                                                  Right spent a fair bit on this recently and thinking I might break it soon if I can't get to the bottom of this problem cheap enough, when getting to speeds after 60 mph there is a quite bad vibration when maintaining speed, when accelerating more it's still there but no where near as bad, when applying no throttle the car is fine, any ideas?

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                                                    Hi — Audi A4


                                                    I own a A4 advant, (b8) 3.0tdi. It has the MMI unit by the centre arm rest and gear knob. It's has the 6cd changer in the centre of the dashboard, B&O sound system and sat nav which is located in the boot. Under the arm rest it has an AUX IN and a 12v supply. Due to it not having the ami in the glove box I was wondering if there was a way I could connect my iPhone or a USB so it works through the speakers and can be controlled via the steering wheel controls.

                                                    Many thanks in advance. Dan.

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                                                      Hi there I m looking for some advice as I m looking to but a audi a4 and am... — Audi A4

                                                      Hi there I'm looking for some advice as I'm looking to but a audi a4 and am considering either a 2.0 tfsi or the 2.0 tdi around a 08-09 plate. What are the pros and cons of each engine?. I maybe going to look at a 2.0 tfsi on Saturday if it's still there which is on 80k. Is there anything crucial to look out for?? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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                                                        Hey everyone Bare with me because I just got this car and I don t know much... — Audi A4

                                                        Hey everyone.. Bare with me because I just got this car and I don't know much about them.

                                                        I have a 2002 Audi A4 1.8t Quattro. It needs some love but mechanically something is wrong with it. Just cruising around it does great. Sounds good, shifts great, etc... But if you have to get on it for any reason, it has no power. RPMs will rise but the speed doesn't. The Speedo also doesn't go above 40mph. I have a video I will share in the comments.

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                                                          Bit of advise needed please was pulling out a junction when I heard a crunch... — Audi A4

                                                          Bit of advise needed please, was pulling out a junction when I heard a crunch noise and then a pop sound, car has lost all drive, looked undernearh at driveshafts, and it looks like my drivers side has snapped where it connects to the hub, is it a whole new drive shaft or cv joint, when I move the wheel to have a closer inspection I can see inside where it's snapped a case or something

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                                                            Advice needed please — Audi A4

                                                            Advice needed please.

                                                            My A4 B7 is a 2.0 TDI BRE engine code and have a blown turbo.

                                                            Would anyone know if I'd have to get the same turbo as was on it or would a turbo off anything else fit it seen as it's been remapped.


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                                                              Some help please Recently bought this 2004 A4 avante I m having trouble... — Audi A4

                                                              Some help please! Recently bought this 2004 A4 avante. I'm having trouble opening the boot. One push opens just the drivers two pushes should open all other doors. But my boot does not want to open. When I push the lever to open boot I can actually hear it locking again. Could this be an immobiliser issue? I need my boot as I bought an estate car to have space for my wheelchair. TIA

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