Hey everyone — Audi A3 e-tron

Hey everyone!

I finally got my instant-climating feature working!

I went to my local cardealer and explained the problem.

The car always says no power connector connected and aborts.

They said they will look after it.

Was has been done after all?

Audi provided several module updates, which in combination activated the feature for me.

Funny fact:

Dealer told me that I wont get the car heated in winter, because I did not order the extra gasoline-powered heating. And I cannot cool in summer, because there is a specific module missing.

After all I was upset and could not except it, pressed the button in the mmi connect app and voila -> instant heating works perfectly!

Cardealer has no idea why this is working, but it does somehow and I wont let them touch it!

I do not want to miss this feature again!

(No freezy fingers in the morning!)

For German Drivers:

Mir hat das Audihaus in Leverkusen sehr weitergeholfen, falls hier Informationsbedarf besteht -> kurze Nachricht ich gebe dann den Kontakt weiter!


No charges from audi for updates or the A1 I got in the meantime!

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    Hey guys im wondering if something is wrong give me your thoughts my car... — Audi A3 e-tron

    Hey guys, im wondering if something is wrong.. give me your thoughts. my car tells me im getting 88mpg in hybrid mode, however i tested my commute today, driving like a grandma rarely going above 20% in the efficiency zone.. the battery only lasted 15-16miles (just like it does in ev mode driving the exact same way). The motor itself is rediculously good on gas being a 1.4L, combined with driving like an old lady seriously.. im wondering if the only way to really use the benefits of this car.. is to charge the car at night, then drive super reserved, use the car to re charge its battery for your daily commute, once charged use the battery to end your daily commute, then hook back up and start all over. Every day. See my commute is about 70 miles give or take. With only being able to drive 16 of those miles on ev mode i find myself having to constantly charge the battery while driving and driving very reserved to keep the gas mileage down. Very VERY far from the sporty yet economical advertisementz from audi considering im paying for both gas and electricity now and not being able to drive sporty whatsoever. Thoughts?

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      I Purchased my Etron on December 7th. The MMI system failed the next day — Audi A3 e-tron

      I Purchased my Etron on December 7th. The MMI system failed the next day. I bought it in a few days later. The dealer ordered a new MMI module. I was out of town over the holidays and brought it in this week to have it replaced. They replaced it and then told me that this is a new version and there is no software available for it. I can’t drive it since they are uncertain how it will work with the other systems. The dealer has no idea when the software will be available. My car is stuck at the dealer until further notice. How can Audi ship a part without software that will make it work? At least it was drivable before. Very frustrated. Strike 2 Audi. I was a TDI owner.

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        Couple things i dont like about my etron — Audi A3 e-tron

        Couple things i dont like about my etron:

        1.) software, the etron should have the option to start up on the setting its turned off on, say charge mode, or hold battery. Also the software is a little slow. And no warm up remote function? I mean cmoooooon! The mmi timer is annoying and doesnt connect half the time.

        2.) No power fold in mirrors, at this price point you would have them with bmw, and most likely a power hatch.

        3.) Notification you left the charge port open (yes ive done it twice hahha) its like driving with a booger hangin out yer nose. I understand this is operator error but theres one for the fuel door, all im sayin.

        4.) Battery life, theres no way 16 miles at most is an average commute for people in the price point of affording this car. Should be more like 25city, 30 freeway. Understandable with battery size but..

        However i friggin LOVE my etron!!!!


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          Reviving the wiper blade question I notice they work fine at freeway speeds... — Audi A3 e-tron

          Reviving the wiper blade question. I notice they work fine at freeway speeds but skip like crazy any other time. I specifically notice the bottom half flopping around. After comparing the arms to other cars I think they are just too flimsy, and/or maybe too long. There is no force to hold them down other than wind speed.

          Have any of you changed to a different blade that worked better?


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            Is my car possessed. Two issues — Audi A3 e-tron

            Is my car possessed? Two issues:

            1) I am used to the car turning off when I open the driver door, but this doesn't always happen... what drives this?

            2) twice I've had the car not charge overnight... when I leave the car at night, it's plugged in, but in the morning, charge is at zero. Has this happened to anyone else?


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              City of Toronto - John Tory - Mayor: Road Toll Exemption for Electric Cars on Toronto Highways — Audi A3 e-tron

              question to worldwide members ..are there any cities out there which exempt electric cars from tolls ? our city of Toronto ON Canada is about to introduce them here and we started a petition to exempt evs ..getting some traction but would love to hear about some existing exemptions if any in other large cities around the world ..by the way if you happen to live in Greater Toronto Area please join our association and help us by signing it :

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                Want to say thanks for the group and the opportunity to review the comments and... — Audi A3 e-tron

                Want to say thanks for the group and the opportunity to review the comments and posts.

                What I saw led me, a person looking for a Winter-ready car for long road trips, occasional local grocery runs and almost no commuting, to stick with the only other wagon in Canada that suits me - another Honda Fit.

                Perhaps a VW employee is lurking, perhaps someone will find this interesting:

                What killed it:

                - too many glitches and potential, perpetual broken parts (charging port cover, to start) to replace over a long lifetime (I prefer to "run my Cars to the ground, "or to sell with good resale price after less), especially for a relatively expensive car.

                - fear of the VW curse on electrical systems (see above).

                - extreme cold weather starts in remote locations.

                - not so sleek roof rack interfaces (bolt on is always quieter).

                What almost saved it:

                - pretty practical wagon features

                - decent, quiet interior

                - battery only option which would cover all my local driving

                - drive quality - car first, energy miser second

                - not too modern, trying to hard, styling, just a classic look

                I'll keep watching. Perhaps I'm more suited to the third wave of e-car buying; but good on you owners for investing the R&D process / voting with your $ - some on has to. I'm envious of the ride quality and more!

                I will say, if I had already owned VW products, I'd likely have done it. I sense those transitioning from Honda, for instance, may be disappointed in all but performance (when working right), finish and styling.

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                  Picked up my 2017 e tron today So far it is amazing Some things to point out... — Audi A3 e-tron

                  Picked up my 2017 e-tron today. So far it is amazing! Some things to point out for the 2017 Canadian version:

                  - the charger now comes with a wall holder for both the charger and a separate holster for the actual nozzle/plug

                  - the vent diffuser feature is gone :-(. Dealership told me the dials were breaking off

                  - the little mesh pouch in the passenger foot well is gone. Not sure if mine is just missing, but it didn't come with it

                  - charge mode is gone. Dealership told me that hold battery mode now sort of does both. Not sure what that means.

                  - on the site, it says that the B&O tweeters rise up from the dash when the car comes on. That is not true. They are just built into the A pillars.

                  - cannot display google maps on the virtual cockpit via apple CarPlay. Only in the popup screen.

                  - the LED fog lights are amazing. They gradually turn on in sequence, like a light meter going up.

                  That's what I have figured out in the first 2 hours I have had it. Pics to come once it is in daylight.

                  Florett silver, technik, grey interior. (Really glad I went with the grey, the two tone looks awesome on the dashboard and the doors.

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                    And I wait. I m about to conclude that 2017 e tron prestige. not black — Audi A3 e-tron

                    And I wait... I'm about to conclude that 2017 e-tron prestige (& not black) versions are rare. Does anyone know what the difference is between a Premium Plus with tech package and a Prestige? Seems the ones I want are in transit (nobody knows delivery date) or far, far away. Just need to bitch. Grrr. This is the one car purchase that I am not going to settle for less than I want. This car checks all the boxes, but I want ALL the toys.

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                      Here s an interesting observation I found I bought a cheap used Nissan Leaf L1... — Audi A3 e-tron

                      Here's an interesting observation I found. I bought a cheap used Nissan Leaf L1 EVSE off eBay to charge with at my condo since I charge outdoors in public and I didn't want to risk the Audi EVSE getting stolen. I noticed that the Nissan EVSE will charge my car from empty in ~6.5 hr, but the Audi EVSE will take 7.5-8 hours. Is the Audi EVSE really charging at 15A on 120V or is it going more like 12A?

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                        Jesse Rudavsky shared New England Electric Auto Association's photo to the group: Audi A3 e-tron. — Audi A3 e-tron

                        Hi all: Just want to introduce myself. I run the New England Electric Auto Association, a non profit dedicated to educating the public about the different hybrid, plugin hybrid and pure electric options available, debunking common myths about electric and hybrid vehicles as well as increasing the charging infrastructure. We host monthly meetings/ride and drive events and more often in the warmer weather. If anyone of you are in the New England area or happen to be passing through at the right time, we are always looking for more people to attend our events and help promote the technology as well as share their experiences, with other EV owners, car dealership personnel, and the general public. Feel free to like and share our Facebook page. NEEAA is one of over thirty electric car clubs across the country and is part of the National Electric Auto Association.

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                          Just had to use the wipers for the second time Anyone else have problems with... — Audi A3 e-tron

                          Just had to use the wipers for the second time. Anyone else have problems with the wipers skipping and squeaking? Drives me crazy. Is there a fix? I applied RainX but that only helped for a few minutes.

                          Also, the wipers kind of go crazy sometimes. They go so fast they hit the windshield frame. Anyone have similar experiences?


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                            I had such high hopes for the new Audi app accessing the e tron features... — Audi A3 e-tron

                            I had such high hopes for the new Audi app - accessing the e-tron features through the MMI app. But the experience is no different than with the e-tron app.

                            It took me 6 tries to get registered, with errors that didn't explain what went wrong except to try again. Even after going out to the car twice to check the mileage.

                            Now I'm registered and it's telling me either "Connection to the vehicle failed" or "Charging connector not plugged in". Even though I can see from the window that it's plugged in.

                            But the whizzy visual animations are fun. Audi IT - you suck.

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                              Anyone else got this Information from Audi — Audi A3 e-tron

                              Anyone else got this Information from Audi?

                              For me in Germany I have to use the A3-etron App and cannot use the Audi MMI App (yet).

                              To the all users with the Audi MMI Connect app:

                              Can you turn on the AC without having the charging cable attached?

                              I tried to made a short translation, prepare it is not 1:1 but you will the details.

                              "Dear Mr. Beckedorf - your A3 Sportback will move! (eh what?)

                              In the next days we will introduce to you the "my Audi Portal" where you can do everything you want with the Audi MMI connect App.

                              With the move to the new portal, your A3 Sportback e-tron will also be available on the new plattform. Enjoy the well known service and new services as well - like free parking space information*

                              And we didn't mention the best thing yet!

                              Your A3 e-tron connect will be free for the next 10 years - without addtional costs.

                              We wish you the very best on the new myAudi Portal and the Audi MMI Connect App.


                              From the 23rd to the 25th of Sept. you will have limited access the A3 etron App. After the move all driving data, as well as the app will be deleted. The app will turned off after the 25th."

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                                This is what the OEM roof racks look like Easy installation Wish I had the... — Audi A3 e-tron

                                This is what the OEM roof racks look like. Easy installation. Wish I had the rails though, because it'd look much cleaner. Haven't driven yet to see level of noise.

                                The RockyMounts Brass Knuckle bike racks are coming. They are red (why'd I do that??) so I will need a red accent somewhere on the car. I might try the red Audi rings decal I saw on Amazon.

                                Anyone out there have small embellishments? Large ones?

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                                  As promised a Couple of quick questions — Audi A3 e-tron

                                  As promised, a Couple of quick questions:

                                  -How good is the navigation compared to waze?

                                  -How many of the notification features are disabled while driving? (Internet connectivity, etc)

                                  -is there a good description as to what Audi connect offers?

                                  -is the IPod cable useful if you connect via Bluetooth?

                                  -do people leave the included charger at home or carry with them? What's a good home charger otherwise?

                                  Thanks! :)

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                                    Hi — Audi A3 e-tron


                                    I've had the car a few weeks now and have only used gas once, so not much long distance driving yet. I could use people's experience with a few things however. Any help appreciated:

                                    - what are you using for a bike rack? Hitch? Roof? Audi USA has the roof cross bars for my car that doesn't have rails, but I can't tell if they are compatible with Thule or Yakima.

                                    - anyone find good floor and cargo area mats for wet weather? Something like Weathertech?

                                    - what is that funky little plastic thing in the glove box for? It looks like it's suppose to hold something? :)


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                                      Audi A3 e tron on a roundtrip in Europe — Audi A3 e-tron

                                      Audi A3 e-tron on a roundtrip in Europe,-

                                      After 11000km driving between home and work (average consumption = 0,19) I have to admit that I was anxious to try out the car on a longhaul holiday trip.

                                      One thing is fuel consumption. The more important thing would be to see the car behaviour after running battery empty.

                                      Surprise number 1:

                                      Using the Auto-mode charge the battery in no time. From zero battery to 6-7 km capacity is gained very quick when you use the breaks gently in high speed on the highway. And these 6-7 kilometers back-up remains more or less constant during the trip. The reason for this is that it seems to use the battery more after reaching this level. And the 6-7 kilometers back-up is ideal to give you enough juice when kick-down, and to take you electric and clean home in you suburban area.

                                      Surprise number 2:

                                      It is a fast car. Yes, we already knew that from zero to 100 km/h (torque). But it is also fast from 150 to 200 km/h, because the battery efficient kicks in and gives a boost even at 150 km/h

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                                        Hello there — Audi A3 e-tron

                                        Hello there.

                                        I'm very interested in the E-Tron but I have worries about winter. Leaving in Quebec, snow is a real issue and it seems like the charger lid in front is quite fragile.

                                        Anybody had issue with it in the snow, glaze or ice?

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                                          Had an odd situation over the weekend — Audi A3 e-tron

                                          Had an odd situation over the weekend.

                                          Have been charging the car using a CYC street charging socket every day for the last two weeks and the charging was working perfectly.

                                          Went to plug into another public charging socket this evening and the car's LED is lit up yellow and the car is refusing to charge.

                                          Then, I get into the car and the charging symbol on the dash at first shows red and then turns green and the car charges although the LED light on the outside of the car remains stubbornly yellow.

                                          Anyone had this before?

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                                            Anybody else suffered from a faulty oil filter seal The car broke down last... — Audi A3 e-tron

                                            Anybody else suffered from a faulty oil filter seal? The car broke down last Thursday with oil leaking from the sump area.

                                            Audi dealer repaired under warranty in one day which was impressive but I'm slightly worried this part has failed so early in the car's life. I've had the car for just over a year and done 35k miles.

                                            I'm hoping that this is a one-off. Should I be worried?

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                                              Är det likadant för er jag körde 45 km på el då ändrade jag till auto Mesta... — Audi A3 e-tron

                                              Är det likadant för er, jag körde 45 km på el, då ändrade jag till auto. Mesta dels var det 90 och 110 km/h. Efter laddning står det 44

                                              km. Har det med värmen att göra i batterierna?

                                              Is it the same for you, I drove 45 km on electricity , then I changed to Auto . Most hand , it was 90 and 110 km / h. After charging it says 44

                                              km . Have it with heat to make the batteries?

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                                                After one year I will return the A3 The A3 is miles away from the marketing... — Audi A3 e-tron

                                                After one year , I will return the A3. The A3 is miles away from the marketing materials. A full battery brings you max 25-30km. Inside a cold wether period it goes down to 10 -15. With gasoline there are also 450 - 500 km max.and not 900?!? That ist nothing. I hope that the A3 Cabrio brings more fun. The A3 E-tron is the worst hybrid car in the market.

                                                I feel ripped off by audi

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                                                  Anyone especially in the UK having problems with the Nearest Charging Station... — Audi A3 e-tron

                                                  Anyone, especially in the UK, having problems with the 'Nearest Charging Station' information in MMI. The Info on the MMI in the vehicle regarding Nearest Charging Point is out of date. I have spoken to 2 local dealers & Reese in Audi UK Customer Services. I have been told to update the Maps in the vehicle. I have done this twice & have 2016 Maps - the info still shows my nearest Charging Point as 22 miles away. This is despite the fact there are many closer, most of which have been there 2 - 3 years! I was told to speak to 'Navteq' which I duly did. The firstly told me to contact Audi Service as they don't supply the updates. I explained the problem & they said the DATA for CHARGING POINTS comes via the 3G Sim installed in the car!!

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                                                    Hi After the last update to the MMI Connect app the app has suprisingly been... — Audi A3 e-tron

                                                    Hi! After the last update to the MMI Connect app the app has suprisingly been working perfectly 9 out of 10 times :) But about 5 minutes after I park the car and plug in the charger the app notifies me that "the car has reported an error" (in Norwegian: Bilen har meldt en feil). But there is nothing wrong. And it charges normally and can't find any problems anywhere. Anyone else that has experienced the same?

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                                                      For weeks i debated etron vs i3 and in the end i3 ReX won mainly because i ve... — Audi A3 e-tron

                                                      For weeks i debated etron vs i3 and in the end i3 ReX won ...mainly because i ve already been driving a phev Ford Fusion Energi for last 3 years and wanted to drive something different ...this will be my third plug in car as i started with an IMIEV in 2011 ...in 2019 hoping to jump to Model3 hopefully and return to a BEV hoping there will be more fast charging stations here in Canada and US ...picking up on monday so wl post on the i3 group but will keep en eye on this group ...specially when quattro version arrives hopefully soon ...if Audi launched an awd version of ETron right away i would not have hesitated for a second ...q7 etron is way too big for my needs ...hope q3 and q5 will come as etrons soon so i can replace wifes evoque with one next year ...cheers!

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