Anyone have a good driver s side rear shock they want to ship

Anyone have a good driver's side rear shock they want to ship?

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  • Are they interchangeable? I have a good passenger rear...if so, $20 + you pay shipping

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  • I will check. Thanks!

  • Zachary Abelardo They are in fact different L to R and 01-02 is different than 03+. Thank you for the generous offer. Anyone else go bagless?

  • I will have everything except my drivers side front available in about a week. I'm going bagless so if ya still need the bag then I'm going to be posting the 3 that are good up as back ups for anyone who wants them.

  • I have an 04

  • I am not sure of the differences. I imagine I would need shocks and bags

  • Well if ya need em when I take it all off I'm switching to the s6 suspension and will have everything stripped from mine. I'll post it all up when I'm done.

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  • Great. I would rather be cheap and replace just the one shock but yours may be quicker.