Anybody know of a way to reset the trans when it goes into limp mode I just got...

Anybody know of a way to reset the trans when it goes into limp mode, I just got my half shaft fixed at a shop and it came back in limp mode and they said I had to go to audi to reset it, but I know audi is going to bend me over so I wonder if I can do this with a diagnostic tool and just reset a code.

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  • You should be able to use the VAG COM to do it; and if all else fails then I recall just disconnecting the TC-Module for some time after it went into limb mode which is located under the passenger side foot rest....others here might know an easier way....but here is something scary along these lines, did the shop put your car in jack mode before they put it on the lift? If they haven't done that then be prepared about the possibility of a faulty ride height control module as well......just a thought....

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  • Have you tried a hard reset? I'm not sure if it would work but it would definitely be worth a try. Disconnect both battery terminals and jump the *CAR* side leads together using a jumper wire, this discharges all the capacitors in the vehicle and wipes all low level memory out (CEL codes, trans codes, radio stations, etc...). Like I said, not 100% it would work but I'd try that before paying someone to clear codes

  • Gently slip in a 6 - speed .....?

  • Yeah, I'm thinking of going into work and scanning for codes before I have class tomorrow, if I can't figure it out I'll try you guys way, and I would love a 6 speed, I was thinking the same thing when I saw that I was in fail safe "This is why I prefer manual..." lol

  • You can do the conversion..I did mine this past summer and a few others here have done the 6 speed swap as well....if you are keeping the car it's about the same cost at the repair of the auto

  • Oh god if it comes to that, I'm definitely doing a manual swap pronto!

  • I hear ya...I limped around with failing reverse for 6 months while my tranni slowly killed I have a buttery smooth 6 speed and love it

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  • That sounds awesome, that direct control feels so much better then sluggish automatic :/