Alright hope someone can Help am from Scotland I have got a audi s3 2002 it s a...

Alright hope someone can Help am from Scotland ,I have got a audi s3 2002 it's a AMK engine ,today when driving it,it blow some oil out the oil filler cap and now when you give it a rev it put out blue smoke just when you rev it it's ok when driving have you any ideas why it's done this look forward from you's thanks hope you's can help , car drove 40 mile home with no probs just blue smoke at traffic lights and on idle none when driving anyone help ???

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  • Matthew Davies any ideas?

    Already mentioned to Tommy it could be stem seals, oil seals in turbo, thrust bearings, or piston rings. But could be something like a blocked PCV system.

    I'm ruling out piston rings and thrust bearings though....

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  • Tommy, you checked the oil level? Keep a constant check on it.

  • Oil level is where it should be m8

  • I said told him same mark ... Mine was doin it . turned out to be shagged rings an stem seals !!

  • Could a compression test be carried out to show if rings are knackered? My first thought would be rings and seals. As its obviously getting high compression into the top of the head and its obviously getting oil into the bore/exhaust?

  • Yeah !! I compression tested mine matt .. 180-165-155-170 was my figures lol .. Tester was 20quid off ebay

  • You got the order number for the compression test kit m8

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  • It should be about 180 all a cross mate