All booked of work ready for leeds best be some fittys up there Brandon...

All booked of work ready for leeds... best be some fittys up there!!! Brandon Sthree Lee

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  • Whats going down boys?

  • Cars
  • Coming to leeds on 5th march :)

  • Postie Meet.....???

  • Erm yeh :/

  • Ahhhh sorry chaps ya should have put a date Arron! Lol looks like it will be a good one ;-)

  • Well I got the 5.6.7 of work so ill b there :) should b good.. reminder im only running 225 so no need to put ur foot down :)...and im on eco got a 4hr drive to get to ya! (Long)!!

  • We have plenty of filling stations UP NARTH!!!!! I will more than likey have an issue with mine on the night as I always have issues at meets :-(

  • Eh. Whats happening? Im off work 6-10. Ultimate dubs on the 9th!

  • Cars
  • Thank matthew im spending bout £80 just to get there.. :(