2004 Allroad Stage 3

2004 Audi Allroad

2.7t Bi-Turbo

Alpaca Beige Exterior with Two-tone brown/dark brown interior

181k miles

Clean title, title in hand

Air suspension works fine (front right has a very slow leak when in level 1)

Exterior has some small nicks and a few small door dings. There are a couple dings in the hood.

Interior has some nicks in the rear pillars and headliner from previous owner. He used it to haul lumber and had a pretty big dog. Some wear on the buttons as is common on these Audis. A small burn mark on the bottom cushion of the rear seat from the previous owner.

I purchased the vehicle completely stock with a blown torque converter. Tiptronic transmission was removed and a full manual swap was completed. During the swap, I had the front windshield replaced due to a small chip and crack.

I have only put on 75 miles since completing the swap and stage 3 upgrades.

The car was originally built for my wife, but she decided to get something more luxury and comfortable. So if you're wondering why I am selling it, it's because it sits in the garage.

The following parts / modifications are either currently on the Allroad or will come with the sale of the vehicle. The number of spare parts and extra parts I have amassed for this Allroad is insane. The spare / extra parts will not fit inside the Allroad. You will need to transport the parts separately.

Here is the list- I am probably missing a few items, but you will see. Not too many stock parts remain on the Allroad.

JH Motorsports FMIC Kit

Frankenturbo F21 turbos. Just rebuilt prior to install. Have receipts showing the rebuild by Frankenturbo.

Frankenturbo lobster claws

Bosch 550cc injectors with new orings

034 Phenolic Intake Manifold Spacer Kit

034 SAI Block Off Kit

034 Silicone TBB

034 BiPipes Wrapped with DEI Gold Heat Reflective Tape

90mm Intake + MAF adapter with Dry filter

JHM fan delete kit with electric fan conversion

New Bosch Alternator

New OEM Starter

New OEM dual mass flywheel Sachs

034 Auxiliary Coolant Pump Delete

034 Silicone Turbo Hoses

Clutchmaster Stage 3 Clutch Kit

034 Clutch -3AN Adapters

-3AN Braided Clutch Line

New OEM slave cylinder

034 Shift Link Bushing

Redline Gear Lube in Rear Differential

OEM fluid in transmission

Silicone Vacuum Hoses Throughout

New OEM Coolant Hoses

SRM Catless Downpipes

New Front Allroad Half Shafts

Allroad Front Output Transmission Flanges

New Front Wheel Bearings Driver and Passenger Sides

New Front Brake Rotors Driver and Passenger Sides

New Front POWER STOP 16915 Evolution Ceramic Brake Pads

New Rear Brake Rotors Driver and Passenger Sides

New Rear POWER STOP 17340 Z17 EVOLUTION PLUS Brake Pads

New Driver and Passenger Side Inner Tie Rods

New Driver and Passenger Side Outer Tie Rods

Apikol Race Rear Differential Mounts

034 Street Density Engine Mounts

034 Street Density Transmission Mounts

034 Driveshaft Support Bearing

034 Aluminum Fuel Pump Bracket

Walbro High Output Fuel Pump

Brand New Bosch FPR

New Bosch Fuel Filter

034 Snub Mount

Motoza Software Upgrade / Flash with software and cable.

Advanced Automotion 6speed harness

710N Diverter Valves

ECS Tuning Braided Brake Lines front and rear

Hayden power steering cooler

Another $300-$400 in OEM bolts (i.e. Turbo to manifold and turbo to downpipe + new banjo and crush washers for oil and coolant lines) and Oetiker pinch clamps (OEM clamps). Plus high torque full stainless hose clamps throughout.

18” x 9” Fk wheels

255/45r18 Yokohama Advan Sport A/S with replacement certificates

H&R Trak+ 25mm spacers all four corners

Gorilla Locking Lug Bolts

Stock Allroad wheels with good Cooper tires included

While the engine was out, full timing belt service was completed -

Gates Racing Blue Timing Belt

New OEM water pump

New OEM pulleys and tensioner

New Continental Serpentine Belt

New seals throughout (front and rear main, all camshaft seals and plugs, tensioner seals, valve cover seals)

Swapped to Aluminum Thermostat Housing

New OEM Thermostat and seal

New fan switch and temp sensor.

New ignition coils. All replaced.

Bosch FR5DTC Spark Plugs

Yes, I do have receipts. The work was completed myself. This is my 5th Audi. I will also include Audi specific tools with the sale of the Allroad.

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  • I just want to say good job on callling out all the little imperfections like nicks and scrapes. Good guy Audi award points for that in a sale post. Also, I'd like to add that only 75 miles after all that work is literally hurting my head in trying to comprehend that... glws.

  • Thanks! 3 kids plus mother-in-law means 3 row vehicle. I used to own a RS6 and getting old. Need something comfortable for myself . My daily is a Toyota Sequoia.

  • I have an rs6 6mt as my daily with 3 daughters!!!! I feel ya.

  • I just like to embarrass corvettes and then roll the back windows down at the light to show them the two(empty when racing...) car seats in the heavy ass sedan that just walked their z06. ;)

  • It was fun with the RS6, but now I don't even have the commute to enjoy any. Weekends are kids activities days.

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  • Including Ross-tech cable, software, and laptop