2002 B5 s4 6 speed

or best offer

Deciding to test the waters with my pride and joy b5, first off I want to start the ad off by saying if you're looking for a well documented decently low mile b5 s4 this would be it, it's a 2002 6 speed car so it has the upgraded 1-2 shift collar, I have basically every receipt since the car was bought well over 10 grand . Ownership transactions, dealership receipts, original window sticker

Before I get into the work that was done to the car i want to say that this car was completely bone stock until 89,000 miles in which I had started doing tasteful upgrades and maintenance to it, I bought the car from the second owner who owned the car from 10,000 miles he was a 65 year old man who didn't really drive the car all that much as he only put about 6k on the car a year, car originally from Connecticut has never seen a NY winter currently has 93,500 miles

Maintenance: (almost all done within the last 4K)

-Gates Racing timing belt

-serpentine belt


-Metal water pump

-auxiliary water pump

-cam seals

-cam plugs

-crank seal

-both rear calipers

-temp sensor

-valve cover gaskets

-intake manifold gaskets

-4 new cooper rs3 tires (with road hazard)

-suction pump hose

- Bosch platinum side fire spark plugs (heat range 5)

- k&n drop in air filter

-all o2 sensors

-both egt sensors

-coolant flush (oem coolant)

-tranny flush (oem transmission fluid)

-rear diff (liqui moly)

-oil changed every 2500 miles (liquid moly)

-Mann oil filter

- upper control arms

-lower control arms

-sway bar links

-all 4 wheel bearings

-right front axle



Performance/upgrades(all done within 4K)

-034 throttle body boot

- ecs tuning snub mount

-ecs rear diff mount

-awe drivetrain stabilizer bar with poly bushing

-034 density strut mounts

-JHM solid short throw shifter

-xs diverted valves

-xs ceramic coated 3inch catless dp to 2.5 inch

-xs twin 1 exhaust

-awe boost gauge (in vent)

-Apr stage 2 tune peaks 17-18psi tapers to 15psi (rear o2 sensors coded out) very conservative and safe tune but still puts down fun amount of power

-ultimo coilovers (lifetime warranty)

-rs4 grille

Probably forgetting more, I'll add when I look through all the paperwork later

I gave the car a full buff,polish and wax about a month ago and used collinite on it this week. I always kept the car spotless and conditioned the leather seats regularly, the cup holder works too!

In addition to it being a very well documented B5 the car was always worked on at a certified Audi specialist, dealership or at my work (Volvo dealership). Also I never beat on this Car like most B5 owners , I have never launched it car was never a daily driver for me always garage stored only driven on the weekends if it was nice out, always waited for the turbos to warm up and cool down after every drive and never got into boost until oil temp was at 175. I have all stock parts with exception to the rear muffler and a brand new set of ecs tuning poly motor mounts that I planned on installing over winter all will be included with purchase,

This car drives amazing, handles great and shifts smooth has no warning or check engine lights on, you could easily daily drive this car or would make a great candidate for stage 3 this car has never left me stranded, I would trust it driving to cali and back with no issues

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  • i just posted the $3k noggy in here for a heads up too on its own thread..hell of a deal ..

  • If you block the people complaining then they can't comment. Ask what you want for the car. I can find a running 2000 dollar car doesn't mean it's is worth it.

  • Clean car man, good luck with the sale.

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  • But wait it has raceland ultimos on it

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  • So even raceland ultimos are better than a blown out stock suspension? This is my buddies car, any cheap springs are better than it was when he still had his stock ones. Plus why not buy a cheap suspension to start with then you can build the motor and buy better coils in the future.

  • Sure it may not be the rarest S4 anyone has seen but when a car is documented and well taken care of it can be sold to someone who doesn't know everything about cars and that way the owner and any future mechanic has practically a timeline of repair work to look at. All the paperwork for this car is legit from original owner to him all from Audi and the factory. So you're not buying a half ass screwed up S4.

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  • Dealerships are to blame for this stuff... Dude in Boston sold a stock noggy with 90k in amazing condition for 15k.

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  • This car must be documented and well taken care of