1990 Audi CQ - Denver CO

Thinking about selling my coupe! Looking for something a little more off-roady. Just going to copy/paste the body of my CL advert if that's alright.

*I live in Denver but would be willing (with a significant deposit) to deliver to Minnesota or Utah*

I have a 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro that I’d be willing to sell. I know it’ll take a pretty particular sort of buyer because these cars are not common. It has been a reliable car for me, I’ve owned several old Audis and this one has been one of the best.

It has a 2.3l inline5 20v engine, all wheel drive (quattro) and a 5spd manual transmission. The transmission shifts through all of the forward gears perfectly fine, and only occasionally do you have to be a little bit more deliberate going into reverse. The quattro makes this car incredibly fun in the snow. I use studded snow tires and feel unstoppable.

In the past year I have replaced the windshield (very hard to find, cost about $450)

-Catalytic converter (it did pass emissions last time i tried, no problems)

-Front ball joints and tie rods

-Front control arm bushings

-Front struts

-All four rotors and pads

-Air filter

-New accessory belts

-Injector upgrade (replaces old worn out hitatchi with newer style bosch and runs/starts much smoother)

-Coolant temp sensor

-Valve cover gasket

Heated seats work. I just drove it to Moab and back and it ran fine the entire time all the way from 4,000 feet elevation to 11,000

Some visual upgrades I’ve done include:

-3M Vinyl wrap. Dark matte grey

-European front end with european lights (VERY bright)

-15x7.5” borbet 5spoke wheels with studded snow tires

-16x7” borbet wheels with all seasons

-15x7” original coupe quattro speedline wheels

I’ve started to wrap the interior wood grain with a dark charcoal woodgrain 3m wrap, it looks awesome but there’s 1 or 2 pieces that still need to get done, hopefully will have those finished very soon.

If I were keeping the car (which I may end up doing) I would replace the rear shocks and control arm bushings and tidy up the interior. The previous owner had it apart and was put back together rather sloppily. It hasn’t bothered me *much* simply because I bought this car for the specific purpose of being a winter snow monster. It has served that purpose well. The window regulator on the drivers side is starting to fail, and only goes down part way. Passenger side works fine. If someone is seriously interested in the car there’s a small list of quirks that come with it, but they’ve been pretty easily ignored by me and my wife, and with old audis you come to accept them rather than chase down every single one.

It has approximately 200k miles on it (odometer stopped working, I hope to get that fixed shortly)

It has a salvage title from front end collision that was before I owned it. The fenders could probably be aligned a little tidier, but again this car wasn’t meant to be a show car for me, it was meant to embarrass jeeps in the snow.

I’m selling because I’d like to free up some $$ for something else, and finish up some other projects I’ve got going on.

This car would have to go to someone that enjoys tinkering and doesn’t mind a little hunting for parts, There’s great communities that have a wealth of info on these cars and marketplaces dedicated solely to keeping these old audis on the road. That said, when I needed an alternator belt in Moab they had one in stock (to my surprise) and common parts are not hard to find at typical parts stores.

Although it’s not fast it would make a great rally car or race car project, or just keep it as a snowmobile!

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  • What was the original color?

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  • Lago Blue, paint was very sun baked. Euro bumper was red, and the hood was black (the original was too crummy to wrap)

  • Ah okay. How much is a wrap?

  • you could expect a wrap to cost you about 1500-2000

  • I like the color! Have those same borbets on my 90!

  • thanks! they're a classy looking wheel. I have 16" versions on my wife's mk5 rabbit as well

  • Drew Carlson it's hard to find anything decent 4x108 I couldn't pass up the deal I got on them..

  • You could always just make your coupe more off road ready

  • Or if you prefer tires

  • But be forewarned, getting your off-road car this dirty is a bitch to clean.

  • Kevin Behrens is that your rs7 too? nardo grey is my favorite. I got to drive a dealer demo rs7 for a bit while doing a photoshoot for them, was awesome

  • I wish that were mine. The brakes are bigger than my wheels.. I met the owner randomly after dinner but he was saying he sold his urquattro and bought the 7

  • i used to do that with my SVX

  • This pic might have to be my new phone background!

  • Hmmm...

  • Daniel Morgia

  • Any info on how that front bar was mounted?

  • I welded aluminum brackets to the crossbar, cut a hole in the bumper, and bolted it on.

  • That sounds pretty advanced for me haha. Did you custom make the bar?

  • Nah, the stock crash bar is made of aluminum, I just reinforced it

  • Bring it by the shop I wanna check it out. Even if I don't buy it would love to see your coupe. John Cryan

  • what shop is that?

  • Damn wish i had the money for this

  • Is this still available?

  • Yeah I haven't had time to show it to anyone yet. Few interested parties so far

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  • Drew Carlson I'm in MN. These cars are obviously hard to find.